10 thoughts on “Culture on Virtual Mirage

  1. Um. That was certainly quite, uh, athletic. And, of course I feel completely cultured now.

  2. Sports is part of culture. So is ballet. Art is what defines a society. And I felt as though I had a role to play in expanding what culture you all received here on the blog.

  3. That was 'interesting' from a number of angles… I wonder how long they practiced some of those changeovers, and how many bruises the both collected… Beautiful though!

  4. Incredible – my more cynical side, going as always for the cheap laugh, wants to say, I saw that in a lounge act in Vegas a few years back.
    Yet my more honest side says – this is such an awesome display of core-strength, balance and poise; being able to hold some of those positions for several seconds at a time requires the strength and coordination of an Olympic-class gymnast.
    On the down side – I suppose that almost any male who wanted to date the young lady, would fail to impress her on any level.

  5. I have noticed this before when watching great dancers.

    Facially, neither of these two are classic beauties.

    They make themselves beautiful through the dance. Lovely!

  6. Reminds me of my wedding night – right up until the night manager broke down the door and demanded we get rid of the bassonist.

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