Memorial Day 2023

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Editorial Note: All weekend, tourists and campers visiting the Mogollon Rim (AZ) have been sucking down my telephone’s bandwidth and I’ve had to burn satphone minutes. Yeah, I know, woe is me, but it is vexatious. You shouldn’t go camping so that you can be on your cell phone or watching Netflix all day.




Identify the USAAC Aircraft


From VDH

(h/t Claudio) The Left is waging a full-fledged cultural revolution against traditional America. And the Maoist results are often as absurd as they are terrifying.

Special counsel John Durham just issued his final report on wrongdoing within the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice.

The summary confirms that our premier investigatory and intelligence agencies interfered in the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns.

Directors and high-ranking FBI officials lied under oath. They misled Congress. They altered court documents and deceived federal judges.

The FBI hired a foreign national to gather dirt on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign — while he was being paid by the rival Hillary Clinton campaign.

The FBI contracted Twitter to suppress news stories. It kept the Hunter Biden laptop under wraps, even as former intelligence officials flat-out lied it was likely “Russian disinformation.” That was a blatant effort to aid the 2020 Biden campaign…more here.


In the Good Old Days

They were old but for the most part you have to ask yourself how good they were in Old Testament Jerusalem (h/t Claudio)…”The fact that these parasites were present in sediment from two Iron Age cesspits suggests that dysentery was endemic in the Kingdom of Judah,” said co-author Piers Mitchell, an archaeologist at the University of Cambridge. “Dysentery is spread by feces contaminating drinking water or food, and we suspected it could have been a big problem in early cities of the ancient Near East due to overcrowding, heat and flies, and limited water available in the summer.”


   Bullet Points:

** (Gateway Pundit) Target stores are being targeted by LGBTQ2I+ activists in Ohio, Utah and elsewhere. “We are sending you a message, we placed a bomb in the following Targets,’ the email continued. ‘We will continue to bomb your Targets until you stop cowering and bring back your LBGT merchandise. We will not be erased, we won’t go quietly.’”

** False Flag attack on the White House? Yes, that’s what it looks like.

** North Face Tranny Pride – I saw the North Face commercial featuring Wyn Wiley, aka Pattie Gonia. It’s obvious that North Face is putting it in your face. It’s a brand for homosexuals and people who favor grooming children. I own North Face gear, but as of now, it’s in a box in my garage. Over the years that I bought their stuff, they never mentioned that it was a company that favored the homosexual lifestyle. I won’t buy their gear anymore. There are many more options available. I think that they’re heading down the same trail that Bud Light took, hoping for a different result.

** Congressional reps want answers pertaining to federal funding of illegal immigration. The Pedo Joe regime will continue to ignore the legislature and will welcome illegal aliens into the country because we live in a lawless state. The state is weaponized against you. And you’ll fund it!

** In-N-Out or Whataburger? Which do you prefer? The In-N-Out 4×4 (right) features four beef patties, four slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sauce (animal style) on a bun and I will admit that it’s too much for me.

The stock Whataburger (below) is larger than the basic In-N-Out hamburger but costs about 50% more. I honestly can’t put one over the other because I like them both. But it’s Memorial Day and if you’re not grilling your own, you’re likely headed out. It’s an informal survey.



In the Days of Fighting Sail

Sail Rooms

Ships carried an enormous amount of sailcloth. A 74-gun ship of 1773 had nearly 8229.6 meters of canvas, 61cm wide, made up of 27 sails and spares. A first-rate such as HMS Victory carried 37 sails and 59 spares. Much of this was kept aloft when the ship was at sea, but taken down when she was in harbor for a long period. Some sails, such as the studding sails, were only taken out when needed. There were also many spare sails so that stronger canvas could be used in the higher winds. One of the great dangers to sails was mildew which was caused by dampness. Sails had to be dried before they were stowed away, and then carefully folded to save space.


