The Democrat’s Proposal

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When the Democratic Party held power in the House of Representatives, they didn’t come up with a national budget, they simply spent $3 trillion and “deemed” it to be sufficient for the needs of the nation. Many Americans operate on personal budgets because if they don’t, they’ll find themselves broke. (is there an analogy here?)
AND when we’re considering deficit defeating measures, the Defense Department needs to be part of the equation. 

12 thoughts on “The Democrat’s Proposal

  1. What is it about "We don't have the money" that is so hard for some to understand?

  2. Considering that the socialists have increased spending 25% since 2008, reducing spending to 2008 levels should be a first step.

  3. We can't let Allen West go. He did the right thing in Iraq, and he seems willing to do the right thing in the US Congress…

  4. According to Reid and Pelosi, it isn't about cutting money so much as protecting Planned Parenthood and leftist ideology. I wrote Beohner a note thanking him for standing firm on defunding PP as well as for trying to cut spending.

  5. Proposal? What proposal? I see a POTUS saying bring on a shutdown. There's a game plan there somewhere. This bluff got called at the State level in Wisconsin and I kinda wish that it could happen more at the state level (and lower) before hitting the Federal level, only because things are never what they seem at the Federal level.

    The connection between personal budgets (which we can't fudge) and the federal level is 300 million plus tenuous little threads: there's forward taxation and some direct payback if you're older or misfortunate (or if you actually like work for the Feds). Workable solutions are abstract and hard to implement. When things happen at the state level, there's still a sense of "Oh shit-that could happen to us too" which motivates other states to get their shit together. That's also why I California allows some municipalities to go belly up before certain others–to motivate some communities to fix themselves to prevent interventions. It also avoids punishing the blameless.
    One fell swoop solutions do a lot of collateral damage.

  6. Things are what they seem, at the Federal level. Things seem to be corrupt, screwed up self destructive.

  7. Everyone wants to cut spending. Walker is cutting all of the wrong places and for the wrong reasons and giving tax cuts to those who don't need it.

  8. How is it possible for republicans leaders to Blow a massive whole in the budget with tax cuts…. 2 pointless wars…. tax subsidies to Super massive corporations….. unnecessary pork in a super inflated military…. a short few years ago and now be obsessed about the budget?Now that they are not calling the shots they want to cut the hell out of education and programs to aid the lower class and the dwindling middle class. Pathetic.

  9. Anon 5:51: That's an easy question. It's because Republicans and Democrats are both self-seeking, power mongering, political parties. Republicans used to represent conservative ideals, but lost their way.

    The difference this time around is the conservative Tea Party which is holding all politicians responsible for the deficit and debt.

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