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First, I have more attack information for you Trump haters. It appears that The Donald adopted the Japanese plan for dealing with Muslims without giving them due credit:

Even though this has not surfaced as a strategy during a Trump Administration, nobody is ruling it out. We know that it works in Hungary.
I have a thought that we could round up all of the razorback hawgs in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas, ship them to Syria and simply release them, simply as a gesture of good will from their neighbors — hands across the water, as it were. They’re always begging for food. We could send them 100,000 feral tuskers on the hoof.
They might develop a taste for bacon (which is said to civilize savages), peace would break out and who knows where it would go from there?
Jorge Ramos and the people at Univision have plagiarized a plan to breach the wall between the US and Mexico that they will be paying for. Will it work this time? It did once.
Sadly, the gene pool that made the Aztecs, Mayans, Toltec and Inca civilizations great was eliminated by Europeans. Thus, the current plan was hatched.
The Bitch of Benghazi, who is running for President of the United States, has a very very very short memory.

15 thoughts on “Interpreting Solutions

  1. Haha! I liked the Hungarians on my recent visit to Budapest but that photo just notched up my respect. Hilarious.
    Ah, beware the Trojan piñata …History has a way of repeating!

  2. The Hungarians, the Poles, Czechs, etc. are clever people. There are common sense solutions to problems. You simply need to implement them.

  3. I like the idea of utilizing American porcine populations, but I prefer carpet porking over Muslim population centers. A single B-52 can carry up to 140 500 pound pigs (70,000 lbs): 50 B-52's would make quite a release over Mecca during a Hajj, no?

  4. See, that's what I'm talking about in terms of coming up with a common sense solution to a problem! It would make a statement that we're ready to 'feed the starving masses'.

  5. 7000 screaming pigs cascading down from 35,000 feet onto 250,000 wailing Muslims … I feel tears, real tears in my eyes.

  6. Tears of love for all of those people you'd be feeding, no doubt. How many Mooselimbs can a 500 pound sow feed?

  7. Hmmmm good question, I dunno.

    Obviously there needs to be a great deal of research before we can make this kind of humanitarian relief happen. Call it the HAPRO Project – High Altitude Porcine Reentry Operations

  8. Yes, the acronym and some sort of catchy tag line (like the DREAM Act or the Affordable Healthcare Act). Emergency Rations for Muslims Act sounds good to me, and Operation HAPRO executes the policy?

  9. I can't see wasting good pork on them. Not when we can use their own tactic of Sarin Gas. Faster and more of a chance of getting them all. Of course, you can sprinkle some ground up pork dust in with it, I guess.

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