What is the Impact?

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Will the Republican wins in the mid-terms sway the Obama foreign policy disaster of the past six years? President Obama is still the commander-in-chief of the US Military and he presides over foreign policy making and breaking. 
Nowhere is the failed Obama presidency more evident than in his repeated foreign policy gaffs in the Middle East.  Yes, we know that he will stand with Islam. He said it, over and over and over again. Yes, we know that he’s a closet Muslim because he’s shown us that side of himself over and over and over again.
What can a united Congress do to curtail this unmitigated disaster that Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have carried out under Obama’s supervision? Clearly the answer is in a budget. There has not been a national budget for the past six years. I suspect that is about to change. And the Obama reaction? Look for a lot more time on the golf course as he guides the ship of state with a putter.

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  1. The thing I'm looking forward to is bills actually getting to his desk, forcing him to veto them AND take the heat… Reid can't save his ass now…

  2. Now – if the Republicans can refrain from standing on their willy while jumping up and down in their glee.

  3. To me, as overseas-born I recognize something: like, it goes to show how his early experience in Indonesia and the whole "Muslim-ness" thing is a tool he uses to differentiate himself (instead of being a uniter, he's a divider) and what he uses to push people back. Partly it just creates his own space, but it's also his NUTCHY, his safe place and his way of saying "I'm not like you (you idiots)"… I know that arrogance intimately, my parents practice it daily.
    Congress needs to get their asses educated by getting into the trenches in places.
    There's a very real and pertinent reason why American Presidents are supposed to be limited by/to those who are born AMONG the American people, ON the American Continent, SHARING the American Experience — and our worldly Elites and snooty Euro-affinity jet-setters really hate that. And so do a lot of State Department types. BECAUSE our Foreign Policy, for better tor worse, really still needs to be on an American-Needs Basis – not an overarching Ecumenical University-Perspective and Intellectual whimsey.

  4. The Obama response to mid-terms — flipping off Congress and the nation, while typical for a clinical narcissist, is a low move even for one whose administration has been nothing but low moves.

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