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As I sat down to write a bit on Obama’s proposed concession on ObamaCare, I looked through the blogs and came across this one (LINK) by Andrew Price. Since He wrote what I proposed to write, I can’t help but throw a H/T his way and recommend that you read what he wrote as well.
As the House of Representatives move forward today to de-fund and de-fang ObamaCare this morning, it’s extremely interesting to see what Obama himself is doing. Here is his statement:

“I’m willing and eager to work with both Democrats and Republicans to improve the Affordable Care Act. But we can’t go backwards. Americans deserve the freedom and security of knowing that insurance companies can’t deny, cap, or drop their coverage when they need it most, while taking meaningful steps to curb runaway health care costs.”

As Obama and the House Republicans begin to decide the fate of ObamaCare, and as Andrew Price noted, Obama sets out his demands for the finished revamp of his unpopular national healthcare plan in the statement above. This legislation is the crown jewel in his presidency and he doesn’t want it to be officially repealed, so the name must remain the same so he can claim victory. And though he hasn’t said that he’ll veto this new version of healthcare reform if there is tort reform, he didn’t say that he would. That is a major slap at the trial attorney associations who pushed a fortune his way for his campaign. The matters he is “concerned” with keeping include pre-existing conditions, lifetime dollar caps, prohibiting dropping coverage and cost cutting. He didn’t mention portability, but the Republicans will.
Essentially Obama said that the original Republican proposal for healthcare reform is good enough for him if you keep the “ObamaCare” label on it.
Gone is the public option/government policy/single payer, unconstitutional demand that everyone purchase insurance, massive government subsidies and all of the other pork in the 2000 page ObamaCare Bill that was rammed down the throats of the American people.
The public opposes ObamaCare and Obama knows it. Because it’s his crown jewel, he doesn’t want to see the Republicans defund it and repeal THE NAME OF THE BILL.
We always needed healthcare reform. I was a proponent of basically what the president has set as his opening bid THIS TIME. He is telling us that he’ll back Republican legislation that gives the American people what they wanted and needed if they give him credit for the purposes of his legacy.

12 thoughts on “The White House Caves

  1. If we can get the Republican version passed, and all it takes is calling it "Obamacare", and get rid of the 2000 page monstrosity right now, it might be worth it.

    I have faith that history will brand Obama a bad president either way.

  2. This sounds good, LL, but there is no way private insurers can afford to do all that (pre-existing conditions, no caps, no drops, no denial of coverage), even with tort reform (which admittedly will drive costs down by eliminating barrages of CYA tests). Not that the gov't can afford it, either, but this just doesn't sound realistic to me. Portability will help, as will competition being opened by allowing buying across state lines, etc., but there is no way that all the big promises can be kept for every American, no matter their health, age, etc.

    On a linked note, that bill has to be replaced, there is too much crap buried in there (like the take-over of the student loan industry). Maybe the republicans can promise to call their replacement bill the Obama Health Savings Act or some such crap? I don't care whose name is on it, as long as the legislation is good. This is not and no tweaks can fix/save it.

  3. Though I usually agree with Fuzzy Slippers, I disagree here. I believe that we can pass a realistic and proper healthcare reform bill and that allowing the MARKET to decide which company does business where and capping torts, we can come up with a program that will work and will include those items I mentioned. Some options may be more expensive than others, but they should be available to the public.

    Obama is doing a Clinton big time!

  4. LL – I'm with you. But it has to get back to doctors making choices, not checking boxes – with free market reform, people will sell what people want to buy.

    I'm with you that it is possible…but I don't have faith that the government will get out of the way.

  5. O saw the writing on the wall, he's re-positioning himself, and he would just drop dead if they took away his crown jewel.

  6. Throttle the lawyers and remove the obstacles to crossing state lines and I say it's fixed. There would be some more detail to address pre-existing conditions on which I have a few different ideas but who cares.
    As far as uninsured, they get health care now and we're already paying for it. Provide government sponsored loans maybe to those people when they need services and they are required to pay it back.
    For example, the local emergency care hospital can sign you up for a special credit card on the spot, so your animal can be cared for immediately. They get the cash, don't have to file a bunch of stuff so can charge less also.
    Lots of things could be done for special cases without a lot of red tape.
    Medicare fraud? Start putting them in jail. etc etc.

  7. It's simple… take the government and the lawyers out of anything and it will be cheaper!

  8. Thanks for the link LL. Sorry I'm late to the party, but it's been a hectic week.

    I hope the Republicans push a little harder than this, but I am glad to see that Obama is apparently ready to give up 90% of ObamaCare. That's good start for us!

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