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LSP eating a 16 oz aged NY steak


Tonight LSP and I got together for a nice Christmas Dinner at Flemings Steakhouse in Plano, Texas because I was in town earning a crust of bread, and he was available. The discussion was far ranging from President Trump’s historic victory in the election last month to the price of tea in China.
I had anticipated a nice Kwanzaa present from my friend, LSP. Instead of going in that direction, he presented me a bit of Kipling, which is about as far from Kwanzaa as one can get. He has a book headed to the compound that is no more progressive than Kipling. Such is the nature of the season.

On December 12th, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) published an official denunciation of the UN Security Council session on human rights atrocities in North Korea. These are the concluding two paragraphs from the long-winded denunciation:
“At the UNSC, a lackey of Obama — who will soon leave the post of power after drinking a bitter cup as a failure — committed the reckless act of daring to pick on our supreme dignity and schemed to tarnish the international image of our Republic and to whip up an atmosphere of applying pressure over the Republic. However, if [the United States] believed that this would work on us and other countries, no miscalculation would have been more serious than this.” 
“We will never tolerate the hostile forces’ anti-Republic “human rights” commotion, not even slightly, but will thoroughly smash it with a firm ultra-hard-line response.”
Just about everyone expects the Norks to respond by an attack of some sort (short of war) on the Republic of Korea (South Korea). They fire artillery shells, maybe fire a torpedo at a ROK naval vessel, seize ships from the fishing fleet and imprison the crews for the purpose of re-education.

(also known as Carlos Danger)

There once was a Congressman named Weiner,
Who had a perverted demeanor,
He was forced from the Hill,
For acting like Bill,
Now Congress is one Weiner leaner.

The moral of the story is:

You Tweet your meat, you lose your seat!

But in all seriousness, we all owe a lot to Weiner and his wife, Huma Weiner’s relationship with Hillary (The Bitch of Benghazi) Clinton. There are people who say unkind words about Weiner, but history may show that he helped (inadvertently) save the republic. My sense is that his political career with the Democrat Party may have come to a flaccid conclusion without a happy ending.

As leading Democrat Party elites cast about for answers as to what derailed Hillary’s certain coronation, one name will surface both now and in the history books and that will be WEINER. Despite Hillary’s preference for female company, she was (at least in part) done in by a weiner.


19 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. may have come to a flaccid conclusion without a happy ending

    What an excellent string of words!

  2. Poor Weiner. He will never receive the thanks that he deserves from a grateful nation for taking out his wife's boss for God and country.

  3. "You tweet your meat, you lose your seat" Brilliant. On that note, nice insanely large steak there! Hope it came with heart attack potatoes.

  4. Just take a look at that steak knife the good parson is wielding, I'm not convinced that Jim Bowie swung a more ferocious looking weapon at the Alamo.

    I'm guessing the reverend's utensil got the job done.

  5. LL, thanks for a great dinner! And I apologize about the Kwanzaa. I searched high and low for a Kwanzaa title in Lucky Dog Books but all they had was Kipling. Next time.

  6. Nice looking steak there. One had better come hungry or have a luck dog to order one of those. And I couldn't help but wonder about the NORKS. Other than the city folks living around their wonderful leader, how many in the country can even read.

  7. My present understanding is that the literacy rate in the DPRK is very high. Education is all based around a love of Dear Leader. If you can't read, you can't read propaganda.

  8. It may be that she's denser. We all know that she's a dense woman. That would account for the impact crater.

  9. Some people use steak knives, others need cutlasses or cleavers. It all depends on the size of the steak.

  10. Where's the debris field? An ass that size should have leveled half the state. But then again … there's steak.

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