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The Climate Change Hoax
Our fellow blogger Larry (great name) reminded me that Prince Charles said that we have 18 months left to fix the climate or we’re doomed. (more here) Charles likes to take up ’causes’, and perhaps that’s the role of a monarch these days when running the country is relegated to the great unwashed, as represented in Parliament. (If only King John hadn’t signed the Magna Carta.) His favorite cause is climate changed and he doubled down on AOC and others in America who have given us 12 (now eleven because the pages fly off the calendar) years to live. 
Prince Charles has warned that the next 18 months are critical for humanity to survive the impact of climate change
Prince Charles (who many see as a rather dim bulb) has a net worth (along with his mother, Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor) of 550 million pounds sterling. Has he donated the bulk of that to fighting for the lives of his loyal subjects – scheduled to die soon if he doesn’t? 

No, surprisingly, he has not. 

The prince has said the future of our species – as well as the world’s wildlife could be decided by the UN (likely the most corrupt gaggle of freaks and misfits concentrated in one spot on the planet) would oversee the fund to save the planet.
  • I really don’t see why the US is in the UN. Let Togo, Sweden and China vote whatever they want to. Who cares? I mean it – who cares? They can build a HQ in Cuba or anywhere else. The number of spies carrying UN diplomatic immunity is astonishing. Occasionally there is a vote to quarantine a rogue state like Iran or North Korea but we don’t need a UN for that.
  • The climate does change. It always changes. There is no fact-based study that shows that humans significantly have an impact. 
  • Pollution is different than climate change. Look at the principal polluting nations: China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia first. Drain them of twenty or thirty trillion and then we’ll talk.

7 thoughts on “Hoax

  1. Will you quit with the factual information? It interrupts the narrative.

  2. Agree on all, and kick the UN out… They are costing us a butt ton of money, in addition to their failure to pay parking tickets, fines, etc.

  3. You are, as ever, spot on!
    Ask any farmer, he can verify that climate change has been around a lot longer than we have…

  4. A famous Norwegian, Fridtjof Nansen, sailed his ship north 86 degrees 14 minutes in 1895. This summer in July some brave sailors in their new modern ice braker packed with researcher studying climate change did not manage to go further north than 85 degrees due to ice.

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