Will Trump Run in 2020? (Sunday Sermonette)

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Before you presume that to be the case, consider that he might not run. There are a few reasons why he may not and they have to do with personal matters.
When President Trump was simply Donald Trump, everyone loved him. Life for him was easy and fun and a suitable conclusion to a life lived according to his own choice. He had family, friends, health, money…he had it all. And he was disturbed by where he saw the country headed. Horrible trade policy that hemorrhaged money, disastrous foreign policy and treaties, eight years of ObamaNation and Hillary Clinton, the corrupt, cackling crone sharpening her knives to make the situation in America worse. So he ran, and America elected him. And he’s turned the economy around, the military is growing stronger, ISIS has been crushed, North Korea is no longer launching missiles over Japan, China’s economy is in decline because of MAGA, the border with Mexico will have a wall by 2020, the Supreme Court will be in capable hands, taxes reduced to allow business to prosper and possibly 5% growth in GDP. 
He’ll be 74 in 2020, in good health, and could have good years of his life outside of government with a wife, who is a lot more comfortable as a private citizen than she is in government. He’d have a lot less stress and he’d be in a very small club as a former US President…one of the greatest presidents. If he runs in 2020, he won’t be out of office until he’s 78, and with the toll that those years would take on him, what sort of time would he have remaining? Four years are less precious when you’re young than they are when you’re 74.
I had dinner on Friday night with a personal friend of President Trump, and a frequent guest at the White House. He said that the president may not run for re-election in 2020. He knows that he needs to make a decision after the mid-term elections, and my friend says that it’s 50/50.
If not President Trump, who? Who might run on the Republican side to maintain his legacy? 
We all know that there are a chorus of 80 year old Democrats who want the job: Corrupt Hillary Clinton, Communist Bernie Sanders, John (Wooden Head) Kerry, Slow Joe Biden and maybe Nancy Pelosi. There are also younger democrats, most of whom are grievance candidates, collectivists and a bit freakish. Their current platform is to radically raise taxes and give free stuff to anyone who votes for them. It’s s simple plan to set haves-nots against haves in the hopes of winning that way rather than working toward a rising tide that floats ALL boats.

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  1. Slam dunk GOP guy to step up in 2020: Mike Pence. He is about as loyal a Trump guy as exists in the US today, bar none. And he is a true believer in the Trump agenda.

    That said, The Donald has always relished the spot light, and the power to do things his way, much like Frank Sinatra. To just walk away from all of the power of being POTUS, your dinner guest may be right, but from the public info the rest of us have, I say The Donald throws his hat into the re-election ring right after the Red Wave gives him super majorities in both the House and the Senate.

    My portfolio is counting on 4% average GDP growth through 2024. Either Trump or Pence, the nut bag, bat shit crazy socialists have no shot.

    How's that for rose-colored glasses?

  2. This is why Trump need to continue and increase his motivation to make the other NATO members pay their fair share of the defense budget.

    "DONALD TRUMP says it is “not fair” for Europe’s largest economy to spend proportionally so much less on defense than America does. Germany spends just 1.2% of its GDP on defense, and it shows. A report released in February showed that less than half the country’s Leopard tanks, 12 out of 50 Tiger helicopters and only 39 of its 128 Typhoon fighter aircraft were fit for action. At the end of last year, none of the country’s six submarines was at sea. In short: Germany’s armed forces are barely fit for purpose. Why?"

    I think you can add this on his list of success if the European countries manage to behave responsible.

    But I guess the left and elite is most likely to let the bureaucracy in the EU be the "responsible" part and come up with a "common solution" since they are so keen on dismantling the national states and responsibility of their own territory.

    Why should the US taxpayers care about Europeans when they do not bather about their own security and only want the US taxpayer continue being their insurance company at no cost?


  3. I'm all for four more years. I'm not a kid anymore and when my time comes, I want my descendants living in a prosperous and free nation, something I don't think would happen if the donkeys regain power.

