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Don’t Cry for Them

Argentina is a developed country, with an educated population, a huge middle class, and tremendous natural resources. But when you look at it closely…you learn quickly why its nationals want to flee, and why anti-establishment “anarcho-capitalist” Javier Milei is leading in the polls and likely to win Argentina’s presidency come October.

The problem is inflation — 165% inflation as of July, according to Steve Hanke’s inflation index, which is the most accurate reading. Tucker Carlson went down to Buenos Aires to find out exactly what that is like, exploring in a mere ten minutes on Twitter just how normal people have to live with it on an extended basis, all because its socialist government can’t stop printing money.


Bullet Points:

** It’s called a smart city, a hive city, or a fifteen-minute city.  If it was called a concentration camp you might not want to live there.

** They won’t have won completely until all currency becomes digital, with bank accounts, purchases, and money transfers under government scrutiny, with social credit scoring in place. Then dissenters will be totally silenced, under threat of being driven to penury and starvation, unable to buy or sell. Money then will only talk, when speaking the party line.


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29 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Kamala’s book: well at least that would be an honest political biography.

    Which 15 minute banlieue will the Men of Davos be living in? Why aren’t they bravely setting the example? Yuval Harari hasn’t stepped up yet?

    1. I think that the elite plan to live in vast estates, served by an army of hand-picked servants and robot-like cyborg guards to keep the riffraff out (the way they do now). As the brain trust for the planet, they don’t live in fetid inner cities now. Why should they then?

    2. “Harari seldom goes to this office. He works at the home he shares with Itzik Yahav, his husband, who is also his agent and manager. They live in a village of expensive modern houses, half an hour inland from Tel Aviv, […] Their swimming pool is blob-shaped and, at night, lit a vivid mauve.

      At lunchtime one day in September, Yahav drove me to the house from Tel Aviv, in a Porsche S.U.V. with a rainbow-flag sticker on its windshield.”


      A historian/philosopher (Harari’s preferred pronouns) should not have to live according to the rules set down for the bovine mass of humanity.

    1. She must have some hidden talent, some superpower that is somehow experiential that eludes me completely – and will elude me for all time.

        1. I think that the Ho has female parts. She specialized in black politicians and celebrities who are heterosexual, such as Willie Brown. Did Willie cross over? Who is to say?

    2. “Willie Brown must have been hard of hearing”

      Maybe so. Or her mouth was otherwise occupied during the time she spent with Hizzonor.

      I seriously don’t “get” Harris. She graduated law school and passed the California Bar, which I’m told is not one of the easy ones. Is it even possible that she’s actually as stupid as she appears to be? Or is she stuck in this “subroutine” (act stupid and giggle to get what you want from powerful men) that’s superseded the rest of her code? That behavior works when you’re young (fertile) and in the company of men with low standards. But it’s ridiculous at her age and position. Did she never learn how to project gravitas, or is she genuinely too stupid to grasp the concept (much less the execution)?

      I’m tending to think it’s not an act, because I’ve never seen her “slip up”. (Not that I know what Harris is like 99.9% of the time.) The Swedish Disaster would occasionally do this role-playing thing as the most expedient way to deal with certain persons she didn’t care for or about, but had to interact with. Swedish Girl didn’t do a giggly bimbo act, but rather the “naïve-but-amiable bumpkin foreigner” act. (Of course being a 5’9”, 119 lb blonde with big blue eyes helped muchly. If I pulled that act people would have reacted differently I’m sure. One uses what one has.) But, if you got SG onto something she was genuinely interested in or cared about, she’d forget to do the act and you’d see the fierce intellect, passionate intensity, and sometimes the goofy sense of humor, just underneath the surface. Contrarywise, Harris has not let the mask fall (to my knowledge at any rate) so maybe it’s not a mask but her real face.

  2. About that police mug shot policy change: there is already an online game called “Name That Race” so I don’t think this change will really help any.

