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A Plea for Social Justice

Our Annual Drive

A lot of blogs out there have “tip jars” or advertising that is placed to allow you to contribute to the blog to ‘keep it going’. I don’t really need the money – myself – but I thought that since this is the Sunday Sermonette, I could ‘drag the sack’ for some charities that you could believe in. Sometimes you just don’t know where to send your money. I’m going to solve that for you here and now because that’s what the staff at Virtual Mirage does. We say that income redistribution should begin here.

A New Cause

For progressives, there is always a new cause, something absurd to become concerned with. It was global cooling, it changed over a decade of hand wringing to global warming, and when that didn’t work, it morphed into a war on the weather. It was income redistribution, re-stated. Now there is another crisis of intolerable cruelty. 

There is a horrible truth behind marshmallow ranches. When they are fat from grazing all summer, they will be slaughtered to make smaller ones, bagged and sold in stores. Some are cut up and held over a fire while still alive!

Something can and should be done. To fight this abominable practice, send your nondeductible donation to this blog in my name and I will see to it that the money ends up in a good place. 
You can make a difference. Give generously.

Invest in America’s Future Segregation

needy student
Negro students at the University of California – Los Angeles want segregated areas where only they are allowed to congregate. They want $40 million (as set forth below). If you want to contribute the best place to do that is this blog, but I’m talking cash, not four whole fried chickens and a Coke. I will see that the money ends up in a good place.
(Heat Street) The Afrikan [sic] Student Union at the University of California has issued a list of demands– which include a $40 million endowment, their own “safe spaces” on campus, and mandatory “cultural awareness training” for all students — as compensation for what they call racially insensitive incidents. The demands, listed in an open letter, cite different “racial attacks” on campus.
One such attack was made in the form of stickers that listed the criminal rap sheet of Freddie Gray, the black man who died in Baltimore police custody in 2015. Another sticker said “If only Freddie Gray had followed the damn law, he’d still be alive,” and another said “Stop whining and start following the goddamn law”. 
Another example of racism given by the ASU was a “Kanye Western” theme party held in 2015 during which attendees dressed in baggy clothes or wore padded bottoms to look like Kim Kardashian. The outrage was tempered when Kanye West was outed as a Trump supporter, but it’s still considered to be racist.
“Since nothing has been done in recent years, the Afrikan Student Union is DEMANDING that UCLA administrators work with black students towards the development of a more positive campus climate,” the group’s open letter says.
Among its demands is a $40 million endowment, which according to the letter would fund “a comprehensive effort to address the underrepresentation of African-American students, faculty, and staff at our university”.
free housing demands

In addition ASU wants university to establish the position of Black Student Financial Aid Officer that would “advocate for financial aid for previously dismissed/expelled students” and also ensure four years of guaranteed free housing for black students.

The list of grievances and demands is nearly endless and I’m not going to list the outrages all here. I can only encourage you to give generously here on this blog. We will work behind the scenes with your hard earned money. (Where is that donation from George Soros when this blog needs it to stay open?)
(Photos in this posting are taken from booking photos at the Los Angeles County Jail and may or may not actually be members of the Afrikan Student Union at UCLA)

Our Last Cash Drive…

…Focused on saving the habitat for the endangered jackalope. I’d like to tell you that it met with noteworthy success but it didn’t. The ability for these noble creatures to run free on America’s plains continues to be diminished because of interstate highways – that must be closed NOW. 

If you need to go somewhere, take an airplane. Allow free range jackanapes to remain unimpeded as they prowl America’s heartland.

We also take money to preserve the jackalope here at Virtual Mirage.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette (Dragging the Sack)

  1. > address the underrepresentation of African-American students, faculty, and staff at our university

    Okay, but only after we address the shameful under-representation of Asian-Americans as NFL linebackers, NASCAR drivers, and male pornstars. Also, I demand that the most muscular, dangerous, street-smart (plus well endowed – this may be merely implied for broadcast TV; for cable there is always the "Dirk Diggler" solution) dude in any ensemble-cast TV show or movie be East Asian, because "countering negative, hurtful and racist stereotypes" and all.

  2. If you can't hack it, cry, piss, and moan. Send money to help salve the grievous hurt feelings.

  3. Those are all trigger words (above) that send college students scurrying for a safe space.

  4. Wait, you forgot the "Help Brig with Dad's medical bills, yoga class, and flight school fund".

  5. Ok, so count me in for the marshmallows, the jackalopes, (they are soo cute), and Brig's medical bills, yoga class, flight school (sounds fun!)and garden fund.

    Not interested in donating anything to someone who smirks at me like the pics above. And, if ya followed the rules, and didn't break the laws, ya'll wouldn't be going straight to jail!! If you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime!Duh!!! Most of us learned that by the age of like, ya know, 9 years old!!

    Just watch the news any night, ANY news, or any of the live PD shows, or COPS…the vast majority of folks on there do not look like their ancestors were Irish, English, Scots, Scandinavian, or even Italian. Just sayin'…

  6. Larry, as you know I've had an AM-DB9 fund open for years now. C'mon, I mean what better cause than that?

  7. Those are all worthy causes, but I choose to be more ambiguous when dragging the sack. My pitch is that if you send me money (bank wires preferred), I will use it in a good way. Flexibility is the key – just ask the Clinton Foundation.

  8. WAIT, race is just a state of mind. Sort of like gender. To say otherwise is to trigger a micro aggression. And that's the very reason that the negros attending UCLA need to segregate themselves – and would like $40 million to do it.

    I'll take the $40 million and will segregate myself too…

  9. Your cause is worthy…only if you ask for enough money to equip it with rockets, an ejection seat, and one of those things that creates an oil slick behind you. Otherwise, it's just a car.

  10. so should I change it to read:
    "Help Brig with Dad's medical bills, yoga class, OR flight school Fund"

  11. Brethern I have come to see the light and I am ready to participate in a noble cause such as this. I deeply regret my wayward youth when I allowed myself to be swayed by the delectable odor of caramelized sugar. Yes I skewered the still quivering little body parts of innocent marshmallows
    and held their feet to the fire, so to speak. But now I seek forgiveness, Let me sooth my guilt by providing funds to create a marshmallow sanctuary where….but wait…
    pause a moment…are not marshmallows white, that most evil of shades? Was I not perhaps improving their lot by allowing them to acquire a beautiful black crust? I must dwell on this.

  12. I see this site as a "solutions provider" and this post is no exception to the rule.

    The sooner ASU UCLA is fully endowed on the marshmallow plantation the better.

  13. That's what we do – bring joy and love through financial endowments – to those corners of the world where the Benjamins are most needed. Give generously and tell your friends.

    Every marshmallow that perishes means that the future of their white race is in peril. They're not on the endangered list YET, but it's only a matter of time with summer coming and Boy Scout camp-outs.

  14. Hahahahaha!!! Won't you be surprised when you try to bite into those marshmallows. 😉

    In spite of all the worthy charities you list, I am afraid I must continue to do my donating at the local Food banks and Manna Houses. Before our two youngest came to live with us, said institutions helped them when they lost their jobs while they were still in NC.

    I appreciate you bringing these other… charities to my attention. The jackalopes obviously need a preserve in Arizona somewhere. I'm sure you could see to that once you retire, LL. A hunting preserve should bring in plenty of money to be self sustaining.

  15. Give your food and old clothes to the local charities. The Jackalopes and marshmallows prefer that you send CASH…

  16. PS. The America African Students also prefer that you give me cash on their behalf.

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