The Day After

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“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” 
– Mahatma Gandhi
The hireling progs who go out and destroy and loot are trying to follow Alinsky’s tenth rule for radicals: The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.
However the rioting and lawlessness during the primary and the general election that was focused on Donald Trump and paid for by the DNC and George Soros (thanks Wikileaks for the head’s up) did not have the desired effect. It did not cause the men and women who voted for President Trump to cower in fear. 

Conspiracy to commit a felony is a crime in America. The FBI needs to investigate the ringleaders and build cases against them. Then they need to go to prison. Will they? It remains to be seen.

It’s time to make America safe again.
Some of the Republicans were self-deluding when they thought that once President Trump took office, that he’d just hang out and golf occasionally the way that Barack did. Trump works 18 hour days…and has all his life…
Insult is heaped upon injury as Hollywood “C-List” celebs came out against Donald Trump and America didn’t care. The inevitable reaction is – “Don’t you know who I am? People kiss my butt. You should listen to me.” And still people don’t listen. Nobody believes their own press more than the Hollywood types, and it burns when they’re rejected.
During the tenure of the occasional Muslim, America spent $10 trillion down a rat hole. There is absolutely nothing to show for it. The trillion dollar stimulus packages vanished through the cracks as well and nothing ended up better off for the spending. 
The only practical way out of the $21 trillion in debt is to sell energy that exists under government land (owned by The People).  (more here)  The value of energy products on US Government land is in excess of $50 trillion. The Trump plan will begin by repealing executive orders dealing with the “Waters of America” and the Climate Action Plan. Those will be gone sometime early next week. The concept of America as completely energy self sufficient with a robust oil, gas and coal export program is particularly appealing because we can grow economically as a nation at the same time that we add to our national security by not needing anything from the Middle East.

20 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Robert Creamer, Jan Shakowski's (D-Illinois) spouse, was caught on tape admitting to hiring thugs to pick fights at Trump rallies.

    This guy should be in jail right now. (and did spend time in the Big House a few years ago for other malfeasance associated with his political skulduggery).

    Time for The Donald to set loose the dogs of war on these guys. They are certainly at war with us. Did you ever notice how many thugs hail from Obama's home turf in Illinois? I think it's high time I blasted off from this hell hole and nuked it from orbit.

  2. Chicago is a deeply damaged city in a corner of a really screwed up state. That is is home to Barack and his cronies is not in the least bit surprising.

    Seriously, how do you fix Chicago? Detroit is so ravaged that they may be able to be repaired up there (essentially the place has been all but nuked), but Chicago?

    I don't know how you drain a number of swamps in the US because they are so deep that they run down to the center of the planet…which is why both you and I plan to exit and relocate.

  3. Good start. Undoubtedly has plans mapped out to deal with "Deep Washington".

    Amused by the postings over at Common Dreams. Full of outrage and belligerent rhetoric with just a hint of realization no one outside their covens gives a rats ass what they think. Must be a bitch to find out you are not nearly as important than you think you are.

  4. I was pleased to see so little attention paid to the "protesters" and their silliness – at least it seemed that way to me. I mostly watched C Span (which did a magnificent job of covering the inauguration), and zero time was spent on the goof balls setting garbage on fire in the streets. Maybe the alphabets paid more attention – not sure.

    Now we get to see the baby killing women march around in pink pussy hats looking like the stupid drones they are. I'm actually looking forward to it.

    The Trump family looked like royalty last night. Maybe we'll see some good grooming rub off on the people of this country. I hope so.

    No comment of mine would be complete without some shallow gossip type quip, so here goes: It's way past time for Tiffany to drop that pencil necked democrat she's currently dating and find a real man. He pushes my "I really want to smack you in the puss" button. Question: Did he become a pencil necked twit after becoming a democrat, or was he already a pencil necked twit beforehand?

  5. A few thousand women wearing their newly knitted "pussy hats" are wearing simulated vaginas on their head and hoping that somebody will take them seriously. I think it will work as well as it would if the same number of men wandered around wearing penis hats. Such is the nature of the progs. Who cares? It would have been the ultimate insult if the newsies failed to show up — but they'd never do that.

  6. Tiffany now has an inexhaustible supply of actual men in uniform to pick from. If she sticks with her wimp, it speaks volumes about her character.

  7. Yes, draining some of these cobalt blue swamps will take nothing less than a miracle, or a revolution. Detroit has completely blown all the bearings in its engine, and somehow it's still moving forward at a limp. When will the chickens come home to roost there? When will the checks stop showing up in the mailboxes? There ain't no money in the bank, and the checks still show up. What the hell!!??

  8. Adrienne: that good grooming rubbing off on 'The Great Unwashed? Us? Maybe. And maybe Tiffany will dump that pencil neck geek after she looks around at the real dudes that populate the administration now. Or not, she doesn't seem like a chip off the ol' block to me. Like Ivanka.

  9. I fear you are right, Fredd. Hopefully, a few more years of watching her siblings will wise her up. We can hope.

  10. As to the grooming – it will be nice for young girls to see other young women who take pride in their appearance.

  11. This all reminds me of a line printed in the first Jefferson Starship album…."It's A Fresh Wind That Blows Against The Empire".

  12. The Empire is not happy and will use the corrupt, smug, elite, mainstream media as their cat's paws to strike back against the American people — who have kept them in the lap of luxury.

  13. Though Presidents have a record of long life, at 70 I just hope his has the stamina to last four years, much less eight.

  14. This has been an amazing week, I have enjoyed watching President Trump and family bring God & Country back to the forefront.
    Laughing at those oh so deluded marchers, they haven't a clue what the real world faces daily.

  15. Trump has a very healthy work ethic. However he needs to focus on what's important because the corrupt, smug, elite, mainstream media will blast him with false reporting every day for the next four years.

  16. If President Trump only accomplishes half of what he promises it will be a Renaissance. Listened to his speech at the CIA today. Those people ate it up. Trump really doesn't talk speechy dialogue with fancy words and catch phrases; he talks like a tough guy from Queens.

  17. I think that President Trump wants to see jobs return to make Detroit great again rather than provoking a riot. We'll see. Ben Carson is from there and he's in charge.

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