There’s Only One Choice in 2020

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For thirty years, Donald Trump was a darling of Hollywood, a toastmaster at the finest parties, attended by the finest people (your betters). He donated to everybody’s political campaign: Treacherous Mitt Romney, Crying Chuck Schumer, Crooked Hillary Clinton, to name but a few. He and the uber elegant Melania Trump attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding (President Obama was not invited) and the tycoon image attracted people from far and wide. The media loved Donald J. Trump every bit as much as their Democrat masters. If it was a movie shot in New York City, The Donald stood in for a cameo appearance. He hosted The Apprentice, one of the most highly rated and watched reality television shows on any network. NBC thought that the sun rose and set on Donald Trump. 
Then he ran for President, and quickly dispatched Republican party favorites like Jeb!, the mentally challenged, yet anointed son, Bitter Gov. John Kasich, and Lying Ted Cruise. And the Democrats cheered (somewhat chastened) as he took on the unbeatable, likewise anointed, her-turn-to-lead (the Deep State) Crooked Hillary Clinton. The campaign was reset something like two dozen times from “I’m with HER” to “If you give me a broom, I’ll ride it,” as she sought a message that would resound the same way as Make America Great Again, Build the Wall, and Lock HER up!

One Politico columnist compared the 2016 presidential election to Pearl Harbor, and countless others would warn of the coming Fourth Reich — because, as everyone knows, that the goose-stepping Nazis of the Schutzstaffel were huge fans of religious freedom and capital gains tax cuts. 
The blue wave turned out to be simply the ripples in a small bucket and the smirking confidence dissipated into dread as Democrats grappled with the reality of Trump demolishing eight years of Democratic Party gains that had been built on executive fiat and little more. The Obama legacy turned into vapor before their very eyes, and who would not cry RACISM?

From Day One of his administration, whether or not Trump was acting particularly Trumpy or merely advocating for conventional conservative policies such as tax cuts and border security, every response would be marked by hypermoralistic, hysterical, and apocalyptic rhetoric. Democrats would start conflating their anti-Trump policy preferences with the rule of law, with “democracy,” with decency, and with patriotism. Even more consequentially, they would usher in an unprecedented radicalizing of the Left. 

The first order of business, and liberals weren’t exactly tilling new ground here, was trying to delegitimize the president. Now, Democrats never really lose elections, do they? If it’s not gerrymandering, it’s “voter suppression”; if it’s not the faulty ballots, it’s the weather. This time, they went full scorched-earth. 

