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The US launched Tomahawk missile strikes on Ash Aha’irat (Al Shayrat) Air Force Base in Syria and on Syria’s chemical weapons storage facilities there. There should be some sort of bomb damage assessment (classified) before this blog goes live because the sun will be up in Syria. The weapons fired were likely a blend of the following:
Block 3 BGM-109C Tomahawk Land Attack Missile – Conventional (TLAM-C) with a unitary warhead (which can be used for penetration of bunkers or to crater runways). 
Block 3 BGM-109D Tomahawk Land Attack Missile – Dispenser (TLAM-D) with cluster munitions. 166xBLU-97
Though I question whether the GB (Sarin) release was the product of a chemical weapon by the Syrian Air Force or whether the bombing released GB stored by Syrian rebels, degrading the Syrian chemical weapons stores do nothing but make the world just that much safer.

There was the inevitable call for an immediate war with Russia from Senator John McCain, who may need to retire from public life.

The corrupt, elite, malicious, smug, wicked, lying mainstream media were howling because a call was made to the Russians for the purpose of deconfliction. The insinuation was made on CNN and MSNBC that any deconfliction indicates collusion between President Trump and the Russians. Deconfliction helps to keep us out of a war. The progressive elites are not quite bright enough to figure that out.

White House Gossip

  • One of the mainstream media goons who worships Melania Trump (I thought they were all queer, but maybe not) asked Sean Spicer if he could buy some of her soiled underwear. Spicer said with some authority that she doesn’t wear underwear. 
  • Glenn Beck has been bashing Steve Bannon. I don’t care what Beck says – he needs to take a drink and calm down. Breitbart soared to the top of the heap while The Blaze burned to ashes, what other reason could Glenn Beck have for hating Steve Bannon’s guts? Beck was far more entertaining when he was a drunk. He is predicting imminent economic national collapse – the same way that he has for a decade. One day it may happen, and Beck will claim bragging rights.
  • It’s difficult to get any legitimate scoop from the White House without calling somebody that you might know who works on the staff and bugging them. There is another tactic that seems to work. Watch MSNBC or CNN, take in what they say, and the opposite is true.
Susan Rice
Has she ever said ANYTHING that was true? 
The fact that the Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee have shut up is because they’ve seen the evidence and it’s damning. They also know that there wasn’t any collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian Government.
Is there a depth that the Obama Regime was unable to sink to? I realize that in Chicago, that’s business as usual, but Barack is going to end up before Congress answering questions. He’s immune from prosecution for what he did in office — but will he still take the Fifth? Will Susan Rice (not immune) take one for the team once again and do her prison term, shielding her colleagues? Is she more like G. Gordon Liddy or John Dean?

Susan Rice is no G. Gordon Liddy… and I will digress to share a bit of lore.

I miss G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show on Radio America in Washington DC. I used to listen to it every night that I was in the area. He wrote a book called “The Monkey Handlers” with input from Gary Gallagher, a former Navy SEAL and friend of mine. (Gary was also a Master Chief at Team 3 when then ENS Jim Liddy, son of G. Gordon was there.) G. Gordon had  Gary on the show once and asked him what he thought of Barack Obama – then he didn’t “bleep” Gary when he said that he thought then candidate Obama/Soetoro was “a blue gum xxgger”. It entertained friends of Gordon’s and Gary’s, but the comment didn’t reflect any racial sensitivity at all. Gary had retired from the Navy and was working on a classified project where he was indispensable, so the bullet passed him by. Liddy took some heat but didn’t care much – his ratings went up and advertisers paid more so Radio America was happy. 

I Didn’t Make the List

Headline: ISIS KILL LIST: Pro-Islamic State hackers target 8,786 people in US, UK 

That’s damned insulting. After all I’ve done, after all the horrible things that I’ve said about the ISIS savages, after the praise I’ve heaped on those who’ve held draw Mohammed contests, after intimidating Mohammedans in my own neighborhood…I don’t make their frigging list.

Perhaps I should have worked with fellow blogger Fredd to slip his Aunt Sally’s cooking recipes to ISIS in a clandestine way. The resulting casualties could have ended the war. Pity stayed my hand – and the only thing that I have to show for it is being snubbed.

