White Privilege and Micro-Aggression

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My grandson, nearly two years old, is flexing his candy hauling muscles for the upcoming harvest from the neighbors.

There is the eternal push and pull to determine which grandkids I go trick-or-treating with. Or do I stay home and hand out treats?

And before you strike, yes, he is culturally appropriating the people who lived on the now blown up planet, Krypton. Get over it. It is just another micro aggression, emblematic of white privilege and birth into a heterosexual nuclear family, and a member of the bourgeoisie. Even though age nearly two, he is exhibiting characteristics of the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values and conventional attitudes. 
He will take candy as if it is due him but he will say ‘thank you’. 
He got rid of his onesies when he turned one, last year. Progressives never get that far. But you all know that. 

9 thoughts on “White Privilege and Micro-Aggression

  1. Good post and an excellent warning to the community about this dangerous feral acquisitive capitalist menace (the boy has great hair and good teeth too!).

  2. Even at such a tender age, he's a running dog lackey of the capitalist overlords and their compradors in the petty bourgeois. Being able to fly faster than a speeding bullet and being more powerful than a locomotive aids in his exploitation of candy riches on the night of candy nights.

  3. He is a cutie!! In my book, only kiddos under 12 should go trick or treating with (grand)parent firmly in tow!!
    I have chocolate bars if he decides to fly to western MI 🙂

  4. Haha! What a cutie! Be careful he doesn't overeat; he's bound to make a good haul. 🙂

    You know what I think of all the white privilege, cultural appropriation stuff. The same as I think of political correctness.

    Do whatever gives you the most enjoyment. Especially if you think protection might be required.

  5. I checked my immediate impulse to bellow CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE at the caped aggressor. Nice pic!

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