What is “A Real American”?

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The failing Democrat Party, desperate for a narrative is now branding President Trump as being less than a ‘real American’. Evan McMullin, a failed Independent Party candidate who only won votes in rural Utah, where he campaigned, has taken up that rant as well as he tries to increase his traction on the national stage with an eye on the next national election cycle in 2020. McMullin is a smart guy, but his unbounded ego will get him in trouble. You heard that first here on Virtual Mirage.
McMullin brands himself a real American, and I don’t doubt his patriotism, but is he the messianic conservative savior and did his run serve to unify against a Clinton regime? Or did it divide on the basis of McMullin’s cant?
Even (choke) Hillary Clinton is a real American. I disagreed with her on every single policy item that she put forward. I think that she was a disastrous SecState. I believe that her paranoia and xenophobia landed her in serious trouble with her e-mails. Her desire to cover up her screw ups led to the death of Americans in Benghazi – it was not an “awful internet video”. Ever word out of the filthy sewer she calls a mouth is a lie. But she’s an American.
Therefore the current memes being tossed about smack of disingenuous intent – false candor. Donald Trump has done nothing but promote Constitutionality with an effort to date, to return to a rule of law. Barack bypassed Congress, and President Trump has signaled an unwillingness to do that. How is that un-American — or is it just sour grapes.
The latest attempt to discredit President Trump has been a “blame Russia” push by the New York Times, Washington Post and other discredited publications. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter (a member of the electoral college from California) has joined the fray. The Dems feel that by Wikileaks exposing John Podesta’s e-mail – showing how the sausage is made, the American people caught a glimpse of what was going on and decided not to vote for the anointed President, Hillary. However the question of Russian involvement remains tenuous despite the assertions of the corrupt media. It seems as if icons like CNN and MSNBC are pushing out fake news — again
Now they’re trying “Real American”, and the ego-driven Evan McMullin has jumped on the band wagon with Shrill Jill Stein and other hopefuls who received a micro-percentage of votes cast. In the end the American public will decide who the real American is. I suspect that it will be the person who tries to Make America Great Again.

Failed Clown Party Candidate
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USGOV “Real News” – Made up believe by ‘real Americans’…based on “real” intelligence – see below:

  • Iraq has vast stores of weapons of mast destruction – we must invade.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (made up by LBJ to justify war in Viet Nam)
  • If you like your doctor, you can keep you doctor.
  • The attack on Benghazi was caused by an internet video (see Hillary Clinton, right).

13 thoughts on “What is “A Real American”?

  1. I'm not saying that McMullin is an educated idiot. However I think that his political timing and instincts may need some adjusting. If anyone is to study an astute politician who can read the tea leaves or runes (as your preference), look no further than Donald J. Trump. Of Course, McMullin's ego may not allow him to do that.

  2. Yep, the amount of 'fake' news seems to be climbing quickly, contrary to what the MSM promised… Trump hasn't done anything to make me think he is off the rails, more like he's picking the best he knows for the jobs, regardless of what the media wants.

  3. "Real American", eh? Is that different than "deplorable?"

    The powers that be (and want to be), toss these themes out like a guy trying a new lure, one after the other hoping to get a bite.

    Remember WACO? I watched that go down theme by meme as the feds desperately tried to drum up public support. For a while there it was one new theme a week on the TV.

    First, it was OMG they have "machine guns!!!" Nobody gave a rats ass.
    Next, it was OMG they are on drugs!! Nobody cared.

    Then, OMG "child abuse!! and before anybody could give a damn they killed them all, kids included, so I guess it was, in the end, about child abuse after all, except the abusers were the accusers.

    They still don't "get it"- they have a chance to operate under civilized rules, and they won't, and unlike every other conservative candidate in recent history, they are now up against someone who has the will to fight.

  4. Fly-over America takes Trump seriously but not literally. The press takes him literally but not seriously, and that's why they create a mountain of fake news. Even the positive news toward Trump is painted in this way: "The Facist, mysogynist, Islamophobe, racist Trump is succeeding."

  5. The Branch Davidian incident was manufactured by ATF because they wanted to kill somebody. Koresh went into Waco several times a week and they could have arrested him on the street. The ATF assault team botched the job and were shot to pieces. The feds got revenge by setting the place on fire and killing everyone. Dead men tell no tales. The Davidians didn't help themselves any, though.

    Then there was the cover-up.

  6. It's too late. I don't need to go. I love Big Brother. (If Hillary would have won, I'd have loved Big Mother).

    I have a lot of love for my betters, because they are just that smart. I just wish that I was cool enough to be an Illuminati stooge like John Podesta, a high priest of Baal.

  7. When the Iraq war first started, I believed they had weapons of mass destruction. But then Bush delayed and delayed and delayed while trying to get a consensus from all the NATO countries in the region – which I understand needed to be done to not sour the US position in the region any further. (My understanding at the time.)

    Then by the time we finally got going, there were no WOMD. Well, of course not. They'd had 6 to 8 months or more of warning to move anything they did have to Syria. (Again, my understanding at the time.) It took so long to get boots on the ground, by then I knew they wouldn't find anything.

    All this smoke and mirrors and chicken bones about the election is starting to annoy me. I can't wait to see what Mr. Trump will do once he is finally in office.

    Be safe and God bless.

  8. They actually destroyed them. Almost nothing was moved to Syria. They followed the UN resolution and did what was asked. The US (meaning the president and his men) knew this, but harbored the belief that they were holding out – but they weren't. The invasion was an act of hubris and a lot of people died – and we spent US$6 trillion.

  9. Ah. I see. Definitely lost a lot of people; and left the Iraq vets feeling angry and betrayed. My son did two tours and has been upset over what ISIS did.
    War is expensive.
    Thank you for explaining the events to me, LL. Much appreciated.

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