Why I am a Climate Denier

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If you were to ask Barack, he’d confirm for you that he’s the smartest man in the room. I think that what Barack’s trying to say below is, “The weather is changing”. He blames human activity alone. I suggest that the weather and the climate is far more complicated than that. There is an agenda at work when progs shout down anyone. What might that agenda be? The US spent $100 billion over the past 8 years to fight global warming. A lot of people got rich at taxpayer expense.

Despite his rants, I think that he’s wrong (again). Barack has been wrong about — everything — so consistently that calling him out is easy, unless you’re the corrupt elite press or an academic prog. If you want to be on the right side of history, an easy cheat is to just move opposite of whatever Barack says.

During the last (Quaternary) glacial maximum 20,000 years ago, 2-3 mile thick ice sheets spread over much of North America including Barack’s beloved City of Chicago. (global cooling). Prior to that, North America was a vast swamp (global warming) where dinosaurs and plants were later turned into oil and coal over time.

The Quaternary glaciation was the last of five known glaciations during Earth’s history. The other four are Huronian glaciation, Cryogenian, Andean-Saharan glaciation, and Karoo Ice Age.
Theories for causation of these ice ages (and the intervening periods of global warming) include changes in atmospheric composition, changing ocean currents, astronomical cycles and plate tectonics. Oddly, changes in the climate took place without the presence of mankind to interfere with them.

I know. It’s so unfair to bring up inconvenient facts, Barack. Who knows, maybe I’m Islamophobic or something like that to point these things out here on Virtual Mirage.

At present it is difficult to tell whether or not the globe is warming, which is why the mantra changed from “global warming” to “climate change” (i.e. the weather). It’s equally difficult to tell if the globe is warming, what role mankind may have to do with that. 
Since Barack and the progs have urged other progs to denounce climate deniers, I’m self-denouncing as I make an effort at clarification.
The “science” of global warming is far from settled. The move from that stand to the war on the weather (climate change) is suspicious in the extreme. Making the military’s primary mission the war on the weather made the Obama regime a laughing stock everywhere but in the corrupt elite press. Even the CIA was forced to get onboard with this myth, creating reporting requirements that would only support (never deny) that mankind was the reason that the weather changed. They were co-opted even more than the military was, but it’s a secret.

All of the “green energy” companies that received billions in loans from the Obama regime (and then defaulted when the businesses went under) were key contributors to Barack’s campaign fund, to the Presidential Library (and monument) fund, etc. Scam? You be the judge.

Al Gore and his business partners had “serious reservations” about selling Current TV to Al Jazeera, but ultimately overcame them because they believed the U.S. was likely to influence the Qatar-backed broadcaster more than the other way around, according to court papers.

Al Gore scored $500 million for selling his “green energy” company, which the oil sheiks promptly closed. Not bad work if you can get it.

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  1. I offered a member of the union of concerned scientists a lift home in my fuel guzzling car the other day and he refused. How rude.
    Over here they are talking about ripping up the millions of road speed bumps because they increases emissions. Put there to decrease speeding and save lives. All that money spent just to spend more tearing them out. But, hey sod the road kill- they'll be able to get so much more money from speeders!

  2. The scientist might have been concerned that you had unholy designs…taking him to your place to look at your etchings, a few drinks…it all seems so innocent. Then POP, he realizes that his whole life has turned around and he no longer loves Big Brother, and he's been lied to all these years. He puts on an emergency clown nose and never goes to another climate conference again.

    Or not – maybe it's the Range Rover.

  3. It's currently 5 below zero in Chicago. Just exactly when can I expect some global warming around here? We sure could use some.

  4. I don't get it, LL. The weather keeps changing, despite USGOV spending billions on the War. The CIA obviously needs to up its game.

  5. Yeah! All that money and I haven't seen one bit of change. I go outside and it is cold in the late fall and winter. It gets warmer in the spring an hot as hell in the summer. What changed because I went from spray deodorant to stick? And didn't the same company that made the spra deodorant also make the sick? I guess if they make and sell the same amount of spray as stick, it all evens out and there is no change to the environment.

  6. "Why I'm a Climate Denier". Because it's Male Bovine Excrement!

    Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify. Henry David Thoreau

  7. You should have been in the global warming business. You could have received a fat grant and would have made big bucks predicting "the end is near".

  8. Think this all started in 1962 with Mariner 2. That was the first indication of the heat and atmosphere of Venus. That prompted the question, "Could it happen here on Earth" followed by, "Yes, and we NEED TO DO SOMETHING". Doing "something" fit into a lot of different agendas.

    Sadly, any important questions and answers have be corrupted by the lies of those promoting various agendas.

  9. I think the only reason they claim the world is warming is because their prediction for the next ice age didn't pan out. So if we are overdue for an ice age, then we must be in global warming!
    I am sure that God is getting a good chuckle out of all of it.

    Has your blog received an unusual amount of scrutiny? The Reverend has been besieged by the Chinese and TB is being observed by the election rigging Ruskies.

    Or maybe it is just the CIA trying to make it look like the Chinese and the Russians are doing it?
    Be safe, God bless, and Merry Christmas to you all.

  10. You may be onto something there. The problem with Venus is carbon build-up. On Earth, carbon is ground back into the center of the planet through the movement of tectonic plates, so while it's apples and oranges, there are a lot of "scientists" who want to make their degrees mean something. Doing studies is their bread and butter. If they come up with the "wrong" results, no more money.

  11. They wanted very much to have an ice age, which would have meant they'd encourage you to BBQ on the back porch to save the planet instead of discouraging it the way they do now. By creating a "crisis", there is an urgency to spend vast fortunes to "save the planet from imminent destruction". The Earth has moved through periods of heating and cooling before mankind arrived. It will continue to do so whether or not you and I BBQ brisket on the back porch.

    This blog receives about 35 – 40% of its traffic from Russia and 15% from France, 10% from non-US nations and the remaining 40% (+/-) from the US. I don't take myself or this blog all that seriously. I could take up smoking a pipe or a destructive habit, or I could spend the time that I'd do that in this small creative endeavor. Thank you for your kind feedback, LindaG. Merry Christmas

  12. I don't think the money is central- It is a nice side effect- The central issue is control.
    All human activity could be construed to have some effect on climate- hence, "climate change" can be used as an excuse for passing any law they want. California leads now in the idiot race to the bottom, is there a law passed in the state that CARB does not have a say in?

  13. Carb is also the primary consideration for artillery and bombing target approval in the Middle East.

    California is insane. I still live here but I've mentally checked out. They can have the place.

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