Main Sail room aboard HMS Victory

The rooms where they were stowed were on the orlop carefully chosen to avoid dampness and also to allow them some airing. One traditional site was in the bows, near the boatswain’s store room and just aft of the gunner’s store room. On larger ships, there were also sail rooms behind the warrant officer’s stores. this area was not always entirely satisfactory. The wings did not always keep the sails far enough from the sides to prevent dampness, and the rooms were not close to any of the large hatchways, so it must have been difficult to get a large sail out onto the deck. In the early years of the 18th century further sail rooms were added to two and three-deckers, down the center line of the orlop, between the pump well and the storerooms forward. These were well clear of the bilges and the sides of the ship.


HMS Victory

The wed cables were stowed on each side of them, and though the water from these was expected to drain into the bilges, it must have tended to raise the moisture level in the area of the orlop. Usually, two sail rooms were fitted in the cable tier of a ship of the line, between the fore and main hatches. Later, frigates had one. The sail room in the bows was retained, but it probably served more as a store for spare rolls of canvas and a workshop for the sailmaker.

51 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2023

  1. Memorial Day – Absent friends.
    North Face – there has to be a certain level of tolerance for foolishness for society to work. When things get stretched too far in any one direction things are going to snap. You just don’t know when and where.
    Burgers – I prefer a couple local diners that have burgers that taste better than chains. While living in the Midwest I did find a couple of Runzas that had someone who understood the need to keep the grill clean, so their burgers were pretty decent.

  2. For a chain burger, i never feel the need to stray from Wendy’s.
    Typically, a junior bacon cheeseburger with bbq sauce instead of mayo. More than one patty is overkill for me.
    There’s a one off nearby called Angie’s that has a fantastic burger, excellent fries and a shake. But no lettuce or tomato is available.

    1. Yes, they hope to groom people as their corporate mission. Way over the top.

        1. Make Product // Sell Product How hard is that? But The Left can’t help themselves by infiltrating, like rats…given a cracked door they’ll be in your house making a mess of things.

    1. And they own Dickies.
      Explains the type of advertising I’ve been seeing from them lately.
      Not too overt.
      But I might buy stock in Red Kap Workwear.

  3. TNF commercial: that was from last year? I had no idea. But thanks to my friend Anita, I was ahead of the curve. Nearly 20 years ago she “expressed disappointment” after I bought a TNF jacket. “Why would you wear that? It’s a brand for frat boys and [rectal sphincters]!” Guess she was prescient about the sphincter part, only not metaphorically. Anyway, I didn’t buy further North Face. Actually because it didn’t fit me as well as Marmot and Arc’teryx, but it’s a more amusing story if I give Anita the credit.

    I don’t understand how the whole drag queen schtick is permitted these days. It’s not about trying to pass as a woman, it’s caricature of women through acting out wildly exaggerated stereotypes. If a person put on blackface and walked around downtown eating from a bucket of fried chicken while leering at “de white wimminz” he’d be arrested. But that’s basically what those acts are doing.

    Never had a Whataburger, so my vote is for In-N-Out by default.

    1. Yeah, they’re way beyond fried chicken and watermelon. Why doesn’t Budweiser just sell beer, TNF sell outdoor gear and the Dodgers just play baseball? It may be that I’m just not hip, but I don’t get it. Disney was known for family entertainment and now they’re known for homosexuality. The two are mutually exclusive.

      Whataburger sells a Dr. Pepper shake that is quite good in addition to delicious hamburgers. The burger wars between In-N-Out that fled California for Texas (Deep Whataburger territory) is heating up. Both chains produce decent hamburgers.

      1. What-a-burger has started expanding it’s range beyond Texas. Being a native Texan I prefer What-a-burger over other burgers. The the burgers and fries are are consistent from location to location. The large nationwide chains are consistent as well, but to my taste cardboard in NY probably tastes like cardboard in Texas.
        Cletus Valvecore

      2. Disney was known as a haven for pole-smokers for at least 30 years before they actually acknowledged it. Cast Services has been overwhelmingly gay since the 70’s. For God’s sake, Michael Iceberg played there, and you can’t find a queerer queer than MI.

        And they had ‘secret’ Gay Days, that weren’t so secret, since the 80’s.

        Live in Florida and either you love Disney or hate, with a burning passion hotter than the Sun, Rat World. Hates Rat World. Loved the Disney of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Liked Epcot in the 90’s and 2000’s, but now, never ever ever going tp watch or support another Disney product ever again.

        I wonder how the Danes are handling having a blackfish for a mermaid now?

