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Cederq — the Younger Years

It’s cool to be mentioned in dispatches…


Bullet Points:

** My rights don’t end where your feelings begin.

** Them: Razor wire is inhumane / Us: Not if you don’t try to climb over it.

** It’s comforting to have a press secretary who articulately lets us know what The Big Guy is thinking.

** The Biden regime wants to expand domestic surveillance beyond its exceptional overreach. Social credit scores are discussed seriously in places like California (and Beijing). The Deep State might ignore a victory by President Trump, and they’ll implement things they’re working on anyway.

** More in the same from your leader. So sad. He’s lost. He has enough awareness to KNOW he’s lost, so he gets angry, thinking he is projecting strength by yelling, not knowing that everyone knows what’s happening. Elder abuse. Nation abuse. I fear for our Country in the next ten months.

** (Mail) Earhart and her Earhart’s Lockheed 10-E Electra vanished at the height of her fame, a mystery that has spawned decades of searches and conspiracy theories.


Historical Note

Howard Hughes is about to test fly the Hughes XF-11 in 1946 (Picture below). It was a bad day for Hughes and the XF-11, a beautiful and innovative aircraft.


I like Archery (and other edged weapons); I just do.




Identify the Tanks




Identify the Aircraft



Twelve of these aircraft were made, but I didn’t learn of them until recently.



  1. IDT-
    1. German prototypes of the Maus and a Sturmtiger
    2. Swedish PansarVärnsRobot BandVagn 452, a MTLB with RBS70 launcher

    1. Convair YB-60
    2. Douglas TBD Devastator

  2. The Maus / Sturnmtiger is a great illustration of a basic Nazi failing. Too much attention to wacky superweapons, not enough attention to adequate rolling stock.

    – Kle.

    • The concept of th e Sturmtiger is a good one. A heavily armored bunker busting SPG. Which they really needed at the seige of Stalingrad. Roll up and blow a whole city block to Hell.

      As to the Maus, again, a basic good idea. It was evident by 1942 that Soviet armor, as crappy as it was (don’t get me started as to how ‘revolutionary’ and ‘excellent’ the T-34 series supposedly was. No, no it wasn’t. By the time the T-34 was designed, the US was already designing sloped armor tanks with good main guns) was heading to thicker-is-better rather than working on quality of armor. So a 120ish mm gun was a needful thing as even the 8.8cm gun on the Konistiger was beginning to have penetration issues, let alone the venerable 8.8cm Flak or the gun based on it used on the Tiger 1 series.

      • They weren’t all bad, no. The problem is, that by the time they were beginning to maybe become field-able, Germany had already lost, and they were of little use at that point. Somebody should have seen the change of fortunes, shut down the programs, and diverted resources to something that plausibly might have helped. I’m not sure that category contained objects, though.

        Of the two, the Sturntiger was the better. The Maus had serious mobility issues, and even on terrain it could handle really required friendly air superiority, or at least parity. Just too easy a target for ground attack aircraft.

        OTOH, the modern US could use a little bit of that “always improving equipment” idea. Our current gear is mostly state-of-the-art… for the late ’90s. Just because there isn’t anything better out there is no excuse to stop development.

        Anyway, my comment was mostly about the somewhat precarious look of the flatcar under that Sturmtiger.

        – Kle.

  3. Malware…. Continued.
    I’m pretty ignorant calling it a virus.
    I’m getting in about 50% of the time.
    Using duck duck go, little fire toggle to delete all the redirecting that prevents me from viewing the v.m. page.

    A few times it went to a porn site, the other times it redirects lightning fast through several other addresses and lands at a random generic ( seemingly harmless Google result) is the most common one I’m seeing. Although it’s random addresses ” malware” that overtakes my coffee, headline checkup here with y’all.

    It’s even hankering after I’m logged in the opening home page and Larry’s random archive bubble comes up, and now the malware redirect takes over and I instantly close out and try to get back in again.
    BTW. Android only, using the big V cell data.
    I’m never using my laptop at this site, paid for Norton but let it expire.

    AND never have this problem logging into revolver, other blogs ect….

  4. Depends why you are mentioned in dispatches!

    One of my late uncles was mentioned in dispatches (Australian Army WW2).

    It’s interesting to read the “neatened” version of him bayoneting 29 Japanese one morning among other things.

