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Among the news that is trending is a story that John Bolton is in danger of losing his security clearance because he disclosed classified information in his new, as yet to be released, book. Providing that the story is accurate, why would John Bolton (and people like Hillary Clinton and John Brennan) continue to hold security clearances after they leave government service? There are riddles that are just too weird to process.
Hanoi Jane is quite the crone these days. Leopards never seem to change their spots, do they?

Cry’in, Ly’in Chuck used to beg Donald Trump for money. And Donald Trump helped him out. The same was true of Mitt (Pierre Delicto) Romney – who has a lot in common with Schumer.

It’s interesting to watch Pierre (Mitt) Romney position himself with the Democrats. I keep promoting him for Bernie’s VP. He’d feel a lot more at home there than as a Republican. Who knows, with that match-up, maybe Bernie would win Utah?

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  1. Bolton should lose his security clearance, then be prosecuted for divulging classified information, IMO.

  2. Yes, he should. He should be broken, just like the Democrats broke Flynn. But that's not how it happens these days. He will be celebrated for his crime.

  3. I give up. I used to think that Bolton was a good guy. I defended him.
    I give up. I used to think that Romney was a good guy. I defended him.
    I give up. I used to think that Bush was a good guy. I defended him.
    I'm starting to see a pattern here.

  4. It would be nice if all the politicians who leaked classified material were held accountable legally and financially for violating the oaths and policies they signed when they got their jobs.

    You know, like some low-level sub-squid did when taking pictures of himself at work.

    Can't tell you the number of people I've talked to that in the middle of a conversation, suddenly shut up. Because that's what classified means.

    It intrigues me that I could never find out many of the things my dad worked on when he was in the USAF. Even after 50 years, they still won't release the info. Which is good, because secrets still matter. Old men (and women) have kept their mouths shut for this nation, and been prosecuted when they leaked, while Congress and the bureaucrats get to flap their jowls and leak critical information right and left.

    Bolton? Needs to go to Federal-Pound-yer-Arse-Prison for what he's done.

  5. Bolton is a narcissist who is as ambitious as Lucifer. He's a neocon who favors war. That's just who the guy is. I didn't like him, but I'm generally anti war absent good cause.

    I don't know what is happening to Romney. He always was a bit of a RINO but his hatred of President Trump has blinded him.

    GW was and is a good old boy. The US invasion of Iraq was sold to him by Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz. He was the victim of bad advice and America's reaction was to elect Barack Hussein Obama. To that extent, he was bad for America, but I don't think that he's a bad man.

  6. Bolton needs to be treated like anyone else who leaks classified information. He received it in a classified setting, he signed his life away as we all do, and he needs to hold his mud. But he's a narcissist and wants the spotlight.

  7. One of my dad's pilot buddies almost got some serious Military Prison time.


    Well, pilot-friend was supposed to supervise the destruction of top-secret and classified documents by having them burned.

    The base commander found a corner of one of the burned documents stuck in the fence around the burn area. Corner had document number on it.

    "Is this your signature saying that you witnessed the destruction of all these documents?"


    "Then what is THIS?"

    "Ah.. 20 years to life?"

    It is a story my dad told us about every three years. Keep secrets, destroy completely what you're told to destroy, and shut your damned mouth!

    The good old days.

  8. Gee, it's too bad that so much effort went into hating this country, and these fools couldn't bring any of us over to their side.

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