Who will be Republican VP in 2012?

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2012 is a national election year in the US (as if you didn’t know) and Romney’s win in the GOP Primary in Illinois essentially clinches his chances for being the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States. If you’ll reflect back on my earlier posts, I honestly felt that if Rick Perry didn’t have feet of clay, he stood a good chance – sadly, he had feet of clay. Absent that, Romney seemed to be the more clear choice for Republican Candidate.
For Romney, the Illinois win puts him in the position to start considering his short list for Vice President very carefully. If I was Mitt Romney, and I’m clearly not, I’d consider Allen West (R-FL) for the VP job because besides the fact that West was born of African heritage and some people like to vote based on race, he’s got the very solid conservative credentials, Tea Party Affiliation, military record, etc. that Romney lacks.
Neither Romney or West were career politicians the way Obama/Biden have been and I don’t know if the voters care. 
Some Republicans complain that Romney is out-spending the other candidates out of his own pocket. (complain? = it’s his pocket) How much will Obama and Biden be spending out of the public trough to by ENTITLEMENT VOTES from your pocket?  Please take a moment to reflect on that before you comment below.
There will be ‘conservative’ angst over a Romney win, there are the Mormon haters out there, etc. but once those who had other favorites get over themselves, I think that it will settle down to a vote over OBAMA. Do you want him as the national leader — and leader of the Free World for another four years.
(IBD) Mitt Romney said Monday that he fails to “see how a young American can vote” for a Democrat. He may have something there. Coming generations will be doomed by the progressive policies of today.

For now, we bloggers need to suggest the correct Vice Presidential pick for Nominee Romney and let’s move forward toward a victory over Obama in November 2012.

7 thoughts on “Who will be Republican VP in 2012?

  1. If Romney calls, I'll tell him Marco Rubio – I do believe it a sad fact that the large majority of people of African heritage in this country vote Democrat, not race. However, not only are there twice as many people of Hispanic heritage in the country, more of them vote, and more of them vote race…

    …now, all of those superficial (but real) facts aside – I believe Rubio a better candidate. He is a career politician, but a good one. I like West, I just prefer Rubio.

  2. I would love to have Allen West as our VP–He is definitely one of my favorites and would add the perfect balance to the ticket.

    All the talking heads keep saying Rubio- He'd be awesome too- but I think Allan West would be a better fit. Some say Christie….not me- I like Christie, but he would not help the ticket in this case.

    Now if all conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians and ALL who know Obama needs to go, would stop with the Romney hate on their blogs and other social media sights….Come on people, let's not shoot ourselves in the foot!

  3. I'll go for Alan West.

    The Big Lie: obama and his lads make Hitler look like Howdy Doody.

  4. West would work for most conservatives. It would get the ones threatening not to vote to the polls.

    Obama and Biden have been buying votes via Gubment handouts their hole careers.

  5. PLEASE – leave Christie where he is. #1 – He's no conservative, BUT #2 New Jersey NEEDS him…needs YEARS of him.

  6. Race – I believe that Christie serves the public admirably in New Jersey. He'll have his day to run for President if that's what he wants. I agree that he'd be wasted as VP.

    Pedaling – Yes.

    Wo Fat – Obama will always be a Kenyan at heart.

    Odie – We must unite to end the Obama Regime.

    Old NFO – #3 Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) #4 Gov Bob McDonnell (R-VA) #5 Gov Susana Martinez (R-NM) (what do you think?)

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