What’s in a Gimmick? (Sunday Sermonette)

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Some lies are epic, some are pathetic (often attempted by children) and some are both.  The corrupt, elite, smug, lying mainstream media seems to have perfected the “epic pathetic lie” and there are something like half (or just under half) of American voters swallow them. The Hollywood numbers skew the results to make it look worse than it really is. In Hollywood (and through much of California cities like San Francisco and more recently San Diego), the number of useful idiots is close to 100%. 
Making lies function is the prevue of attorneys. When attorneys are also politicians, hold onto your wallet. 
Ghetto politicians (I think that the correct term is ‘inner city politicians) are clearly the most entertaining. Going with a gimmick is crucial. Rep. Frederica Wilson and her closet full of cowboy hats is the poster-child example. (all hat, no cattle)
Donna Brasile, disgraced and defrocked DNC Chairperson is known by her purple hair. It definitely works for her.
But some politicians like Rep. Hank Johnson use their incredible intelligence to  dazzle their constituents into returning them to Washington DC over and over again. 
Barack Obama sought to impress on Texans the sense that he was one of them and he used a cowboy hat. Were the Texans impressed? You know that they were.
Slick Willy Clinton never wore a cowboy hat as far as I know, but he spoke the ‘language of love’ and was too busy asking “what the definition of is, is?” to bother with a gimmick. His wife, Hillary wore her iconic, if androgynous, pantsuits to disguise her hideous figure. Both Clintons were clearly ghetto politicians.
I can’t say whether ghetto politicians lie more than your average run of the mill politicians, but they have more spectacular gimmicks.

20 thoughts on “What’s in a Gimmick? (Sunday Sermonette)

  1. Reminds me of a story a Vietnam Infantry vet told me. They came back from a three day furball to their base where they were 'debriefed' by people wearing starched fatigues. Poser, the lot.

  2. I also recall Hillary developing a Texas 'twang' in her voice while campaigning in the South. Thus came her undoing, and (hopefully) our salvation. Hubris. Her and the left's un-wavering belief that the rest of us are just too flipping stupid to see through their BS. Those three UCLA basketball players in China may be having some second thoughts about that approach about now.

  3. They base that assumption off their own voters…
    When they are surrounded by stupid it is hard to see over the fence.

  4. Those pant suits were great for hiding Hillary's big, meaty cankles, not to mention her big, meaty old sweaty self.

    Thank God for pantsuits. No, not for Hillary's sake, for ours.

  5. Rep Wilson seems to be going on the show business axiom that there's no such thing as bad publicity. "Make 'em love you, or make 'em hate you, just make sure they know your name". I'd never heard of the twit, but she's not only from my home state, she represents a district close to where I grew up. Since she made a public fool of herself, and Trump hammered her for it, she thinks she's a rock star. Maybe she is to the low IQ, solid "D" voters.

  6. Barack could have been one of the village people had he not chosen a political career. Michelle could have gone to Hollywood and would have been an extra in Sci-Fi films. We all make decisions.

  7. Sometimes gimmicks are all they have. I still remember Hillary's 'I's jus one of de plantationees muhsef' accent, "I ain't no ways tired." Some people eat it up with a spoon.

  8. > help run the nation.
    You misspelled "ruin"….

    She's making Derbyshire (ooh, badthink, wrongthink) look wise and prescient.

  9. Inner city people must dig the cowgirl outfits, with the weird hats pulled down over the ratty wigs. I don't get it. I can't imagine why anyone would vote for her to be dog catcher, let alone sent her to DC to help ruin the nation.

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