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America will undergo a change in the White House when the Obamas move out and the Trump family moves in.  And because this is Sunday, it’s your sermonette!
There have been a number of suggestions made over the years that Michelle Obama has features more in keeping with a man than a woman. She never was made “woman of the year” so the Bruce Jenner comparison can’t be made. 

Then again, Joan Rivers died soon after “outing” Michelle Obama as a tranny. Coincidence? You decide. I won’t take a position on the matter. I value my life. 
Moving on, would Melania Trump make a better first lady than Bill Clinton? I’m not suggesting that I think Hillary will win the presidency or even dodge an indictment, but Bill would be an awkward first lady no matter what anyone says. The whole cigar dipping thing will damage the image of the American First Lady forever…not that Michelle hasn’t tarnished it considerably.
Michelle doesn’t like living in the White House, “It’s the story that I witness every single day, when I wake up in a house that was built by slaves.” The Obama presidency has been an embarrassment for many Americans at home, but it’s worse for those abroad who are bombarded by questions such as this one, “How could your leadership be that stupid?”
Many in the hierarchy of the current Mexican government feel that Trump would be a better president than Obama has been because the wall would help reduce corruption in their own government and along the border. They are government people and the rule of law is always better than the anarchy that currently lives at the border. That doesn’t filter down to the US media well, but it’s true. I speak to them personally and have known them for decades. Those same people feel that Michelle Obama harkens to (unfortunately) appear a lot like a Star Wars cast member. They feel that Melania Trump would restore the decorum that they have come to expect in an American First Lady.

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  1. I've seen interviews with Melania and she's quite classy and obviously very smart.

    As to the slaves building the WH? That a bald-faced lie. They had almsot no part of the actual construction. All they were fit to do was the lowest grunt work in the quarries and such. Many of the workers were Scottish and Dutch artisans.

  2. imagine a first ahem "lady" saying how ashamed she was of being American..nauseating! Blessed Sunday to u!

  3. I knew I shouldn't have eaten breakfast before reading about Mooshell.

  4. You're absolutely correct, however that's not the narrative that she chose to put forward. Everything to her is about being a negro and so forth. I realize that she is a negro, but she can't get beyond that to be America's First Lady.

    I welcome a change – but a lesbian president and Bill as first man isn't it.

  5. Can you image waking up to that face every day? It's no wonder that Barack is screwed up.

  6. Not only does he wake up looking at that face, her mother lives with them.

  7. I'm not so sure slaves had anything to do with building the White House, but if they did, she sure doesn't mind waking up there. If she really had any convictions about it, she could move out to a non-slave built home… just built by everyday American construction workers who, by the way, were probably all white.

  8. Michelle isn't the ugliest woman to be First Lady (Lady Bird Johnson was quite plain and Mary Todd Lincoln could have probably melted stone). She is, however, the first to openly trash talk the US like the gang member from Chicago that she is.

    A closed border with Mexico would be a major step for the Mexican government to be able to take the northern Mexican states back from the drug lords. The biggest crime the media have perpetrated in promoting Obama's open border is to ignore the meth and heroin pouring into the US.

    I suppose, to the media, that mentioning drugs from Mexico is racist. Or something.

  9. I'm sure that she and Barack could afford to have a completely new place build by genuine not-inslaved black people in the DC area. Even though the White House was not constructed by slaves. It would really please me to see them vacate it.

  10. MexGov would be happy to see the narcos pulled back. They'd like to see the USGOV cooperate by building a wall. The border can be contained by a wall and strict enforcement and a cesspool of illegal activity can return to regulated commerce. The Dems (and many Republicans) don't want to see that happen.

  11. Heroin is becoming more of a problem here in Louisiana, too. :-

    I have never liked her as first lady.

    The longer it takes to indict Hillary, and the longer she stays a candidate, the more I lose faith in the people of America to make an intelligent decision.

    Be safe and God bless.

  12. America is all twisted up into a nasty place. We know who did it, we know why and we just need to fix it by reversing direction.

  13. LL – exactly where are you going to find enough blacks to actually build a house? Good luck with that…

  14. That was an uplifting photo of Melania. Mooch? Not so much. What an embarrassment.

  15. I didn't say that I would find a contractor. I feel that the Obama family with their vast trove of Hollywood donations should be able to find one of those black-only businesses that thrive on government contracts awarded to them because they're black only, to build something.

    I didn't say that it would be well built. Only built. Likely with vast cost over-runs of the sort that the government pays on. Maybe Sharpton could manage it for them? He's a reverend (holy man) and I'm sure that he wouldn't cheat them.

  16. Man, THAT's the truth. They don't get any nastier than Mama Robinson. I can only imagine what it's like for the White Hut staff.

  17. Excellent points, A. I can't believe that witch even tried to push that as a legitimate narrative in a speech in 2016. What a way to define a legacy.

  18. I've told this story to Adrienne before, but not here, so I'll risk repeating. I have 2 relatives by marriage who worked in the Bush White House during the outgoing transition. They loved W, and had some respectful words for Barack. But Mooch? They said she was just a base, ugly person. Soulless. No redeeming qualities. Ouch.

  19. I don't care what the president's wife looks like so much as how she represents us to the rest of the world.
    M has done a very poor job of it, IMHO.

  20. I agree with Brighid. Looks aren't the issue, doing a good job is. Like Brienne of Tarth! Of course, having a pretty face and a nice pair of tits is likely to keep Donald much happier in such a stressful position.

  21. I don't know if somebody said that she'd make a crappy field hand or something, but she is sure caught up in feelings of persecution on the basis of race…rather than just being a very masculine appearing person.

  22. Good comments all…and while you all think that looking like a troll is no big deal, it is. Go into any Fortune 500 company and you won't find a troll there sitting behind the reception desk giving image to the corporation.

  23. You've never seen a troll at Walmart, Exxon mobil or CVS? Oh yeah, you're from California…
    I know it is and I can't bloody watch it so no flippin spoilers, LL!

  24. In the top cartoon? Gotta be more specific than that, WoFat! That's like one of the Devil's (Diavel's?) specificity traps from Bedazzled.

  25. Walmart is the home of "Walmartians"…and California is the land of fruits and nuts.

  26. It's good to see you in the land of the living again WoFat. Welcome back to the Blog. May you live long and prosper.

  27. Grunt, if the devil really was Elizabeth Hurley, I think that I'd be in trouble.

  28. shes a harlot that posed nude, and stated that marrying Trumpster was a business transaction, which makes her a prostitute. You all are racist hypocrits

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