Worth 1000 Words? Maybe Fewer?

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First impressions count, so I’ll offer first impressions of these photos. You can do likewise if you are inclined. It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re still all under quarantine. Fish is on the menu this afternoon. I usually don’t comment on meals here at the White Wolf Mine, but  things are somewhat slow. I’m on the phone for work, but things are somewhat slow.
Afternoon Nap
This reminded me, of me, waking up from an afternoon nap, only to find that it’s still light outside.

Cockeyed Dog

My first thought was that it reminded me a bit of a younger version of the Joe Biden we see running for president. Slow, possibly not knowing whether to sh1t or go blind, goofing his way through a corrupt political system, which must be much easier if you’re suffering from dementia and you aren’t sure what day it is.
Mitch McConnell in his former life? The resemblance is striking. And while I bear no ill will toward the Senate Majority Leader, we’re going with first impressions here.
It’s true. Not fake news. Not in the least.
The diamondback rattlesnake is emblematic of my new home state of Arizona. True, we have a professional baseball team of the same name. And there are a lot of snake-related decorations that adorn the freeways in the Phoenix metropolitan area.
It’s sort of a desert, don’t tread on me thing that applies to Arizona. If you don’t live here, stay away. Enough California people are here. The day I arrived, the quota was filled.

18 thoughts on “Worth 1000 Words? Maybe Fewer?

  1. Women get naughty after 40? Funny – I've always been naughty. Did I get more naughty after 40? Impossible!

  2. Ah yes, fish. Man shall not live on Navajo bread alone.

    Note use of generic masculine "Man." Some call this sexist, I call them fools, charlatans, knaves and idiots.

  3. Naps. Yes. I find the less there is to do, the sleepier I get. Still, I prefer to be busy during the day and get a good nights rest.

    I still have the diamondback hat band that I made while I was still in high school.

  4. I was referring to you, sir.

    As to two WSFs, there are a few people who would prefer the number is zero.

  5. I see the new look is up and running now. It’ll take a bit of getting used to but I’ll make the adjustment.

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