Inner-City Zombies

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I’m sure that the residents of Baltimore, MD feel much safer now that the police are simply arriving “later” to take reports on crimes as murder, robbery and rape skyrocket. After all, it’s the police that the zombies fear. Take that out of the equation and who owns the city? Who needs that thin blue line?

The sad reality is that cities, counties, and states get precisely the police departments that they want. In much the same way that businesses hire better people to make themselves more successful, some communities make that commitment as well. We can all quibble about what makes a “better” police officer but higher standards in hiring generally results in higher standards of conduct by those hired. Who doesn’t remember the movie, Beverly Hills Cop, and the stereotypical differences between the fat, poorly groomed, sloppy Detroit cops working out of a run down building and the fit, well uniformed, highly educated Beverly Hills cops working in corporate-looking offices, equipped with the best gear? Stereotypes are only funny because we know they’re true.

Police departments directly reflect the nature and will of their constituent populations. And since we know that politicians aren’t out there on graveyard shift, picking up the pieces of their failed policies, they naturally expect the police to do it. Inner-city sewers like Detroit, Michigan; Fergusson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland are monuments to the political policies that encouraged dependency and bought votes — that built them. Expecting police to fix them is unrealistic. Expecting that police officers will accept persecution from their elected leaders and still do a stellar job is laughable.

Crime rates will soar and the cops will simply follow procedure to the letter, thus bogging the system down. But a bogged down system won’t lead to their indictments.

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  1. In my small country town, 1 in 10 people are either LE or employed by LE. That's out of a population of <80000.

    Maybe they're getting ready for the Bandidos to ride into town.

  2. Or ISIL?

    But I'm sure that those law enforcement people sleep a whole better knowing that the Dallas Light Cavalry has their backs.

  3. Back in 1980 we had four Syracuse cops indicted when a junkie resisted arrest, had a heart attack, went into a coma and died. The cops were arrested for assault and criminal possession of a weapon – their night sticks. Right after their arraignment about 300 of us stormed into the chief's offices and threw our nightsticks on the receptionist desk. Despite the duty manual, we refused to carry them as part of our uniform/equipment. This is about the only time our PBA acted as one brotherhood instead of a bunch of squabbling siblings. The administration was afraid to enforce it as nothing like this had ever happened before. I can't remember if the crime rate went up but we sure didn't make arrests like we used to for some time.

    The BPD admin is saying that the cops are not slacking off but that's a load of crap. The people who rioted in high rime areas just cut their own throats. No Baltimore cop in his right mind is going to risk his neck and finances to go out of his way to make an arrest. And the savage monkeys in the 'hood know it too. The idiots in city hall are accelerating the pace wherein Baltimore becomes the next Detroit.

  4. I can't put it better than that.

    There is no civil penalty for an officer who fails to act. That can only come from action, not inaction. And what police officer in his right mind would stick his neck out for a bunch of lawless garboons, backed up by a frightened bunch of political hacks in city hall?

    Baltimore peeled it. Now they can eat it.

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