    2. Oh. And the drag character is called “Pattie Gonia”. Fine if you wanna call yourself Pattie Gonia, but maybe don’t shill for Patagonia’s market rival? What’s next, a pussy-hat wearing activist character called “Arct’cervix”?

      @Beans: Michael Iceberg. You expand my horizons— I had no idea. There was a time I’d have been put off (to say it politely) , but now I’m mostly numb.

  4. Walk down any larger town street during chillier temps and look at the right rear shoulder, many people have no idea or don’t care or prefer that TNF insignia now represents values that cater to the 0.1%. I don’t own a lot of their gear, always felt they were expedition perfect and I wasn’t climbing Everest. I have a terrific 2-person backpacking tent I bought in the early 80’s that I prefer over all the other ‘lightweight’ models, and it was well made and functional…when TNF catered to backcountry travel in that era. But like everything the Left touches, they now have to make a social statement instead of making good gear.

    Never had either of those two burgers…maybe I’m missing out. But ribs and corn on the grill tonight, reflecting some on those who have given the full measure of devotion so the rest of us schlubs who never served can have a cookout without worry…except for the tyrannical few who think they own the place and can tell us how to live our lives or force us into serfdom. Those cowards have no respect for our fallen as they trample on the ones who served and died.

    May our fallen rest in peace in God’s presence.

    1. My wife was given a Parka for Christmas by our son.
      More expensive than I would ever pay for a similar coat.
      Now it will probably go unused.
      Our son didn’t know, as we didn’t.
      Turns out VF Corp owns Dickies too.
      That’s half my closet.

      1. Disappointed to learn who owns Dickies. I own a lot of Dickies clothing because of good value and durability. KEY will probably be my default choice.

        1. I figure if these companies want to wreck their core business, so be it…I don’t have to patronize their misguided or immoral principles as there are always other more focused companies who’d be happy to sell me gear. Kuhl opened a store in Jackson, the billionaires are on board with the brand, one I’m moving away from as a lot of their designs are directed towards skinny-armed urbanites and don’t fit me (altho their Ryder pants are my go-to as Carhartt’s are too stiff and hot).

          1. Dickies was dead to me years ago when they came out actively against the Second Amendment.

  5. What’s with all the meter and centimeter measurements for an 18th century British ship? It reads about as smoothly as assigned pronouns for the officers and men.

    1. Taken from the current UK description of the sails – HMS Victory. I didn’t convert them.

  6. In-N-Out for me. +1 on the 4 X4. Best I can do is the Double-Double. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Whataburger. As I recall, I wasn’t impressed. That said, the best straight-up burgers around here are Kincaid’s. They still grind their own beef fresh, and you can taste it.

    Now that the coffee has kicked in, the big flag (3 X 5) will be run up, the bayonet will be fixed to the M-1 Garand, and it will stand guard on the front lawn. I will stand over-watch.

      1. Yeah, saw that over there, first time for me. Guessed the ending when the Navy vet sat down to read the paper. Even so, got kinda dusty for a minute. Sent it on to our kids.

  7. The few times I’ve tried In-N-Out I have not been impressed but Whataburger is a place I’ll go out of my way to stop at!

  8. In-N-Out burgers are one of the few things I miss about being stationed in CA. That was years and years ago. Now I don’t really go out in search of a burger so don’t know the current good and better places to stop at.

    Target stores. Anymore it seems like if an individual or company tries to accommodate some outlier group that group just wants more and more. They need to remember that they are less than 1 percent of the population and THEY should get along. I’ll be polite but no more accommodation; it is a losing strategy.

    North Face. I have some of their stuff but it is no better than what is made by other companies. I am becoming a fan of Duluth Trading Co. products at least as far a jeans and vests are concerned. So far they have held up really well.

    Another great history lesson. Wow, to make all of the different parts of the puzzle of sailing a ship of war work as a cohesive whole.

    Remembering the Fallen all day every day and trying to be thankful for what we have due to their sacrifice.

    1. Another +1 for Duluth, although I am a recent customer. For literally decades, my T-shirts were JC Penny’s Stafford 100% cotton w/pocket. Now, no longer available. The Duluth T-shirts are a heavier weave, almost a jersey. I like the “relaxed fit”. I am mildly annoyed their white T-shirts don’t have pockets.

