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What if, as the progs assert, the US election should be decided by popular vote alone? California and New York would be the only states that matter, with Texas a close third, and the rest of the nation be damned. True, there would be a lot more concern about who goes into which restroom, and whether there should be 31 genders as New York asserts, or 16 that California recognizes… But what would it really mean to disenfranchise the rest of the nation from the political process? Revolution.
The President and First Lady of the United States

Being a Constitutionalist, I understand why things were set up the way that they were and there is deep wisdom behind it. Barack came into office with the slogan, ‘change and rearrange’ with his heartfelt wish to fundamentally transform America. He tried to break the nation. What happened? He lost hegemony in the legislature two years later so tried to rule with his pen and his telephone. Eight years later, America elects the precise opposite of Barack with President Trump. The system is restored, his legacy will be wiped from the nation and balance will be established. Whether President Trump will go down in history as a hero or a villain will depend on what he does, not what he says.

Elsewhere…China isn’t happy because they planned on a Sino-Centric world and that may no longer be as easy to pull off as it would have if America continued to shrink from the world stage. Russia is looking with interest at how it will all turn out with a resurgent USA. The US-UK relationship will be rebuilt, stronger than ever. Mexico will pay for a wall on its northern border.

The Progressive Melt-Downs. This is a series of YouTube compilations that demonstrates that the  smug, corrupt, elite, mainstream media and their reading of We The People couldn’t be more wrong. It’s particularly entertaining today — and it’s my gift to you.

AND — Barack didn’t pardon Hillary…..

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  1. My understanding, from reading smarter people than me, is a President can only pardon someone who has been convicted of a crime, or has admitted a crime. Maybe that could be stretched to someone who has been accused of a crime in a court of law,but not yet convicted or exonerated. Shillary fits none of those scenarios.

  2. I was watching the inaugural speech as The Donald was bashing Barry's mess that he left us. I am glad that piece of shit has been deposed by We the People. Or as Barry would call us, The Great Unwashed. Yes, that would be me and my buddies.

    Woo hoo!! Let's see what The Donald does first to erase the Worst President Ever's legacy.

  3. There is a lot of weeping, wailing and teeth gnashing going on right now. There are a lot of journalists who need to reconsider what they write and how the rest of the nation sees their smug, arrogant behavior, IMHO.

    The Democrats who boycotted the inauguration were not missed.

  4. She would need to admit her crime and could then be pardoned. She didn't admit and I don't think that a pardon was offered. Many Dems believe that her corrupt behavior sank their party — and it's tough to argue otherwise.

  5. I think that he bashed George Bush and to a lesser extent, Slick Willy (Bill) Clinton as well. The Washington elite ignored the country and he told America that he WOULD NOT.

    There will be a lot of paper scratching as he repeals executive orders…more liberal tears.

  6. We all do what we can. Your son the USMC Gruntlet is putting his money where his mouth is and we all know that he does great credit to you and your wife. At some point, our posterity picks up the torch that we hand them and if we've done a good job, they carry it with pride.

  7. There are a lot of journalists who need to reconsider what they write and how the rest of the nation sees their smug, arrogant behavior, IMHO.

    LL: Saying that assumes they have the requisite self-awarness necessary to reflect on and correct their own defects of character. I'm betting against that in all but maybe a handful of cases.

  8. Progs noted that there wasn't a specific outreach to LGBTQC people, and nothing specific to Muslims except to pledge to eliminate radical Islamic Terrorists with extreme prejudice.

  9. black lives matters handed out crow bars to protesters in DC. There was damage done to private property as they did what they were hired to do.

  10. I honestly didn't know if I'd see this again in my lifetime. But I'm exceptionally happy about this victory for America and Americans.

  11. You're very kind, Larry. Your many progeny will carry the torch well, I think, also. What a great bunch.

    BTW, I feel the rain that swept into 29 Palms area tonight was partly meant to be tears for the young marine killed in live-fire exercises out there a few days ago. I'll assume the fact that it ruined any chance for Barack to hit the links tomorrow morning as just icing on the cake.

  12. Did you notice who else Trump didn't specifically mention more than a couple of times? Himself.

  13. President Trump didn't have to run for the presidency to become rich or famous. He's 70 years old, successful, and didn't need everyone to attack him and drag his name through the mud. He ran for the presidency because he saw the nation falling apart and is doing all of this for the right reason. And that is why (you and others may note) that I have supported him from the beginning.

  14. American service men are seriously injured or killed on active duty all of the time because what they do is inherently dangerous. I lost 2 SEALs from my command over time due to diving accidents. One young SEAL rolled a jeep (before we had HUMVEEs issued) and broke his back. These things happen even if you're careful because of what it is that they do. It's regrettable, it's a tragedy, but it happens. The death of Chris Kyle, who had been separated from the service is another well known example.

    Freedom isn't free. And it's important that we recognize that. Barack knew the names of negroes who were killed in encounters with the police, but he didn't know the names of the young service men and women who died in combat and in other situations every day. President Trump will know who they are. Trust me.

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