10 thoughts on “Why can’t every day be Mother’s Day?

  1. Glad to see that you are using the correct appellation for these savages, "Mohammedans", instead of the deceptive "Peaceful Practitioners of Islamic Principles."

  2. They are followers of a murderous, illiterate, pedophile. Their core doctrine is to kill or convert everyone. Those of us who are not disposed to join the throng are merely prey. Or we can be predators. Up to us.

  3. It's important to send Mother's Day greetings to our Mohammedan adversaries whenever we can. I think that we need to pack a freshly killed pig in each MOAB, but that's just me. Put some Ham in Mohammed and give 72 virgins x body count, a break.

  4. Reminded me of a ditty oft said by late father.

    to wit:

    It was an evening in October
    and I was feeling far from sober.
    When my legs began to stutter
    I lay down in the gutter
    and a pig laid down by my side.

    A passing lady was hear to say
    you can tell the man who boozes
    by the company he chooses

    and the pig got up and slowly walked away.

    For your edification

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