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AND — today we can’t build a website to sell
health insurance… oh, how far we’ve come.
VP Joe Biden steps off Air Force 2 in Beijing to meet with Chinese
leaders in an attempt to “solve problems”. He is met by a ceremonial
guard detail and comments to his hosts to get things off on the right

You picked a fine time to leave me Blue Shield.

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. ALL of these are on point… sigh… Makes me wonder what ELSE is going to come down the pike in the next two years…

  2. After knowing that first one, I'm surprised there are those still going to that web site.

  3. Stock up on your ammo – the government surely is – you may well need it to take the country back.

  4. Squinting only enhances the workout – and makes you look like Clint Eastwood when he's ticked off.

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