An Interesting Purchase

When the Soviet Union fell, the US took possession of the KGB’s archives. Some of you may be aware of that, some may not, but we “bought” them in their entirety and learned a great deal from that purchase.

Here are a few things that we learned:

(A) Biopreparat, the Soviet agency that ran a massive clandestine biological weapons program was disclosed. The US had no idea that it existed. USGOV worked with the then Russian successor to the USSR to demobilize those facilities.

(B) The 10th KGB General Directorate had the mission of protecting Biopreparat. The 14th General Directorate watched the 10th. The 14th had to spy and check up on the 12th General Directorate of the Ministry of Defence which was in charge of guarding nuclear weapons.

(C) The East German Stasi files were also turned over – and the Russians stuck it to the Germans one last time – revealing that at any one time, the East Germans had 200,000 agents (of various types – many of them sleeper agents) in Western Europe.

(D) The USAF had been hopelessly infiltrated by communists in the 1950s and 1960s. The US already knew this, but not the massive scale involved. The old joke that NATO defence information ended up in the Kremlin before it filtered down to the various NATO countries turned out to be true. Only nuclear planning had not been infiltrated or compromised.

(E) The US had not been able to keep anything a secret from the Warsaw Pact. It turned out they knew exactly what kind of weapons the US was developing and what the military capabilities were. It was clear counterintelligence had been a huge failure (the same applied to the other NATO countries as well).

(F) The Soviets did not plan on hitting most US cities with nuclear weapons, something military planners had suspected. Instead, they would have gone for the major conventional army and national guard bases. The idea was that food shortages and race riots might destabilize the US government. Since invading was never an option, internal strife was the only hope of bringing down the US government. Agitators would have been instrumental in trying to achieve this.

What didn’t happen then is happening now. All one needs to do to figure this out is to tune into CNN (Communist News Network).

(G) There had been a KGB plan to kill Pope John Paul II. It was abandoned as the Soviet Leadership feared a PR disaster and worldwide reprisals.


The Most Recent Sub Sunkin Combat

USS Catfish (SS-339) was attacked and sunk by the British Royal Navy, except that she was the ARA Santa Fe (S-21) at the time. The Wikipedia write-up is a good one.

Falklands War – 1982

The ex-USN Baleo class Submarine (USS Catfish),  a GUPPY type boat, renamed Santa Fe, supported the Argentine invasion by deploying Argentine SEALs/combat swimmers (Agrupación de Buzos Tácticos),  who marked the beach for the main amphibious force.

After the invasion, Santa Fe returned to Mar del Plata, the Argentine submarine base. Agrupación de Buzos Tácticos is attached to Argentine submarine operations and is based at the same location.

There had been a decision not to use Santa Fe and her sister submarine San Luis against the British fleet. I’m not certain why that was, because both boats were quiet and could have potentially been effective.

On 12 April, Santa Fe was ordered to ferry Agrupación de Comandos Anfibios, (Argentine force recon marines) based at Puerto Belgrano, and supplies to Grytviken, in South Georgia. She departed from Mar del Plata in the early hours of 17 April.  Santa Fe accomplished the resupply mission and landed the marines on 25 April.

Santa Fe departed South Georgia and ran on the surface. I have no idea why they would do that, but they did. The Wikipedia article covers the attack on Santa Fe in some detail. Suffice that British helicopters dropped depth charges on the surfaced submarine and damaged it severely, cracking a ballast tank. They also dropped a Mk 46 torpedo on it, which failed to hit. The damage caused the submarine to return to Grytviken. Santa Fe sank pierside because the hatches had been left open by the Argetine crew.

The British towed the submarine into deep water and scuttled her after the conclusion of the war.


  1. “What didn’t happen then is happening now.”

    I was stationed in West Germany during the mid-70’s. Little did we know then that we were already being out flanked.

  2. I am not sure why the US strives so hard to dismantle the country. Everyone from the President to the single teacher telling their students to hate the country and rioters burning down local shops. Other countries like China, Russia, Iran do their best to steal, cheat and weaken the US but now they have their best friends inside the US with all the politicians and media doing their best to create chaos, reduce competitiveness and make every single group of ethnicity, culture or background not longer a unity as Americans but a polarized society where anger, shame, and conflict seems to be the tools they use to fulfill what the communists didn’t succeed with.

    It is no longer a US Army as I understand the message from one US general but a group of individual victims where all the white ones represent the bad guy to defeat. The enemy is here, inside the army and the Government will destroy him.

    The intelligence agencies like NSA find the worst threat to be inside the country, the ones that do not vote for Biden, sending money to BLM, or being a fan of AOC. Especially if you are against the destruction of private property by Antifa and its partners, against defunding the police, and believe a country is defined by its borders and constitution.

    The crime rates are skyrocketing. The City that became safe by professor Frank Zimring explaining how New York’s lessons for urban crime and its control is strange to read again now when seeing the figures from NYPD and listening to the NY politicians.

    Chinese and Russian intelligence must really enjoy the days since so many in the US seem to be so willing to sell out the country.

    It is just a perspective from outside the border.

    How did it happen?

    • Local, local, local. Many parents outraged at their respective school boards. Excellent. Should have been that and much more long before now. That’s how it happens.

  3. I’m reading “Red Storm Rising” again, it came out in 1986, it’s about the Soviets invading Europe. A good story!
    As I’m reading I’m thinking that the authors (Tom Clancy and Larry Bond) had no idea that the Soviet Union would just go away in three years. Just go away…

  4. Another thing in those files? The State Department was bought and paid for by the Soviets in the early 30’s.

    Journalism and Liberal Arts schools were an operative arm of the Soviets by the late 40’s.

    Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy, though an a-hole, was a right a-hole.

  5. First it’s shirt pockets next it’s submarine hatches. -every Brit Sergeant Major since…well, when were subs invented?

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