Is the USMC a Domestic Terror Organization?

(link) PENTAGON — A Pentagon study aimed at identifying and rooting out extremism in the armed forces has led to the conclusion that the Marine Corps should be a banned extremist group by 2022. (duffleblog)

“The Department of Defense convened a panel to study the roots of extremism after the Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol,” said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. “We had to understand how a person becomes radicalized. And did you know what the Marine Corps is like?”

Captioned people (above) are not serving in the USMC… they’re freaks that the Capitol Police invited in to create an event, but they’re not terrorists either.

The Marine Corps birthday will take place on Wednesday, November 10, 2021. The Marine Corps turns 245 years old.


Identify the Aircraft


Scottish Flintlock


In 1938

American isolationism peaked at the end of the 1930s, just before another World War broke out. In 1938, the House voted on a constitutional amendment that would require a national referendum before declaring war. This map shows the outcome, with an interesting divide:


Walk About in England

One of the strangest things about England from the perspective of a guy from the Western US is that there are very few places to roam and the fish in the streams all belong to someone – you can’t just buy a license and fish anywhere.


Speed Limits

(I can’t drive 55…)


On Target

When thinking of secondary explosions, I contemplate ripples caused by a single stone tossed into a pond. Those ripples are anticipated consequences. Secondary explosions are unanticipated since they can be random. Who knows what’s going to cook off when you put ordnance somewhere?

The wise, woke, progs who fashion themselves as our rulers with Americans as their subjects put a lot of faith in the mechanisms of control that they have put in place or are expanding to do their dirty work. The $80 billion expansion of IRS is a good example. The FBI, operating as an illegal agent of control in many cases, is another.

The American elites may have anticipated wide and potent job actions as a result of vaccine mandates,  and then again they may not have. There are discussions of various large unions and employee groups forming their own healthcare system that will treat the un-jabbed since Jo/Ho, calling for the deaths of the unvaccinated pressure legacy healthcare providers to deny care.

I am looking with interest on those unintended ripples, those secondary explosions.


If you liked Red Mist, you’re going to LOVE Loki’s Fire – which will be out toward the BEGINNING of next month. Following that, The Wolf God cometh.


But for now — It’s Still October


    • My first squadron tour, 1974 to 1978, was on 8 Squadron, which operated those aircraft. WR 960 was notionally the Squadron Commander’s aircraft – the triangular pennant is visible beneath the cockpit window – but the aircraft was on the flight line, and in my log book, like any other. This aircraft is preserved in a museum in Manchester.

      The very existence of this version of the Shackleton was a response to the curious decision to get out of the carrier business. It was much regretted during the Falklands campaign, during which no politicians lost their lives.

  1. I saw where some Ohio hospitals are now saying that natural immunity is an adequate replacement for the jab, so those healthcare workers with it will not need to get stuck.

  2. if that health group idea takes off, tptb will outlaw it and declare i unsafe, like ivermectin and hcq. they’re not fooling anyone. the irs account access thing is about looking for people hoarding food. they are working on a planned famine, seizing control of the food next, like stalin. hunger is a powerful weapon. as with arab spring, they better consider that it is a powerful motivator as well.

  3. Can’t wait for the IRS to check my [known] bank accounts, there will be two. With the phone app I’ll transfer $601 between them on a daily basis, keep those new agents busy. Certainly the Dem’s want to show something happening with that paltry $80 Billion “infrastructure investment”. Happy to help them out.

    Finally got into Red Mist…really well done.

  4. President Trump is creating a publicly listed company, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which is merging with Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC) in a new media venture.

    According to a news release, an app for the social media portion of the venture, “TRUTH Social” is available for preorder. TRUTH Social is also accepting names for future registration to use the social media.

    The website currently states: “Truth Social is America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.”

    The goal of the business, according to the announcement, is “to create a rival to the liberal media consortium and fight back against the ‘Big Tech’ companies of Silicon Valley, which have used their unilateral power to silence opposing voices in America.”

    • When the enemy gets arrogant and undermines their own foundation, the house crumbles over time. When wind and rain come along, it crumbles faster. Trump is the wind and rain…his “don’t get mad, get even” – “play the game better than them” – “build a better mousetrap” approach. People are signing up in droves. The man is not stupid.

  5. Secondary explosions.
    I’ve had personal experience. Believe it is called Munson effect but that might not be accurate. As a social reaction? Seems appropriate. While it won’t make national, or even regional news, packing a school board meeting in Colorado Springs tonight to fight a mask mandate for students is being organized. More to come nationwide?

  6. Looking forward to Loki’s Fire.

    The analogy between secondary explosions and sociopolitical effects is really apt. I really wonder what the next few years will bring. Now that the “elites” have had a taste of real power over others I expect things to get much worse.

    • I commented to WSF above that if the democrat party focused on causing misery only to adults, they’d endure it better than causing misery to children.

      Let’s go Brandon.

      At the Dodger vs Braves play offs at Dodger Stadium last night there was a lot of “Fuck Joe Biden” chants rather than “Let’s go Dodgers”. They stopped the chant music after a few rounds… I’d have kept it going all game.

  7. When I saw the photo of the plane I immediately thought Avro Lancaster, but I see that I’m wrong there.
    I’ve driven the autobahns back when I was stationed in Germany years ago and there were folks that blew past me like I was sitting on blocks. Of course I was driving a truck that was governed to 55mph. Still I saw more than a few who were topping 100, sometimes by quite a bit.

    • The last time I was on an autobahn, I was in an MBZ taxi going about 20 miles on the highway and the driver, a pretty lady, was at 160kph (100 mph) and people were whipping past.

      • never been on the autobahn but i have my euro permit. i have been on patrol on i95 when a stretch limo blurred by at 155 mph via radar. my fto said let it got, it’ll be two jurisdictions over b4 we catch it, lol. i was pissed for about an hour until i realized he was right. he was right about a lot of things.

  8. Is the USMC a Domestic Terror Organization?
    My jarhead relatives and acquaintances have far more self control than most people I know. That said, I may tease them a bit but am not dumb enough to antagonize them. Terror would be a group of antagonized Marines.

  9. If our Beloved Corps are terrorists, then I’m proud of them.

    The A/C appears to be a version of the Avro Shackleton, a long range maritime patrol aircraft, and as usual, I’m late to the party.

    The current regime in place has ZERO concept of the term “Unintended Consequences”. They always fail to look more than few steps forward.

    We’re doing pumpkins today. The designs are being applied with grease pencils, and when approved, the pumpkins will be carved.

  10. Looking forward to Loki’s Fire and the CROWN of the trilogy, The Wolf God. Write on

    Is the Jamiroquoi Shaman guy still in solitary?

    Wow, Nazi war criminals were treated better. There’s something badly skewed here.

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