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The progressive left, feeling that there are few causes remaining to champion, have come out in opposition to the State of South Carolina flying the Confederate Battle Flag. Now we hear that both political parties are opposed to the Confederate Battle Flag, and ask for your vote… There are a lot of old Hillary and Bill campaign buttons out there with their face next to a Confederate Battle Flag. The War of Northern Aggression never really ended for the South.

Will the “Bonnie Blue Flag” of the Confederate States of America also be banned? (pictured left) Truth be told, the CSA had a number of flags and the famous ‘stars and bars’ was one of the least used when you consider the war as a whole.

When Robert E. Lee invaded the North the first time, resulting in the battle of Sharpsburg/Antietam, instructed all units to fly the Bonnie Blue Flag and for the bands to play, “Maryland, My Maryland” (Maryland State Song), the lyrics of which, discusses the need to deal harshly with tyrants. Which makes me think that the people in Maryland, who vote for the Democratic monarchs need to sing their song more often…

Coincidentally US Navy Admirals, with so-called “flag rank” are given the right to fly their flag, denoting rank at bases and from yardarms of ships that they command. The flag for a rear admiral (lower half) is…you guessed it, the Bonnie Blue Flag.

One possible solution is to simply promote all rear admirals (lower half) to rear admiral (upper half), they get a pay bump and a second star and nobody is offended. If I was a rear admiral (lower half), that would be my suggested solution.
The popular song of the day, “The Bonnie Blue Flag” was a more often used Confederate Song during the War of Northern Aggression than “Dixie” was. It’s demonstrated in art below in the 1959 feature film, “The Horse Soldiers”.
I don’t think that anyone would be offended if people who wish to express their interest in State’s Rights began to fly this flag, would they? Since we don’t teach history in any comprehensive way anymore, how many people would even recognize the Bonnie Blue Flag? Most would simply think that there are lot of navy admirals running around…if that.

8 thoughts on “What’s in a Flag?

  1. Listening to a former employer, a man now in his fifties, ranting about current events and how we should "prepare to fight". Kept my tongue. He adroitly avoided military service as a young man (brags about it on occasions) and five years ago talked one of his sons out of joining the Army. Another sunshine patriot offering his heartfelt sideline support. All these years of effective propaganda has sapped the country's will to resist.

  2. Another flag! That's at least one too many for the Lefties, who can only protest one thing at a time.

  3. There are two Americas.

    Some talk the talk and walk the walk. Others don't but it's always been that way. Even during the Revolution.

  4. I am more offended by the anti Christian rainbow flag.
    I am one of the few that knows about the Bonnie Blue Flag

  5. It's a reminder that there are such things as State's Rights — often ignored by the progressive left.

  6. I am too. The White House turned itself into a rainbow house in honor of the president's well known sexual preference and in honor of sodomites nationwide – in celebration of ObamaNation.

    I thought that you might know something about the Bonnie Blue Flag.

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