Maybe because I live in a neighborhood where they just built a mosque, they have hopes of turning me to love Big Imam?

I don’t know how the b@stards could have left me off the list? Maybe it’s an oversight?

Under the Trump Doctrine, and I’m playing the Trump Card here, would I be allowed to shoot first (based on a threat that I perceive)?

If that were to be the case, there would be a lot of my friends raising the hue and cry to be added to the list. Maybe even some bloggers…

24 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. It seems that Trump already follow the path his predecessors friends had planned and appreciate. Instead of being calm and let the facts arrive Trump jump into it and get immediately support from MSM. That tells everything. When CNN embrace you, it is more than a sign. I guess what will follow will cost the US taxpayer more and increase all the wrong figures.

  2. G. Gordon Liddy: ol' Gordo was schilling gold for Rosland Capital around 8 years ago or so, when gold was $1800/oz. He urged everybody to buy it before it went to $2500/oz. It tanked to $1100/oz within a year, and Gordo disappeared. I would too, if I were so profoundly wrong about a commodity.

    The Trump administration contacted me regarding the ready status of a few hundred thousand gallons of Aunt Sally's spaghetti sauce in preparation to drop it on Syrian air bases and weapons caches. Unfortunately, Aunt Sally's production facilities could not meet this obligation (apparently she was all out of a critical ingredient: Portland cement), so the Trump administration instead went with Tomahawk missiles.

    Both are effective in degrading enemy capabilites.

  3. Having CNN embrace you is like having a rotting corpse embrace you. You know that you're on the wrong side of things. Though in this case, the US blew up Syrian chemical weapons stores and cratered a runway. Nobody will lament that action. Whether the attack was warranted based on the events of the week is something else all together.

  4. G. Gordon took Rosland's cash and ran for the hills. I think that he's pushing 90 now and is out of the game.

    As to Aunt Sally's weaponized spaghetti sauce – who could stand against it?

  5. If the media quote the Russian spokesman correctly only 23 of 59 reached the base. This will lead to Russia moving in with what they have of equipment to protect the Syrian government interest. Some comments tell that ISIS and John McCain both are happy. From an outsiders point of view it is difficult to see how the US taxpayer will benefit from it. If they had waited until the facts was available instead of acting based on speculations Russians and Syrian Government would have a problem to explain, but now it is also likely "US" friendly ISIS groups supported by the US in their effort against the regime storing the chemicals will get less attention if that was the case. In this mess of politics and religion with potential only to get worse it would be safer for everyone to keep calm and spend time on politics that creates jobs and make America great again.

  6. Seem to remember reading a few years ago the inventory of Tomahawk missiles was low and new ones not being manufactured. We used how many for what is a symbolic strike? Oh yeah, those folks on the receiving end probably don't regard the strike as symbolic.

  7. G. Gordon is 86. I always liked his radio show and always liked him.

    That being said, the first thing I thought this morning was, "Quick – I need to see what LL has to say about this Syria thingy. He's about the only person I trust."

    I'll save my puny little thoughts for sometime later.

  8. I'm no expert, but our recent launch against Syria seems reminiscent of Obama and Hillary's foreign policy.

    I guess an alliance with Putin against the head choppers wasn't expedient given the Red Menace witch hunt hysteria?

  9. I have no idea what the damage assessment is and how many missiles hit. They have an excellent record for reliability – and USGOV won't comment on the effectiveness of the Tomahawks if the information put out by the Russians is correct.

    There was momentum to do something, and the Jordanians, Israelis, etc. were cheering President Trump on – so he pulled the trigger. I'm with you as to waiting for the evidence, but finding reliable evidence in that part of the world is challenging because the Russians and Syrians had a vested interest in telling only their side of the story (which may be correct – but that's not 'evidence'). And frankly, the US has a history of lying every bit as much as everyone else. It's dismaying, but it's true.

  10. Thanks for the confidence, Adrienne.

    86 is pushing 90. I don't know how G. Gordon's health is. I could call friends and ask, but at 86, just waking up in the morning is a victory for men – women linger another decade or so…

    President Trump is taking advice from people and that can be smothering when you're in his situation. His first instincts were correct. Let the Syrians decide which dictator they want to rule them. But that's not how it's working out.

