Will you Wear the Rag?

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A difference of opinion or a clash of culture or both? You be the judge.

Imagine how the press would have reacted if somebody had said that Americans need to “raise hell and make Muslims uncomfortable?” 
In rural Arizona, where many people open-carry, it would likely be a mistake for Muslims to go into a steakhouse wearing their traditional clothing and scream “Aloha Snackbar” or whatever. Raising hell could all too easily turn into “sending them to hell”. (You don’t see a lot of Muslims here, stirring up shit)

This trend to pit one group against another is that it has been a tactic of Muslims traditionally and it has worked in much of Western Europe (Eastern Europe has a different take). Whether or not it will work in the US remains to be seen, but my sense is that Omar and her Muslim followers may have played their hand too early. They need another hundred million or so of their kind if they expect to succeed.

18 thoughts on “Will you Wear the Rag?

  1. She is a rallying point.
    But she sure is rallying a lot of US.
    Some people did some things.
    Some people she has links to….

  2. Rep. Omar(D-Gaza) should be careful what she wants. Though legal, there's not much open carry here. Concealed is another story. I know of no local Muslims, and the ones I have encountered up in KC have been generally well behaved. It would be wise of them to remain that way.

  3. She has a really strange mindset. If you were to help an animal, that animal usually expresses gratitude. Ever seen how close to their "owner" rescue cats and dogs get? I've seen videos where animals help each other and they express gratitude (and I'm talking dogs, cats, ducks and other 'lower' animals, not gorillas).

    She's a Somali immigrant, only in congress because she was voted in by the Somali immigrant community in Minnesota-stan carefully set up by a certain prior administration. She has been helped tremendously by the US and yet we see nothing but hate for us. It's likely she wouldn't be alive if she hadn't been allowed into the US. She's an ingrate and a terrible representative of her faith.

  4. Omar might fly in Minneapolis, Dearborn, San Fran and Austin, maybe parts of Dallas. Not elsewhere.

    But imagine a souhern border facing the Middle East and a potential flood of Dem votes.

    Different story. Bad luck, Europe.

  5. There is a surprising amount of open carry here, but the area is exceptionally rural. Then again, places like Prescott, a city, have a LOT of open carry. Not many Mohammedans around.

  6. The savages, who she represents, always behave this way, which is why they should be left in their savage lands. No foreign aid. No military intervention to stop ongoing genocides, quarantine them as you would smallpox

  7. Not Hillsboro?

    Charles Martel was successful. He kept desert people in the desert.

    Nobody wants savages in their homes. Why then should we allow them in the country? Omar and her filthy sewer mouth are a good example. I’m sure that she would be happier if she was back in Somalia.

  8. Some people are prepared.
    Some other people are getting prepared.
    Some of them with anticipation.

  9. She's only facing death threats. I wonder how that little bitch would hold up in the top of the Twin Towers.

  10. will i wear the rag? only if I can use it as a loin cloth when I pull my tomahawk and go native on them.

  11. We have a Somali presence in NE Colorado mainly centered around JBL Packing plants. There is a radical mosque in Fort Collins. The Somalis have a stranglehold on the taxi business in the Denver area.

    Polishing motorcycles? Splendid idea.

  12. Not sure it's that strange. I'd bet that from her perspective, the problems with Somalia are entirely the fault of the West, not because it's full of Somalis. So from that perspective (whether it is right or wrong is immaterial to what's in her head, motivation-wise), she has no reason to BE grateful to the US. Anything we do for her is only incomplete reparations.

    In a similar vein, I've talked with quite a few persons from the Sub-Continent (Indians and Pakistanis) and at least half have deep-seated dislike of the British, for wrongs both actual and imagined in Colonial times; we Americans as English speakers and the new Empire on which the sun does not set, have inherited that hatred. Mind you these are not ignorant or uneducated persons that I am talking about, these are high-IQ, credentialed people from wealthy families for the most part. (It is possible that I hear more of this because I am not white.)

    I'm not saying that Omar (or the other people I mentioned) are correct. But I am offering what I think is insight into their perspective.

  13. "They need another hundred million or so of their kind if they expect to succeed."

    Maybe yes, maybe no. There are at least two groups in the US cannot be criticized. And collectively they are no more than 15% of the population.

  14. Ha. Your Arizona open carry comment reminds me of one time at a medieval re-enactor event. At a week long 'war,' a group of re-enactors went out to the local Chinese Buffet for dinner, dressed in their finest.

    They were okay, until Frank the Towelhead (actual name obscured, but, yes, fully dressed as a 13th century Islamic holy warrior) came in. The three tables in the corner full of Mississippi NatGuardsmen who had just rotated back from the ME got really quiet, and the leader of the reenactors stated loudly, "Frank, go outside and come back in with a t-shirt, okay?" Frank came in with his Big Red 1 t-shirt on. And then he went over and thanked them for serving, and stated that He'd just got out of the regular army two months ago.

    It was almost Cowboys and Muslims in that restaurant, almost. Quick thinking on Dave's (the leader's) part…

    Good times, good times…

  15. I’ve heard much the same things, having bounced around the subcontinent. A lot of the complaints of ham handed colonial administrators are justified. And I’ve asked if things are better now. It’s about a 50/50 split.

    Which is why we should quarantine Somalia, Yemen, etc. let them stay in their own countries and work it out. If Yemen becomes a proxy war for Iran and the Saudis —- not our problem

  16. 65 million legal or illegal voters will get you the presidency. You don’t need 100 mil. I exaggerated

  17. Sadly, I see more and more muslims around here, too. It annoys me, but for now they seem peaceful enough..

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