  4. I guess the new Democrat champions Abdul El-Sayed and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will speed up the process of making the US more progressive and turn to the left. President Abdul and VP Alexandria will for sure make the american taxpayer become a treasure for the political ambitions and the NRA members become the enemy of the state. Maybe there is a deep hidden demand in the soul of the US citizens to become part of the muslim community? Time will show. I guess the US will be divided in the future where the left, the muslims and the inner city people will rule their territory against the rest of the US.

  5. Food for thought. He is his own man. Personally hope he goes the whole eight years.

  6. with all due respect sir, pence hasn't got a chance. i'm a true trumper but even i don't like pence. he's got an air about him that just turns many people off. i'm sure he's a "nice guy" but the world is full of nice guys that don't measure up to the exceptional individual we need like trump. i pray trump keeps going. i think our very lives depend on it.

  7. I can't see Pence doing much beyond being a loyal VP. He's better than Jeb!, but Jeb! wouldn't have become president unless every other person on the continent was wiped out by space aliens – and even then.

  8. There were only a few of us at the dinner table and there was an electric air of panic when that was brought up as a possibility. Just when we thought that we might get the country on the right foot. We need six more Trump years at a minimum.

  9. Me too. I don't see anyone out there that can stand up to the Deep State the way that he has.

  10. If the Democrats run the bat-shit-crazy people, they'll lose. Hillary stacked the deck in every way that was possible including an FBI insurance policy and she lost. For all she is and isn't, she was closer to mainstream than many of the donkeys running around stating their intentions to the next president.

  11. Europe (in general) needs to stand on its own in all respects. Germany has been very irresponsible of late and I think that they've decided which way they want to lean. Maybe they can import another few million unemployed, military age, single, Muslim males? That would be progressive.

  12. Angela Merkel most likely see the solution in getting more dependent on energy from Russia and having more muslims from where ever they come. I wonder what she and others have in mind. When you read about gang wars among Nigerians involving tens of thousands of Nigerians in European cities plus the terror potential and all the other problems that follows why do they want to create incentives to experience only more problems? At some periode in time I thought that politicians should world to help their citizens, but that was in the past.


  13. The German people don't seem to know what's good for them. If they feel that importing millions of savage, military age males into the country will help it – well, good luck Germany. Likewise making themselves dependent on the Russians is not a strategy that is likely to work out for them in the long run.

  14. Even if Trump gets a second term his accomplishments will be made to disappear as soon as the uniparty regains control. Their absolute, religious hatred for Trump and everything traditionally American and with nothing and no one to stand in their way, will ensure a frenzy of destruction of all we have gained (the Supreme Court being the only exception).

    Enjoy it while it lasts.


  15. I believe Trump would have to run for reelection else be in danger of losing all he has accomplished. He'd need the extra four years to solidify his legacy. I see no other GOP RINO worth voting for right now, except Pence, would have to grow a pair and get dirty to do it.

  16. The Compound's being painted, it looks good, the WWM is under construction.

    We need MORE MAGA to see this thing through.

    C'mon, Trump, do the right thing and see the mission through to its, admittedly, sacrificial objective.

    Melania will survive.

  17. I hope that you escaped the Dalek influence in Houston and didn't bring any of them home in the back of the pick-up.

  18. riverrider: Pence can handle it, he's more popular than you make it out to be. That, and you should check your keyboard, when you depress and hold SHIFT, it allows you to capitalize your words. Just FYI.

  19. fredd, I was respectful to you and was rewarded with smart-ass. thank you very much. I know how to capitalize, but tradition/custom of the internet dictate that capital letters normally mean shouting. again as I did not want to offend, I did not shout at you. as to pence, he may be well liked in your area but in my region he's not regarded as presidential material at the present. out of respect for ll I will reserve further comment at this time. have a nice day.

  20. Um, no, capitalizing the first letter words that begin sentences or are proper nouns is not shouting. It's proper English spelling. Capitalizing every letter of a single or short phrase may the only way to emphasize it when bold, italics, or underline aren't available. WHEN YOU CAPITALIZE EVERY LETTER OF EVERY WORD, THAT IS WHAT IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING.

  21. pence running on a "four more years of trump's programs"
    mia love for V.P…..and watch BLM and feminazi heads explode trying to explain why they oppose her.

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