Chemical Weapons in Syria

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Every time that the mainstream media latches onto an idea, I attribute it to the Obama Administration because they are completely locked at the hip. So it is with great skepticism that I view the New York Times’ story, justifying in its own subtle way, “Pentagon Says 75,000 Troops Might Be Needed to Seize Syria Chemical Arms”. Now the Obama Administration is ‘channeling George W. Bush’ and trying to ramp up an invasion of Syria — not to occupy — merely to take away their chemical weapons. I’m sure that a UN Resolution will follow soon.

The White House on Thursday declined to comment on the Defense Department’s assessment. (NY Times opcit)

The Pentagon “leaks the story” to the New York Times, which means that it came from the White House. But the White House declines to respond, which means that President Obama wants to show that the invasion is being pushed on him by – whoever. 
The discovery that Hezbollah has set up camps close to some of the depots, however, has renewed concern that as the chaos in Syria deepens, the country’s huge chemical weapons stockpiles could fall into the wrong hands. Hezbollah fighters have been training at “a limited number of these sites,” said one senior American official who has been briefed on the intelligence reports and spoke on the condition of anonymity. “But the fear these weapons could fall into the wrong hands is our greatest concern.” (NY Times continues)
Since Hezbollah is a code word for IRAN, and Syria is Iran’s only ally, are we saying that we want to keep Iranian (proxy) chemical weapons out of the hands of (another) Iranian proxy? While it might make sense to NBC’s Brian Williams or some other Obama cat’s paw, it doesn’t wash with me.

So far, there is no evidence that Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon but has become increasingly active in protecting the government of President Bashar al-Assad, is making any effort to gain control over the chemical weapons. (NY Times continues)

No but they could, so we should send in 75,000 troops to make sure that they can’t or that President Assad can’t use his weapons either.
The New York Times doesn’t want to paint Pres. Barack Hussein Obama as a warmonger. Rather, he’s a wise and balanced leader who’d NEVER LIE to the American people.

Mr. Obama has been clear for more than a year that he would resist direct American intervention, but in August he said one circumstance would cause him to revisit that position. “A red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized,” he said at a news conference. “That would change my calculus.”

There are subtle hints that Syria may be upgrading their Scud D Russian supplied missiles with North Korean technology. Nothing concrete, just fears and concerns.
So the mainstream media is putting the word out and playing the Obama Pentagon’s game, which brings me back to trusting either them or our pseudo Muslim, pseudo communist commander-in-chief. Why should I trust the regime that is bent on destroying the American economy to take us to war?

10 thoughts on “Chemical Weapons in Syria

  1. Chemical & biological weapons scare the crap outta me, LL. Both of us have been around the block enough times in the service of Uncle Sugar to know that the approximate value of those antidote kits they issued us with the 2Pam Chloride & Atropine autoinjectors was bupkis…3 sets of needles with a dose of something to dehydrate you to slow the nerve gas down and a dose of high grade speed to keep you going long enough to shoot a few more of the rushing Mongol Commie Hordes before you foam at the mouth and convulse so violently you snap your own spine and die in a puddle of your own excrement. Now, I'll grant the the US of A has done a decent job of disposing of a good deal of our aging stockpiles at the Anniston Army Depot's incinerators near my old alma mater at Fort McClellan, Alabama (closed for good and mostly a toxic site now) but where are all the yummy chemical stews that Ivan and the rest of the East Bloc made? Kinda like the way I don't trust where all of Ivan's old backpack nukes went, or even nuke arty shells for that matter, I fret a bit wondering where all the stockpiles of The Bad Guys have gone over the years.

  2. Obama spent his first 4 years overthrowing middle east regimes, replacing them with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    If Syria is not now run by the muslim brotherhood, I would suspect that as a motivation for war.

  3. Backpack nukes – or "nuclear demolitions" are just a nuclear artillery shell without the metal casing.

    I suspect that the "Gulf War Sickness" that so many people there suffered from was as a result of the injections USGOV issued. Some people simply had a bad reaction. A highly placed person told me in no uncertain terms, DO NOT TAKE THE INJECTION. And I didn't. Then again, I wasn't leg infantry. I had a choice after a fashion.

  4. Assad is an Alawite. They are a minority religious group centred in Syria who follow a branch of the Twelver school of Shia Islam. (They're about 10% of the Syrian population if I recall correctly) They are NOT part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    However, those fighting to overthrow them are.

    Strange how that works.

    The Assad government is and was (under his father), secular, religious minorities were tolerated more than before, but political dissidents were not. Alawites living in Turkey are the subjects of religious persecution in much the same way as Kurds are. It's part of the reason that Turkey is pushing to see Assad go. As Assad goes, so goes the future of the Alawites.

    Muslim Brothers are part of the Arab Spring movement and have been strongly encouraged by the Obama Administration.

  5. "Mr. obama would never lie."
    What? Never?
    "No, not ever?"
    Never never ever?
    "Never, not ever."
    "Not even a little?"
    "Not ev . . ., well ………"

  6. Mr. Obama would never be able to tell a "white lie" because he denies that part of him exists.

    However there are plenty of other types of lies.

  7. The American voters have renewed his faith that he is indeed the messiah – maybe the 12th Imam? In order to make all that happen he'll joyfully throw us all under the bus.

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