Many once-serious people convinced themselves that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s second-rate, flailing former superpower could hijack American democracy through hacked Democratic National Committee emails and a few hundred thousand dollars of social media ads. Despite the perpetual stream of pieces about troll farms, master spies, and Twitter bots, there was exactly zero evidence a single voter changed their mind because of a social media interaction, much less had their vote changed for them by a foreign power. 
The Electoral College worked beautifully, precisely the way the Founders intended, by impelling presidential candidates to consider all Americans in their campaigns. Liberals foamed at the mouth, declaring that California and New York should be running the country without regard to the great unwashed who lived in fly-over country. After all, aren’t California and New York the beacons on the hill for all of America. Doesn’t everyone want to live there? Doesn’t every yokel yearn to live in the Big Apple or in the shadow of Hollywood?
“Small states,” a CNN piece pointed out, “are getting a much bigger say in who gets on Supreme Court.” Of course, this was plainly untrue. Small states got the same exact say as large states. That was the point. 
To Democrats, the Constitution, which Trump had more or less followed as well as his predecessors, had become an irritation. A flood of new, aggressive anti-Trumpers would march with resistance straight into Washington. And with them came a raft of half-baked, collegiate Marxist notions and crazed women wearing pink vagina hats in protest of — something. Nobody is quite sure what. 
The Reaction to President Trump
They would find something for every aggrieved victim. Democrats would support nationalizing everything from universal paid family leave to the job-killing $15 minimum wage, which the National Federation of Independent Business warns would cost 119,000 jobs and $89 billion in lost economic output. They would promise “free” college tuition and college debt forgiveness for around 44 million borrowers. Some, such as Sens. Kamala Harris of California, Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, would support reparations to the descendants of slaves. 
Democrats promised “free” healthcare through Medicare For All. A party that not long ago assured voters that their insurance plans were safe now openly campaigned on the promise of ending private insurance and throwing everyone into a centralized government bureaucracy. “Let’s eliminate all of that,” Harris told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “Let’s move on.” 
Rep AOC (D-NY), Democrat Party Spokesperson
Democrats bristle at the notion that they wanted the government to control all means of production in a socialist/communist state. At this point they’ve only proposed that the state run the healthcare, energy, and education sectors. The Green New Deal, a brainchild of #Resistance favorite Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, would not only be the biggest effective tax hike ever instituted in the history of the world, but ridding America of 90 percent of its affordable, efficient, and predominant energy sources would necessitate a giant, coercive government project that would bring unprecedented intrusions into everyday life. Nearly every Democratic Party presidential hopeful supported the aims of that plan. 
Kill all the cows, eliminate air travel (except for elites in private jets), eliminate the military, eliminate privately owned cars and put everyone afoot, became their policy. When you live in a socialist fantasyland where “moral truths” trump facts, as Ocasio-Cortez argues, money was never an object. A low-ball estimate for “free” healthcare would cost taxpayers around $32 trillion over the first 10 years. “Free” college was estimated to come in around $75 billion per year, without taking into account the accelerating cost of tuition. As it stands, college loan forgiveness would cost around $1.5 trillion. The price tag on universal family leave would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Slavery reparation would cost Americans, even those whose ancestors never owned slaves or fought and died freeing them, around $10 trillion. The Green New Deal is estimated to cost in the vicinity of infinity. 
A back-of-the-napkin cost estimate of the Democratic Party’s agenda equals Venezuela. 
Democrats used their anti-Trumpism as a cover to adopt an array of once-unfathomable positions including the legalization of third-trimester abortions for virtually any reason until the moment of birth (and, if New York, Virginia, Vermont, Rhode Island, etc. get their way, even after birth). 
But there is a problem. Not all Democrats are cretins, not all are baby killers, not all are complete collectivists, not all wish to give up their cars, or air travel, or a nice steak dinner. The map shows where President Trump won. Do the rest of these people really buy what the Democrat Party is selling? If not, they may either stay home, or vote for The Donald, because there are two choices and the Democrats offer one that is odious. 

14 thoughts on “There’s Only One Choice in 2020

  1. I don't disagree with anything you just said.

    Always a contrarian, two things. First, President Trump needs to stay healthy. Sure as the sun rises, people are looking for ways to poison him. A JFK/Reagan shooting would be too inflammatory in today's world.

    Second, the opponents are smart people. They've read, "The Art of The Deal". They understand Bill Clinton's triangulation. Finally, they are aggrieved. For most of their adult lives they have been insiders getting fat on what you have labeled "table scraps". They will not give up without a fight.

  2. Beto O'Rourke just announced that he is throwing his hat into the ring. The Dem field is getting so crowded, I think it would save time just listing those who aren't running. Recall the GOP had 17 hopefuls in 2016, and the debates had the prime time table with the front runners, and then the kiddie table with the lessers squabbling with each other. Just how the media will seat all of this hoard during the debates will be interesting. Not that any of this will matter, as The Donald will mop the floor with whoever floats to the top (Biden would be my guess).

  3. Your points are valid, and well considered. If the Democrats ran a centrist who wasn't 85 years old, who had a relatively clean background, I think that they'd have a chance, but they won't. And I can't see that most humans would want what they are selling.

  4. Biden – maybe. But he's precisely the sort of person the current crop of new donkeys hate. Old, white, establishment.

  5. Is there a Democrat who isn't running for president?

    Well done, Beto, for throwing yoir hat in the ring. Now the Golden Golem of Greatness can run against a faux cheese sanwich as well as all the rest.

    But let's see if they're up to fielding a transblack Moslem. Michelle?

  6. Excellent summation. No idea where it goes to from here, is anyone's guess. I'm doubling-down on GEOTUS.

  7. That new brand of Donkeys are relying on positive polling of millenials, Gen Z, you know, the younger crowd; who can be relied on election after election to not show up. They talk a big game, but rarely can be counted on to pull that lever.

    They are too busy checking Insta-gram, Facebook, etc.

    Whatever. It's Biden.

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