Good Morning Hillary

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President Obama has vowed not to work with Congress or to collaborate unless they do precisely what he wants them to do. Good luck with that. I wonder how Hillary feels this morning, with every single person that she stumped for, losing…and the Leader of the Free World flipping off the nation and the election in a tantrum of hubris. It sets the stage for the 2016 election in an interesting way because even though Barack is deluded, he’s going to paint his party into an even tighter corner.
Hillary Clinton’s star no longer shines with much luster, but it is for the Republican Party to begin to demonstrate leadership by passing bi-partisan budgets, by taking the high ground and by checking and balancing the president. Only in this way, will they set themselves up as the solution to the problem. Can they do it? Maybe… just maybe. And Hillary may not be the Democratic Party nominee.
Comprehensive immigration reform is completely possible and the House has passed that bill. Now it will go to the Senate, which will pass it and Pres. Obama will likely veto it because it won’t be his Dream Act.
The Scandals will now be fleshed out with Fast and Furious and the Benghazi Massacre getting even more attention. (AG Holder finally released the F & F records that were subpoenaed 4 years ago) This will further tarnish the already blemished president, and his administration (which included Sec. Clinton for most of its tenure to date).

14 thoughts on “Good Morning Hillary

  1. Sooooooo many things could be said about the Hilly Mouth photo that it just wouldn't be fair to utter them. Just think a few seconds – laugh and/or smile.

  2. It has been over 50 years since I had a civics class, but can't the Congress override a Presidential veto? Sorry for the ignorance, but I know it has happened before.

  3. We'll soon see if they'll do just that. Evidently obama thinks not, or else he does not plan to obey the law.

  4. Yes, with 2/3 majority in both chambers. According to wikipedia, less than 10% of Presidential vetos have been overridden.

  5. The next two years are going to be very interesting.
    Interesting, as in the Chinese curse context.
    That SOB in the WH is going to double down on treason.

  6. It's in his nature to be a traitor to America, particularly in the context of his communist roots and antagonism toward the white half of his heritage. I wouldn't be surprised if he defected to Russia and left Biden in charge as the final F-U to America.

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