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China to Japan: You’re my bitch – start acting like it!
China told Japan to do as China says, not as it does. The Chinese foreign ministry said Japan’s decision to convert its aircraft carrying destroyers into aircraft carriers could effectively change the warships’ use from self-defense to military expansion, rather than a simple boost to their combat capabilities.
Current Japanese helicopter carriers – there will be more.
The ministry also warned that if Japan was bent on a military build-up, it could risk putting the recent thaw in ties between the two nations back on ice. “Japan must not forget its infamous history of invading countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region during the WWII,” China’s Global Times cited experts as saying in a report on the 29th.
“Making an aggressive move like this may drive the country to repeat its militaristic history.”
“By having the F-35B on its carriers, Japan will be asked to play a bigger role in the US’ global military strategy to the extent that Japan might be able to deploy its troops around the world,” Song Zhongping, a Chinese military analyst, told Global Times.
China’s reaction in tone and substance repeats longstanding Chinese objections to any military changes by Japan. Chinese propagandists always remind the world of Japanese conquests in World War II. 
The idea is preposterous that Japan would fail to challenge the modernization of Chinese armed forces and the commissioning of Chinese aircraft carriers in particular. Both countries need secure access to resources and to secure their territorial sea claims.
Ties between China and Japan had been restored following Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Beijing in October. They seem destined to deteriorate.
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My reaction to the Japanese decision to build aircraft carriers in response to Chinese hegemony.
Now, from the ‘man’s corner’:

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  1. He would have been right had he been my hubby, haha. I don't have a favorite flower.

    Good for Japan.

  2. That's my wife's and she's OK with that.
    Or so she says….I think.
    I wasn't really listening.

  3. China seeks to be in this century the power Japan was 80 years ago….and even more. The Chinese, like the Russians have a cultural obsession with being invaded. They do remember what the Japanese did to them in the 1930's. Regardless this posturing and rhetoric is mostly just that. Japan is technically not a nuclear power..but give them a week or two and they would be. The Chinese must surely know this.

  4. Might not be a bad thing for the world if Japan became more like the 1930's era Japan.

  5. You don't like Gold Medal, All Purpose? It works great for pie crusts to contain all of those pecans your trees produce.

  6. I think that they know that.

    Japan is a great hedge against China. So is South Korea so long as they don't go and sell their nation out and do an Obama.

  7. One phrase really stood out in this briefing, "on ice." The geopolitical challenges of the coming ice age need to be reckoned with now.

    Look for Abe's new carriers' icebreaking capacity.

  8. I know, there will be a big market for ice breakers soon. And we will have a 'war against the Sun tax' being pushed through Congress. Or maybe a 'Sun stimulus' plan where a trillion in cash will be shot into the Sun to try and get it to burn hotter. Shooting money into the Sun would be popular with the Ocassio-Cortez woman.

  9. Evidently China has not hear that the major threat to the world is Climate Change, Global Warming or what ever you call it. They should listen more to their meteorologist than their military experts, and leave Japan alone. And at my age, I don't care what kind of flower Judy likes as long as supper is on the table.

  10. > They do remember what the Japanese did to them in the 1930's.

    Not only that, the Chinese are still looking to get even for the Opium Wars. Not too keen on the damned Mongol invasions either, for that matter. China, collectively regardless of imperial dynasty or republic or peoples' republic, has a long, long memory — with the corresponding enemies list.

  11. Respectfully disagree. Strongly. The Japanese of the 1930s were monsters, or at least their ruling class were. To that type, all non-Japanese are subhumans, to be used in ways that would horrify an American (of any era, not just today's idiot snowflakes) if a rodent was treated so, much less a human being.

    For just a start, look up "Unit 731". The Wikipedia article is a decent enough starting place. We don't hear about this in the West for various reasons. I have some strong suspicions as to some of those reasons, but articulating them would probably make me guilty of HateThink, so I shan't.

  12. I should have taken more time in responding. The Japanese of the 1930's raped China and Korea literally and figuratively. Korea remembers and so does China. The soldiers and politicians who did that were slaughtered during the war by the Allies (principally the USA). The collective memory of China, Korea, Vietnam, etc. is a useful thing to have, but Modern Japan is not Japan of 100 years ago. Now, China wants to be the hedgemon of Asia and the Japanese aren't buying it.

  13. At the risk of pissing everyone off, I have found Asians in Asia to be far more racist than the most in-bred, mouth-breathing racist in the USA. It justified Japanese excesses and to some extent, the Chinese play on that in their march to glory. The Great Russians are JUST THE SAME. I get along fine in Japan and China because I know that they view me as a barbarian. They find some barbarians useful. If you know Russians, you get along fine in Russia as well. I tend to like Russians by in large because they are practical people, and I try to be practical. Their racism never extended to me because I'm white. If I was black, they'd consider me a monkey. (literally) Which is why they made fun of Obama.

    I've spent a lot of time in China and have learned to respect how far they've come. I know where they want to go but their ambitions may exceed their capacity at the moment.

  14. Well, FWIW the above doesn't piss ME off, at any rate. It's the truth about East Asians being way more racist than "racist" Americans. And if I'm reading correctly, your "monkey" remark was in reference to Great Russian thinking, but I can guarantee the reader that it applies to Chinese and Japanese thinking as well.

    Amusingly, Chinese from the mainland consider ME some foreign barbarian even though I speak "standard received" Mandarin (i.e. with a "good" educated pronunciation — not like some thick hick from the sticks; and without American accent). I get a kick out of watching the faces of the Chinese contingent when someone has the ignorant temerity to suggest in their presence that I am Chinese. The last time some (well-meaning liberal white) person said this in front of three Chinese at my prior place of employment one turned her face away, the second rolled his eyes, and the third (with whom I was friendly) looked pained. The Pretty Korean Girl was present and burst out laughing. Well-meaning liberal white woman finally cottoned on: "What? You aren't Chinese?" The eye roller sneered silently behind WMLWW's back. My friend looked even more pained then reluctantly said, "Well, he grew up here and doesn't think about things the way we do…" I nodded agreement and that seemed to really get him going. After something of a rant he concluded with "… and he doesn't even *walk* like us!" That last part surprised and startled a laugh out of me. At this point WMLWW mumbled something and beat a hasty retreat from the room. PKG still teases me about this on occasion.

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