    He like a lot of rural kids lied about his age and joined at 16. Was just 18 when he was by himself at the rear of a bunker and the rest of his unit was throwing grenades at the front.

    Some of his story is on display at the Australian War Memorial Museum. I would need pages for all of it.

    Crazy bravery by a lot of people.

  5. Earhart – that fuzzy image seems to show a plane with a swept wing outline. If you scanned the ocean bottom around there I wonder how many downed planes you would find?

  6. Eastern Morontario (Toronto, Ottawa) belongs in “Texas” like I belong in the Volodomyr Zelenskyy fan club. And nobody with a lick of sense would let Quebec into their new state. Let them BE their own nation-state, FFS. Regardless of whether they fly or flop, everyone will be happier.

    New Texas. I give it a few decades before it’s subverted, hollowed out, and becomes “Greater Texas from the Arctic to the Caribbean”.

      • Looks like a Lockheed Electra 10-E. Did I get it right? Do I win a prize? (sorry, couldn’t help my juvenile self)

        It will be interesting once he revisits the site with more enhanced imaging gear. Then again, with this story now “out” catching the ear of every Tom, Dock, or Harry, he’ll show up and there will be a massive government regatta cordoning off the area under the auspices of “national security” or some such ownership is ours nonsense (think “shipwrecks”..used to be finders keepers…but not anymore with greedy loy-yers and politicians in charge).

    • Thx Ed…looks interesting. Thing is, the more we unravel of this PsyOp charade the more infuriating it becomes. Pelosi et al should be arrested at 3am and dragged away, especially her…no more fancy pants ice cream from the Subzero side-by-sides for you madam speaker!

        • Ed-
          that X1 was in reply to Paul M. Good luck with the interview. Maybe you’ll have better luck finding the 500 hrs of missing footage that just up and vanished. If there’s anything I’ve learned working for the mil/DoD for the majority of my short time in this fallen world is that EVERYTHING is recorded and stored somewhere. Just have to know how to look for it w/o setting off any alarms. Hell you know all this already. Look at Tom Clancy for example. Feds stormed his home dragged him in to a room and asked where he was getting the classified info and technical jargon used in his novels. He dug most of it up in the library of congress and other libraries throughout the U.S. if i’m not mistaken. The Feds literally shut down and overhauled the Library of Congress because of his response… ranting here. If you run nto any brick walls let me know and if I can help I will. Touch base w/LL on that. We’ve ran in a lot of the same circles over the years. Let end with this. How can anyone watch the Ashley Babbitt video(s) and not call that a targeted assassination! Good luck and STA safe brother.


  7. I do believe Texans actually have maps like that! There’s Texas and then there’s “other stuff”

    I like that kind of crossbow. Archery is very popular in this neck of the woods if you need any tips. Not arrow tips, that wasn’t a pun.

    • Wait until they decide The Motherland is worth looking into…might get Sweet Tea (w/ ice) and a monster steak anytime you please.

      • I think I could be rather accepting of the latter. We’d need to negotiate on the tea part. Perhaps if they added tequila and made it a margarita I might cave.

        I know how to hide in trees, shoot wooden arrows and be cunning so I might have an advantage. Once down, they’re wolf fodder.

        • To be a true southerner sweet tea is a 24/7 beverage, even breakfast. However, I would caution instilling the add-ins before 10:00AM, unless one is stressed from the morning hunt (see below).

          Texas has an overpopulation of wild boar…which if The Motherland became part of Greater Tejas this would offer an endless supply of a banger lean shoulder source while reducing said population. Win,win.

  8. OK, here’s something maybe you guys can clarify: What is the difference between cruise missiles and drones? I’m assuming speed and powerplant. If powered by rockets or jets it’s a missile and if it has a prop it a drone? What say you guys?

    • Bad reporting, usually.

      If it’s actually a “drone” that should mean man-in-the-loop guidance, and a decent range. Also sometimes reusable, also used for recce.

      Things like the Shaheds are just ultra-shitty cruise missiles, like we could build in our garages out of hobby parts.

      If it’s a “one-way-suicide-drone”, and it isn’t being flown by remote like an R/C plane, it’s just a cruise missile, but the Media Pukes are too stupid to understand that, and “drone” is the new shiny. Even though they’ve been around for a long time.

      – Kle.

