Will there be an Ice Age Tax?

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Today it’s known as the Maunder Minimum, it occurred between 1645 and 1715, during a longer span of time when parts of the world became so cold that the period was called the Little Ice Age, which lasted from about 1300 to 1850. Though it’s not progressive to bring this up. The determining factor on how much global warming we experience in the climate is THE SUN. If the sun throws less energy out, the climate cools. 
I’m sure that if we see another ice age develop that a tax will be proposed that will encourage the Sun to shine brighter. It will reward countries for generating carbon rather than reducing it, encouraging the promulgation of more CO2 in the atmosphere rather than less, and naturally, more tax. 
Pagans (sun worshipers by nature) will likely burn more wicker men – more Burning Man festivals in the summer and more wicker deer at the Winter Solstice being burned to try and encourage the Sun to burn hotter. But all of the naked pagans running around the Black Rock desert may need to put some clothing on to keep warm.
Are large waves an indication of global warming, the coming
ice age, or none of the above (just large waves)?
Meanwhile in Hawaii, I have heard that the large winter waves smashing into the volcanic islands are due to — wait for it — global warming, because some of the waves are the largest recorded since they put out wave buoys to record them. 
I spoke to an airhead student attending the University of Hawaii, who was also watching the surfing completion at Sunset Beach. She brought up her personal efforts to stop global warming, impressing me with her learning and earnest efforts to save the planet. When I suggested that we may be heading into an ice age, she told me that she’d heard that but scientists don’t think that it would last that long. I asked her how scientist knew that it would be a brief ice age, because past ice ages lasted tens of thousands of years. Relying on current folklore, she said, “global warming will stop it”. She should run for Congress. She’s a big fan of Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez.
Here’s a hopeful bit of drivel from scientists who are hoping that the ice age won’t last that long:

A periodic solar event called a “grand minimum” could overtake the sun perhaps as soon as 2020 and lasting through 2070, resulting in diminished magnetism, infrequent sunspot production and less ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching Earth — all bringing a cooler period to the planet that may span 50 years. (abstract of the paper here)

Looking at other stars similar to ours, they have extrapolated how long the solar minimum might last. All those guys have PhD’s and nobody has a clue. For the record, neither do I, but I can predict a new tax.

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  1. Even Card and Driver tested four snowmobiles this year.

    Did you know you can buy a snowmobiles with over 200 horsepower?

    It does the standing 1/2 mile in 11.2 seconds at 120MPH.

    On ice……..

  2. Haha. Well, youngest son will be happy. He doesn't like anything over 70. We'll save on our AC bill.

    Maybe the wasps will go elsewhere. That would certainly be nice.
    Might even be able to grow some good apples in Louisiana!

    I will miss the crawfish, though…

  3. Will Blue Pack Leader take responsibility for training the sled dogs. My sense is that you put a fried cherry pie on a line, suspended from a long stick, and he will follow the pie, directing the dog team in whatever direction you want to mush them.

    If you're not the lead dog, the view is the same. Remind Blue Dog of that.

  4. You will need to build a heated tank and grow your own crawfish in a climate controlled environment. I think that the heating industry will boom. A/C may be a thing of the past.

  5. They may settle down when the seas are ice-blocked and US/Canada production will remain at home. The British will go back to burning coal. The global market and ice in Saudi Arabia (the demise of the camel herding culture) will change a lot of things.

  6. LindaG, a strong earthquake in CA will make Arizona beach front property. Ice-free harbor, great for the economy.

  7. Remind me again, who keeps saying that "Fallen Angels" may be more prophetic than many realized? Wouldn't that be Glen Reynolds of Instapundit?
    The colder environment will make that eel-snot even nastier – better southern border wall deterrent.
    Then again, them Canuks will be making googly-eyes at our warmer environs. Build that Wall!
    Wandering Neurons

  8. Yep, the REAL climatologists are all going, 'It's gonna get cold, don't know for how long…'

  9. The real ones are. The others are still pushing for global warming and a really big tax to make things cold. When the polar caps extend 1000 miles north and south of their present positions, they'll declare victory.

  10. Haha. Hubby has been saying that for many years, about an earthquake and beach front property.
    All those snowflakes should like that. Or not.

  11. Do not give them idea LL or they will figure out they can put a tax on headwind. Since it is the time of year people enjoy food and prepare for the annual event in January where they enjoy the ambition of loosing weight I guess you tell your new acquaintance that you plan to loose the same amount in 2019 as the relative size of the Ice on Greenland. You see her peers tend to talk a lot about Greenland and how the the loss of ice will make the world drown.

    The total volume of the ice sheet is approximately 2,900,000 km3, and since 1840 that is around 178 years, the total estimated loss of mass from the ice sheet equals a 25 mm addition to global sea level since 1840. So if you ask your new climate saver how much that counts for per year and you plan to loos weight at same rate she will guaranteed be impressed and say you really understand the impact of global warming and follow a very ambitious weight loss program.

    The professor heading the research at the Niels Bohr institute doing the ice core drilling might not be that impressed. He is really smart too since he keep telling people that it is quite natural that the temperatur increase after an ice age, especially when you start the measuring at its coldest.

  12. Your post reminded me of the old Native American discussing daylight savings time: “Only a white man could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom and say the blanket got longer.” Indoctrination of the left is similar…boggles the mind how emphatic they are in the belief they can actually adjust the earths climate by whatever means they determine will do so and that the rest of us “rational thinkers” are the crazy ones.

  13. The political types will tax anything they can get away with. The move in my state is for more "fees". If I were a more clever wordsmith I would tie the coming ice age/climate change to politicians rapacious appetite for more money and "Hell freezing over".

  14. Taxing headwind. What a novel idea. I'm sure that would find real support in the halls of Congress.

  15. They work hard to convince themselves that the drivel put out by the likes of Al Gore is serious – with massive evidence that shows global warming to be a hoax.

  16. John's idea for a 'headwind tax' could take root in Colorado. Just like in California where they are building a $100 billion 'train to nowhere' (Bakersfield to Modesto) to save the environment.

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