      1. Try the LL Bean cotton t-shirts with pocket. I just bought some a month or so and was also a JC Penney Foundation T-shirt customer. LL Bean is better.

  9. Dysentery. Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself I think of sitting in a foxhole in the hot broiling sun with my briitchs stuck to my butt clear down to the back of my knees!!!!

    1. Good for you! Having the proper standard of reference really helps to put things into perspective.

  10. Dysentery and cholera is still a problem in the middle east. Nasty toilet practices with ineffective sewage treatment.

    North Face was always too expensive for me. I did have a North Face parka that my company gave out to all field technicians. It had a waterproof outer shell, main quilted coat, and inner fleece liner. Any of the three could be worn independently of the other. I lost the outer shell and the main coat didn’t hold up. I still have the inner fleece.

    In-N-Out is my absolute last choice is burger chains. I would rather have a Dairy Queen burger.
    Whataburger is almost as good a Wendy’s but more expensive. My preferred burger chain is Backyard Burgers.

  11. Remembering those that didn’t come back, not always combat casualties, but still died in the line of duty. Re North Face- GONE!!!

    The Peashooter was also a pilot killer, much like the GB, touchy, nose heavy, and tended to stall QUICKLY!!!

    Of course Whataburger!!! LOL

    1. There is also Hodads, but it’s a boutique burger. There is no comparison.

  12. In-N-Out is a good burger joint, but given the amount of hype I heard from a California roommate in college before encountering one, it didn’t really live up. (To be fair, she was remembering walking directly up the beach to the burgers after surfing, and hunger is the best sauce.)

    Whataburger will forever hold a special place in my heart as the first meal I got after a trip south of the border in the ’90’s. (Up in the mountains, distributing school supplies and textbooks.) While I had precautions for operating in a third-world country drilled in well enough that I didn’t catch anything, the first meal of decent, abundant, American food was manna from fast food heaven. (See again about hunger being the best sauce.)

    North Face had decent gear for operating in Alaska. Pricey, but when I could pick it up at the thrift store, it was a good find. Sad to hear they’ve gone from focusing on their core competency to irrelevant incompetence, but good warning not to pick ’em up if I need to gear up. Not just because they’re going woke… but also because it means I can’t trust the gear to actually perform to standards.

  13. Just got off a plane. There was an interesting sequence of events pre-takeoff. The captain got on the PA and said, “Happy Memorial Day, folks.” There was a moment, then the lead FA got on the PA and said, with a distinct Southern twang, “As a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, thank you for being with us on this day of remembrance where we honor those who gave their lives in service to our country. Semper fi. Oorah.”

    I wonder how the captain and the FA get along. Maybe they’re best buds. But that was an interesting exchange.

    1. One – There was a time when most airline pilots were former military pilots/aviators. They were toxically male, heterosexual and there has been a purge of those types that’s been underway for some time. It was accelerated during the Plague Years and they were encouraged to retire. Many took the airline up on it and it left the airlines with a pilot/co-pilot gap that they couldn’t fill with graduates from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and other pathway programs.

      Two – The female Marines (also known as BAMs) that I have known have been quite intense. I like that in women. I remember meeting a YOUNG and very attractive master sergeant on an op at Camp Pendleton. I asked another Marine present how a young lady could make master so quickly. She was the driver for the two-star at Pendleton. But she wanted to come out with the boys and mix it up with an IPW exercise which hinted that she was into S&M. We (Navy) were red-flagging USMC officers, kidnapping them, and interrogating them. I have a photo of her somewhere.

      Three – Former hardcore attractive Marine female flight attendants could decide to up-stage the feather merchant pilot in the way you suggest. Said MSG is likely too old now to be a flight attendant but in her day, she could have been a swimsuit model. Maybe a few too many muscles for Sports Illustrated, but you take my point.

  14. Texas Native, so, Whataburger first. Was not impressed with In-N-Out but they’ve grown on me after I found out they put scripture on their paper cups.

    It was a good day to remember people served with, some who made it and some who didn’t, and family members who’ve passed on who served as well. When we quit that as a nation, we don’t deserve to continue.

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