Will Donald Trump be the Next President?

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I haven’t thrown my cracker in the soup yet but here goes.

Trump is an outsider and there are a lot of Washington insiders who want the job. There are also a lot of Republican hopefuls who are politicians – like the mealy mouthed RINO, Mitt Romney, like the fringe player, Ron Paul and the mainstream politicians like Newt Gingrich who do NOT want to see Trump run. And that makes me want to see him run.
Drop on over to Atlas Shrugs and watch the interview Trump did with Meredith Vieira (NBC). In the interview, Trump said that Obama did one thing well — he ran for office. Other than that, he’s been a dismal failure. He has challenged Obama to prove that he’s a US Citizen (“I’ll show you mine, you show me yours.”) but doubts now that he was born in the US.


Trump has some things going for him:
1. Fiscal conservative who identifies with Tea Party values.
2. Has run companies, has made and lost money and knows the difference between the two.
3. His philosophy is AMERICA FIRST. And if there is a slogan for the Trump campaign, I think that will be the cornerstone. 
4. He’s NOT a politician who speaks out of both sides of his mouth – and in a lot of ways, he’s sort of a male version of Palin without the vast hate and spin from the mainstream media.
5. He would clearly restore America without apologies.
6. He’s be good for business and business is good for employment.
7. He may not be super strong on foreign policy – or maybe on other policies, but with Trump, you can expect him to hire talent and lead.
How do YOU rate him against Palin, Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich and Pawlenty?
What do YOU think?

12 thoughts on “Will Donald Trump be the Next President?

  1. Donald Trump is about one thing, and one thing only – Donald Trump. In my opinion, he shouldn't be trusted as far as you can throw him.

    Yes, he does go after Obama, and that makes me want to like him too. He says alot of other things that I like as well. However, he has a history of supporting (financially and otherwise) whatever person that has power to help his most important priority (Donald Trump) – regardless of that person's politics or philosophy.

    He calls himself a conservative now. Its hard for me to reconcile a "conservative" that contributes to the campaigns of Charlie Rangel, Harry Reid, and Ted Kennedy. Its hard to reconcile a "conservative" that waffles back and forth on abortion. Its hard to reconcile a "conservative" that has supported Universal Healthcare. The list goes on, but those things alone are enough to make me not trust him. 5 will get you 10 that if he goes for the nomination and doesn't get it – he'll run as an "Independent" and end up fucking up the vote.

    I'm not pumped about the current group of Republican "front runners" either. Is it too much to ask for an actual conservative, who can communicate conservatism, to step up?

    You wouldn't think so… but maybe it is.

  2. I saw that interview and have changed my mind about Trump. He completely took charge of the interview and made sure that he got his point across despite the best efforts of Veiera. Trump could run on the Tea Party ticket, if that were an actual party, but I have doubts that he could break into the Republican camp and win the RNC's nomination.

    In the interview, it was obvious that his foreign policy ideas were completely unformed, but, as you say, he could at least find good minds and lead.

  3. Dunno, he IS a bit self centered, but he's also a pretty good business man… I'm not convinced (yet)…

  4. Anybody who is willing to run for president has to be a tad bit self-centered at the very least. Trump has the personality for it, look how he stood up to Viera. He wants to make American into a great country again. How refreshing.

  5. If he says he will do something I think you can count on him doing it. That's what this country needs. We need someone to look people in the eye and tell the truth.

  6. Trestin – Is he a better choice than Romney, who has proven himself to be every bit the "RINOesque guy" that people claim that Trump is? Is he more likely to beat Obama than Huckabee? (I think that Huckabee is boring and that people won't vote for him in a general election) Is he more or less likely to be elected than Palin?

    Odie – We need SOMEBODY who can beat Obama and get the US back on track. I don't know that Trump is the guy, but the rest of the field don't do much to inspire confidence.

    Opus – Trump is talking the talk now, but will he walk the walk if elected?

  7. I was a Trump fan…until the reality shows. And I guess I see that as the reason I don't want him President – his ego. I don't care about arrogance, but with him, I see it causing problems.

    I like all the others, would take them as President, but 1) Obama needs to be beat, so it has to be somebody that can beat his star power (Sorry Romney, Pawlenty) 2) while drawing democrats (Sorry Palin, Gingrich, Huckabee), and 3) it has to be somebody that doesn't just hold up principles, but can actually take charge…okay so that describes Trump – but we can do better.

  8. He's a phony, and I would not vote for him. I like Palin but still think that she's not electable (I'd vote for her in a New York minute). I can't stand Romney, but would probably vote for him if the choice were between he and BO. I think Gingrich is intelligent and knows his onions, but he's not electable. Huckabee is doing great on his Fox show and should stay there. I'm not a fan of Pawlenty, but if it's him or BO, then I'd vote for Pawlenty.

    The field is total crap. As usual. The same old retreads who've run every four years and always lose. There's a reason they lose. When it's not retreads, it's someone like Palin who has been destroyed by the media and likely can't come back from that with the LSM still in BO's corner propping him up and tearing her down.

    I'm frustrated by the whole darned thing at this point. Establishment GOP want to keep pushing big government barely-masked socialists who all have no personality, no humor, no ability to speak well or engage with people, and when we pick someone, they and the media tear them down.

    I do see the draw that Trump has because he's not in that box (or twin box set, I guess), but he's not what he says he is. We've been down that road, we had a candidate whose record we knew and ignored and made excuses for and made president and then shocker! he wasn't what he said he was. Do we really need to do that again to learn our lesson?

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