Would it Make Heads X-Plode?

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It’s been a relatively uneventful week in August. There is the typical call from the Democrat Party to unseat the elected president. There has been a lot of discussion about Stormy’s genitalia, which is apparently worth a lot of money. 
The Norks aren’t doing much toward surrendering their nuclear weapons, and they may have misunderstood the President. Nothing unexpected there. 
Iran isn’t saying much because things can get worse for them. Same for Turkey, which is trying to figure out whether to shit or go blind.

22 thoughts on “Would it Make Heads X-Plode?

  1. We are now officially a Banana Republic. The losing party is criminalizing the philosophy of their opponents. And the losing party still has a firm grip on the inner workings of government (aka The Deep State).

    The Donald has tried to veer from this, as he graciously refused to pursue indictment against Hillary Clinton, even though her malfeasance and skulduggery (felonies, all) can be easily proven in court.

  2. And I care about Stormy's genitalia why? To me, that highway has been traveled way too many times for my liking. And on the same note, did anyone really expect the Norks to honor the nuke thing?

  3. And what all the Dems ignore was that President Clinton WAS impeached, and continued to serve out the rest of his term…he wasn't hauled off to jail for lying to his wife, et all…so I'm not real sure why the Dims keep yelling "Impeach, Immpeach", except they have nothing else to say. Just cause POTUS is impeached, doesn't mean he is sent to the darkest dungeon in chains. Duh!!

  4. "… shit or go blind."

    That made me smile, only because I have not heard (or read) that for a long time.

    Yes, there seems to be fresh, wet paint and new words on the wall of the barn every day, explaining that black is white, and up is down. "Animal Farm" and "1984" have become instruction manuals.

  5. During the Obama regime (the sad years of Obamanation), I heard the steam calliope playing every time he spoke. It was like a circus with the fawning media swallowing it all, and expecting us to agree. I started this blog nearly a decade ago with the sole purpose of making a tiny record that we all did NOT agree with Barack.

    It's time to hold Hillary and friends to account. Sessions seems reluctant to do that.

    Maybe we could get Aunt Sally hired on as Hillary's personal chef?

  6. I don't know. The "Stormy Experience" wouldn't be like Star Trek – to go where no man has gone before.

    The Norks can be brought around, but China has to do it and they're using Norkland as a marker in a larger game.

  7. What the Progs don't understand is that when THEY get someone in office, we'll all be pushing for impeachment on day one. They're marking the path for the future, and it's not a healthy one.

  8. Sessions declared that he would not let politics influence the DOJ, and yet his decision to let Hillary slide is pure politics.

    Yes, if Aunt Sally got that personal chef gig, we wouldn't have to worry about Hillary getting indicted owing to health reasons, unlike Aunt Sally's home-made ham sandwiches. Those would get indicted for sure, deservedly so.

  9. Saw a picture of a commode with blue water flushing to illustrate this years midterm elections. Hope it is prophetic.

  10. Sometimes "uneventful" is good. It gives us time to recuperate and plan our next move….

  11. What an excellent leading infographic!

    I've been sweltering in Dallas and having lots of fun doing very little. Ma LSP sends her love.

  12. Have her fill out the employment application and tell her that it's ok to lie and say that her cooking never gravely disabled anyone.

  13. Pence is a truly conservative politician – but he is first and foremost a politician and that sharply contrasts with President Trump. He also lacks Trump's charisma and Trump's willingness to take risks.

    Mike Pence wouldn't tweet and the MSM would go insane because they love to hate tweeting.

  14. Tell Ma LSP that I send my very best. If I was there, I would expect her to make her signature hamburgers, though. The last time I was there at Ma LSP's house in the summer, the neighborhood was over-run with Dallas PD uniformed officers who kicked the a$$ of your neighbor — who deserved it all. It was high drama with the LSP sisters cheering on the police.

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