  3. I like the Obama-Lincoln comparison. Yeah, they are both the same. The people threw out the one who subverted the Constitution – permanently (thanks, Booth). He did suspend Habeas Corpus even though he did not have a phone. If that wasn’t subverting the Constitution, I don’t know what is.

    1. Apparently Lincoln had financial interests in railroads that were developed with a bit of Federal assistance. It appears that times really do not change.

      1. I have heard both sides of Lincoln…good for the country, bad for the country. Still unsure the bad is accurate, but from what I have read he was a good man and good President. Wrong? Maybe. Bit I’d rather not listen to modern historians take, they do tend to rewrite history from a particular liberal or left bent. How will they write what is happening now, or about Trump’s term in the future? Likely not favorably, whereas living it …for me…he was the best President of my lifetime, eclipsing Reagan who I admire immensely.

        1. I’m with Oldvet50 on Lincoln. Try this essay (video) from LL’s fellow Arizonan Razörfist. Power through the moniker and appearance and you’ll find an articulate and highly intelligent person with surprisingly sensible views and positions. (People offended by everyday profanity will be upset. F those people 😏)


          1. Will do…I need a new perspective. But first, some tractor therapy and replacing a toilet. Old one still works after 20 years (besides new innards and a seat, it’s a toilet, not like they quit working, right?). But MrsPaulM has always wanted a light gray one to match the remodeled rustic chic master bath. She does get props for actually finding one for a lot less than typical…and what MrsPaulM wants, MrsPaulM gets….so off to the salt mines for a bit…sadly no power tools required.

        2. Habeus Corpus was not the problem with Lincoln. It was allowed in wartime.
          Trying to bring the deep south states back into the fold with armies and ordering the non-seceeded southern states to supply troops in that effort was the problem.

  4. 70 years- That end scene in the first Bourne movie: Russian tenements…bleak, vertical gray stacks of sad cold “dwellings” and even sadder people. Yeah, that’s what the arrogant ego-centric self-appointed elites and their useful idiot minions demand for us Serfs (as they see us). It’s okay to prefer Urban living for convenience. Fine. The problem is too many now see such urban centers as a collective community nirvana, like a 60’s hippy camp (often centered around a university) with the requisite Socialist (sometime Marxist) attitudes and “rules” that override the County residents in elections. Urban no longer means “community” as we used to understand it in our youth.

    For reasons only known to them, these types are pushing us in a caste system direction, every asinine reimagined term used (eg. equity) is an undermining means to an end. Thing is, they keep forgetting 2A…which is why The Uniparty, Inc. is trying to eliminate it. The “right to bear arms for self protection, etc” stops them from completing their tyranny, mainly because those who regulate and politic are often cowards…when confronted they fold like a cheap umbrella in a Wyoming breeze.

  5. IDA:
    1. It almost looks like a Supermarine Mk-47 Seafire. But I can see that that AI has bested me again.
    2. Avro 557 Ava

    Could use that kayak of yours LL on this cool, crisp fall like morning. Could you shoot the builders name across the bow whenever you have a chance? Speaking of shooting I haven’t seen an ammo dump in a while?

    1. https://www.savageriver.com/

      They build canoes, not kayaks. They have single-person racing canoes, tandem canoes and expedition canoes (such as the one I have). They specialize in carbon fiber and kevlar construction and are not cheap.

  6. The CBDC will provide an excellent means to hide/transfer money; it is, after all, just a program.
    Per Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, ““What one man can invent, another can discover.”
    or, in another iteration (employing Wiktionary, 2nd definition):
    “What one intelligent man can devise, some simpleton is sure to find a way to screw it up and some politician is sure to find a way to use it to line his pockets .”

  7. “They won’t have won completely…”.
    You forgot the cameras everywhere and AI watching to make sure you don’t do anything you’re not supposed to…everywhere & all the time.

    1. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. George Orwell, 1984

  8. Turns out they have three kayak models according to their website. The Osprey model is more than nice and you’re right…not cheap! It looks like you really get what you pay for with them though.
    Thanks LL

    1. That must be new. I think that John Diller might have retired and handed the business off to the family so a new business model too?

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