The Syrian Mess

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If the situation in Syria sounds confusing, it is. There are a number of groups engaged in fighting, each with a different sponsor (or sponsors) and each with a slightly different agenda. That many great powers each has its own proxy which operates to the beat of a different drummer should disturb everyone.
I’ve mentioned this before, but the US finds itself at odds with Turkey – but US air missions originate for the most part from Incirlik Air Force Base. Incirlik is located in Turkey. Turkey’s mission in Syria is to eliminate the Syrian Kurds, American allies. Separate press services reported that elements of the Republican Guard of the Syrian Arab Army are cooperating with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and other Syrian Kurdish forces in fighting the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels and the Islamic State at al Bab.

Turkey supports and has given refuge at times to ISIS, an enemy of the US. Yet at times in Syria, the Turkish armor takes on ISIS positions for time to time in support of Syrian Army. Turkey has vowed to depose the Assad Government.

Is the cooperation between the Syrian army and the Syrian Kurds is a marriage of convenience to prevent the Turks and their proxy from claiming control of al Bab?

I expect to see the Assad government turn on the Kurds after they have beaten the Islamic State and the al Nusra Front and induced the Turks to withdraw their forces from Syria. Since Russia backs Assad and the US backs the Kurds, there is an opportunity for trouble.

Then there’s Al Qaeda (backed by the Saudis as always), which finds itself as an American ally in Syria – the very height of irony.

I haven’t gone into Russia, a large player in Syria now, and Iran – equally as large but in a different way. Maybe next week. They’re playing chess with the Turks, who are playing checkers.

And when President Trump defeats ISIS, who will fill that void that remains? America has a rotten track record of diplomacy in the Middle East over the past twenty years, but maybe General James (Mad Dog) Mattis, the new SECDEF, has some ideas about that. If anyone can be trusted, it’s General Mattis.  I favor David Petraeus for SECSTATE, but it might require a presidential pardon to get him there. Petraeus and Mattis would be a potent combination. The progs don’t like the idea of generals managing things like the war on the weather and a nuclear Iran. That means that it must be a great idea.

A thought on foreign policy.

John (Wooden-Head) Kerry has vowed to be a malignant critic of anything that the Trump Administration does as they unwind his legacy at the same time that they unwind Barack’s. Will anyone pay attention since the only forum he’ll have is MSNBC?

The Democrat Party has diminished to be a bi-coastal organization for elitists and their hirelings/clients. As it atrophies further, howling “Islamaphobia, racism, sexism, homophobia and micro aggression” with it’s social justice warriors carrying their rainbow (and Mexican) flags; will anyone care anymore outside of the enclaves where Soros’ money buys loyalty of the brainwashed?

22 thoughts on “The Syrian Mess

  1. will anyone care anymore outside of the enclaves where Soros' money buys loyalty of the brainwashed?

    Well, some of us are stuck living in those enclaves, so yes, we'll at least be listening to their bleatings and virtue-signaling.

  2. I'm not convinced that the typical Obama voter, or Kerry/Gore/etc. voter, is solidly behind losing wars, and having the Russians and even the French (the French!!) look down on us as puny, weak weenies internationally.

    I doubt that John Kerry's whining once he's unemployed will have much legs. Sure, the low-info types loved all the free shit that Kerry represented, along with his boss Barry, but all of this losing crap was getting pretty old for just about everybody. Even liberal dopes.

  3. I had a discussion with one of those thumb suckers today at the car wash who saw and pointed out the Special Forces Association sticker on the rear window of the Raptor. He said, "I guess that is a code word for, 'I voted for Trump'?" I will spare you the details, but he crept off the patio and into some safe space. He didn't come out when they honked the horn that his car was ready and they pulled it off to the side.

  4. If Hillary had been elected, she would have pushed us into a losing war. You could have bet a bowl of Aunt Sally's spaghetti on it. It would have been justified as a "progressive war" – in much the same way as George W. Bush justified the invasion of Iraq.

  5. Must disagree most strongly about Pretraeus. My Medically retired son calls him Gen Betrayus which seems to be common among Afghan vets. There is the matter of him trying to shit can the MOH for Capt Swensen. I suppose Shillary has lowered the bar for misuse of classified material. There is his Bronze Star with V that no one can find the citation.

    The late Col Hackworth used the term "Perfumed Princes" to describe some senior officers. Seems to me Pretraeus is the poster boy for
    Perfumed Princes.

    You may well have knowledge I lack. If so, I will concede the point.

  6. I like Hackworth. He's a straight shooter. I've also heard "Betray-us".

    That and the Paula Broadwell situation notwithstanding along with the JSOC sex scandals that kept Gen. McCrystal out of the limelight – the bench for SECSTATE is simply not that deep. Pretraeus is smart, and he understands the ground. A lot of the Trump Team favor Rudy, but he has very little experience with that part of government and would have a steep learning curve.

  7. Some say that John "Wooden-Head" Kerry is a malfunctioning AI. I'd go light on the "I" part of that…

  8. He could also be a really stupid lizard alien wearing a human skin suit. That's more believable than the thought of him being "functioning".

  9. "managing war on weather" At least Trump is likely to understand the implications of "war with weather", a military dream since the 1950's. The Obomber iteration was just energy tax and the UN stealing international autonomy.

  10. I'm sure you're right, although thank God we'll never find out. Liberals are always starting wars for the wrong reasons….just like Aunt Sally's spaghetti wages war on my intestinal tract.

  11. I think that the UN will find itself with somewhat less money to blow here or there on worthless projects during the Trump Administration.

  12. Read your take on the Syrian conflict several times and I still have no idea…. wtf? Plots within plots within schemes within agendas. A violent Mediterranean parfait.

  13. It's no place for Americans. We need oil independence and they they can slaughter each other and pump the place dry.

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