  11. As I understand it (Correct me here if I'm wrong OLD NFO), we're no longer manufacturing Harpoon anti-shipping missiles. I have heard from open sources that the inventory for Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles was low, but when you consider that only 30% of USMC F-18's will fly because of a lack of spare parts, it's par for the course for ObamaNation. Barack never had a budget and spent a lot on buying votes (his priority) with "income redistribution and social justice".

  12. There are two things:

    Thing 1 – What is the right thing to do? That would be to let the Syrians chop each other to pieces and keep them from fleeing to Europe – re-direct them to Saudi Arabia, a rich Arab nation…which to date hasn't accepted one Syrian refugee.

    Thing 2 – Shooting off missiles shows America that we need more of them and will help justify the expanded military budget – and the media hyped visual of a dozen dead children on the 24 hour news cycle helps to fortify it. There are others like the NORKS who are nervous now because they could be next.

    If I was king, I'd do Thing 1. But as I mentioned above in the response to Adrienne, President Trump is SURROUNDED by people giving him advice – and it's not necessarily the right or good advice. They are telling him, "don't be a pussy like Barack." And it would tend to even sway you toward Thing 2 if you were there without LL to grab you by the stacking swivel and bring you back to reality.

    I don't blame Trump. He has an impossible job. In the Oval Office you are inside of a bubble and you CAN NOT ESCAPE IT.

  13. >I need to see what LL has to say
    Hmm. My thought too.
    As to Liddy, his autobiography Will is an excellent read. ISBN 978-0312119157.

    >86 is pushing 90
    True, but by the time you hit the mid-80's population mean life expectancy doesn't exactly apply to you anymore, because you've already demonstrated that you're a survivor, if that makes sense. (The mean lifespan includes people who died young/younger of trauma, violence, drug abuse, plain bad luck, cancer, etc etc etc — once you've gotten "past" that at a younger age, you're in a different group.)

  14. I may feel differently if I reach 86, but the quality of life is more important than the quantity at some point. I wish G. Gordon (and everyone for that matter) a long and happy life.

  15. LL, you are not on the ISIS Kill List for the same reason Chuck Norris is not on it. ISIS is afraid it would piss you two off. And from what I hear, it took over 30 minutes for all the missals to be launched from the two tin cans. The ones that arrived first simply circled around until the were all there, then they dropped at the same time. If that is true, it is soooo cool.

  16. The load out for Block 2 DDG 51's is something like 90+ so depending on the load out there may have been time on target, but coordinating two ships with that many missiles in the air with the demands of time on target would be challenging – and abundantly cool, if true.

  17. I read this blog because I believe I get informed reports here, and I usually do, but the underwear remark is low.
    Who in their right mind is going to put an ol SEAL on their list, not much propaganda value there… which might sting the ol ego, but makes you much safer to be there for those grandkids.

  18. LL – I have petitioned Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to include you in the ISIS Kill List v2.04.15 scheduled to be released sometime mid May pending on weather and cluster munitions. We're really trying hard to get you in the top 10 percent, at least in the 750 to 800 range.

    The ISIS secretary informed us that there is a "virgin incentive" promised to anyone who kills you. But after so many recent ISIS staff "terminations", this incentive may not provide additional females, but only olive oil. We are seeking clarification…

  19. STOP RIGHT THERE. I may be an old silverback, long in the tooth, but I like to retain the illusion. :^)

  20. I've long maintained that by eliminating ISIS members with bullets dipped in pig fat is giving 72 virgins a break. So the virgin incentive may be wishful thinking on their part.

    Put a little ham in Mohammed…

  21. re bad advice? I don't trust Rinse Prius and I really don't trust Jared K. Not extension, not trusting Jared means I don't think Ivanka has anything beside being pretty to offer, either.

  22. If I was president, I wouldn't trust that crew either, but President Trump has to have people around him who makes him feel comfortable – while he's in the Bubble. Ronald Reagan had Nancy.

  23. That's what I like about you… you're old enough to know better, yet you're still hunt'n the dream.

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