      • Thank you. I’m familiar with the Drones the US uses for recce and strike. It was the whole “one-way-suicide-drone” bit that had me confused, because that’s what a cruise missile is.

      • There are loitering cruise missiles. So…

        The definitions are very… vague.

        A Firebee drone or the recon version of said drone was/is a programmable non-person-controlled long range drone.

        A weaponized RC plane is a drone. But put a programmable controller and fire-and-forget it and some will call it a cruise missile (even though it’s propeller or ducted fan propelled.)

        The ‘correct’ definition of a cruise missile is a fire-and-forget, programmable flight path, long range missile. That describes the US’s Tomahawks and others, and the Russian supersonic missiles and the ChiCom’s supposedly hypersonic carrier killers (that, every time you see them in a military parade, the skins wobble like canvas or paper…)

        • And now there are even more vehicles in the mix. UAVs and UCAVs. And soon we’ll have ‘Loyal Wingman’……… sigh……

  9. “I fear for our Country in the next ten months.”

    Better make that a year ’cause when (if they can’t rig it) he loses they’ll double down on doubling down since the new president won’t get inaugurated for a couple months after they stop counting.

  10. A question floating around my mind? Congress has evaded their responsibilities by passing vague legislation allowing agencies to interpret and apply the agency ‘expertise’ to fill in the blanks. This has been going on for a long time. Several lawsuits are now on the Supreme Court docket (not all involving firearm rights). Say the Supreme Court rulings severely restrict agencies from making up laws, not just regulations, and puts Congress back on the spot. Will the deep swamp, excuse me, state comply or will they give the Supreme Court the finger?

  11. Cederq — the Younger Years…What, like every boy?…who are all 12year-olds inside (and I got another daily dose of it from VM, much to MrsPaulM’s chagrin – heh).

    Earhart’s Plane…saw the article a few days ago, fascinating. Could be correct, location seems right. He’s a former Navel Intel guy (if I recall), sold all his investments, finds this with the hi-tech gear, and will go back with better imaging. Very cool. Mysteries are solvable, usually hard work is involved with a thinking outside the box. Same with UFO’s, who’s crew – if they ever truly landed – may have more volunteers than they can handle, demanding to be beamed up and whisked away to parts unknown. Hold that…better yet…they should land on the lawn at 1600 Penn Ave. and take Congress and The Potted Plant sitting in the Oval Office, plus his Handlers. Start there to relieve the pressure on We The People. The world would be a whole lot lighter without the ego’s hogging up the place.

    Texas…Go big or go home…to elsewhere outside the new perimeter. And don’t think about breaching it…we have guns and know how to use them. (heh)

  12. Open Form, eh?
    does that mean any topic is up for discussion?!
    OK. The Donald is overwhelming elected ,even with a majority of seats in both Houses.
    Now: how does he get rid of the (Yuge number of people who, if they’re not just sitting there playing games and watching porno on their computers are thinking up ways to turn this country into Siviet Russia) “agencies” who are sucking the lifeblood out of and essentially running this country?

    • 1. Fire all the DOJ attorneys and hire a new batch.
      2. Start lawfare for all the missing funds from every agency that helped the ‘migrants’ get here.
      3. End work remote without a bonafide medical requirement.
      4. End government internet for non work.
      5. Open office environment that has been proven not to work.
      6. Reassign every department to different buildings to force a move.
      7 Audit the email trail for the prior two years. Fire those who scrub their records or have been providing info the wrong way.
      8. Climate change No Fly List adding all the EPA etc do gooders.
      9. Eliminate the Pride Flag rah-rah routines.
      10. Go after all the porn hogs (audit the computers. Got porn? Get fired.)
      11. Cut the budgets by 50%
      12. Cut the pay and benefits to ‘balance the budget’.

  13. The USG actions look like it is drug cartel front. The Dems are just addicted to the money. Soros seems like a distraction to cover for the cartel. Same for all the other silliness. The money addicted front men hate you for working rather than sucking the cartel money and drugs. I deal with community service people working for the Volunteer Fire Department garage sale and clean up. I prefer the assault people to the drugies. Bribes are just another drug. The assault guys just like to drink and fight. They are very respectful and work hard. They do not live on a plantation looking for the masters praise.

  14. Nothing Earth shattering going on here, other than recovering from the four photon torpedos I took to the lower port jaw.
    Went to Home Depot with SLW today to get some small items, and it was good to walk around the store.


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