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I think this guy is onto something – put it on YouTube and hope that they stumble onto it.

Having raised four (beautiful, talented, energetic, brilliant) daughters, I found that getting this simply chore accomplished often exceeded their abilities…

14 thoughts on “Training Teens

  1. Arggghhhh… Ain't THAT the damn truth!!! And I'm AMAZED at how much toilet paper teen aged girls can go through…

  2. You have to buy it at Costco or at the commissary. If you approach any other purchase strategy, you need a second job. And then when they "move out" they treat your home like Costco or the commissary, so you don't dodge that bullet.

  3. I also noticed the was training her/them to put the roll on over the top, forward. Not like the females do by hiding the damn thing in the back.

  4. A man was giving the instruction, so naturally it would be man-friendly. I've experienced the same travail as you. The gray hair is earned.

  5. Haha!! This is great. And I didn't realize there was a debate about which way the paper should hang. I put the paper over the top, as well. I think hotels do, too, don't they usually?
    (P.S. This blog really runs the gamut of information.)

  6. The blog is offered as a service to discriminating, erudite, readers…

    I have heartfelt sorrow that you missed the TP debate. It's much like the ongoing argument about whether an egg should be opened at the large or small end. And we know that wars have been fought for less.

  7. I have a certain grandchild that could use this video.
    I have always folded the end of the TP in a point, even when we lived in the far back of beyond, thanks to a well travel college roommate.

  8. Some have graduated to the advanced level while others are struggling with the basics. Which was his point.

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