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I’m running, but the abstract of my position is that the Arab States need to combine together to militarily occupy Palestine and to take responsibility for topping Hamas. Establishing a benign military dictatorship consisting of several nations can lead to economic prosperity, rebuilding of the slums that contribute to the continuing problem in Gaza and the West Bank, Palestine at large. Investment in infrastructure will lead to full employment. Installation of schools with teachers who teach objective truth in a generally secular way will prepare the young for employment positions both within and without Palestine. 
We saw this happen in Beruit, where the Saudis spend billions to clean the place up, establish order, prosperity and peace. Beruit is remarkably calm these days and it can be attributed to the policy of “Making Beruit Great Again”. Palestine was never great. It’s been a festering sewer for decades and there is no motivation for politicians to do other than what they do today. It can be fixed, but not with the current leadership in place. Drastic needs call for a drastic solution that does not directly involve Israel, but they need to be consulted and listened to while this transformation is taking place.
The US should not broker this agreement. This is a military (shogunate) solution to a situation that is beyond control by other means and it should be administered by the Arab states. The Arab states have the means to lift Palestine out of its present situation and they can sit as regents until it’s able to find its way in the world, which does not include being a cat’s paw for every potentate that hates Israel.
The official abstract is part of the journal article, but this is an abstracted abstract.

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  1. Postponing Armageddon? Can the Arab countries agree on any sustained course of action?

  2. The current situation is said to be since the Arab countries benefit from their Palestine friends continues effort to terrorize Israel. The mantra seem to be let them do the job we have not succeeded with. A kind of proxy force on their behalf. Have the Arabs guarantee the peace and handle Hamas, Hizbolla and the other groups with an agenda and make them become peacefully and also behave peacefully will do, but it sounds like a Gordian knot. But it will most likely be the only fruitful way to a better future. On the other hand The Arabs do not seem to be willing to do much for their neighbors as the current situation with the Syrian refugee problem showed. 6 of the Arab countries did not want have anyone from Syria. If they can accept Israel and go for peace I guess your plan will work. But they also need to invest substantial in building up the infrastructure and be willing to enforce the law. The tribes, the religion and the past do create som obstacles that post likely also will create trouble.

  3. Your plan sounds like a good one. Do the Saudis listen to people like you? It appears they don't.

  4. No, we need to be hands and feet clear. And if SOMETHING is not done, the Israelis WILL take care of the problem once and for all, and damn the consequences…

  5. Hmmmm. A joint Gulf/Arab commando… not that I know anything about it but some say it's a good idea and then some.

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