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Nigerian AFV


Identify the tank

It’s not impossible to identify this particular tank, but it should pose a significant challenge.


Are you able to identify THIS tank?

Yes, it was a regular production tank in its era.


Yes, of course…

Things in America are not getting worse. They are, however, getting more obvious.


I’ve been told that it’s better than VACCINE!


Once you come to terms with the fact that margaritas and queso & corn chips taste better than being thin, the second half of your life begins.


Where Biden gets his Oil


America (that used to be)



In the Third World, these are very popular and I hate them. They ALWAYS stink. It’s rare that there is toilet paper available – in Asia. You have to buy tissue packets and carry them around with you in your pocket – or if you’re held up short, you can always use your sock.


Everybody loves Brandon


On this date in 1942, the crew of the USS New Orleans used coconut logs to repair the ship after the entire bow was lost the previous night during the Battle of Tassafaronga. With a quarter of their ship missing, they then sailed the cruiser in reverse for 1,800 miles to reach Australia.

23 thoughts on “Randomness

      1. Looks like Dukakis with his head sticking out, don’t it?

        Those guys in the AMERICA (that used to be) are most definitely N-O-T Dukakis.

  1. Mrs. Simpleman had the privilege of getting to know Wild Bill via his grandson when she lived in South Philly.

  2. The squatters that I saw (and used) in Turkey reminded me paint roller pans set in the floor with embedded footpads.
    IIRC, they thought sitting their buttcheeks where someone else had is barbaric.
    Given our ME population via Dearborn, we had some new hires that did not speak English (Good workers, though. One is now fluent and a friend.) and had a tendency to leave bootprints on the toilet seats.
    I printed up signs with a toilet seat with foot prints on it with a slashed circle overlaid on it.
    It worked.

    1. There’s worse. So a woman friend works at a place where there are a lot of female MDs from Pakistan, Iran and India (in that order) who are unpaid volunteers trying to get into a US residency (training) program. They all come from wealthy/connected families back home. We’re talking about able to subsidize their daughter to the tune of US$30k to 60k per annum to live in Boston unpaid. (Bear in mind what even $30k means to someone from Pakistan; that’s nontrivial even in the US. TL;DR, these are RICH people.)

      So Friend walks into the womens’ bathroom and finds one of these women teetering (heels) on one foot. The other is in the sink. “WTF” thinks my friend, but she said nothing, just backed out. I had to explain it was ritual foot-washing prior to Muslim prayers. “Oh,” said Friend, “does that explain the Gatorade bottle in the corner? It’s been there for weeks.”
      MC: Huh? Like a bottle of Gatorade drink?
      F: No, no. One of those green squirt bottles with a Gatorade logo. There’s been one sitting there for weeks now. People do something with it because it’s not always in the exact same place, but I don’t know what they do.
      MC: I have no idea. Maybe to squirt their feet instead of getting the foot up into the sink? I dunno.

      Later talking with another woman who has to use the same bathroom I found out what.
      AW: Oh, that. Yeah. From the sounds I hear in the other stall, it’s being used as a vaginal douche.
      MC: There’s a Gatorade squeeze bottle being used as a communal douche?
      AW: When I hear the noises I don’t see the bottle sitting in the corner. I’ve never literally seen anyone douching with it, but it’s obvious what’s going on. It’s disgusting, but there’s nothing I can do about it.
      MC: You could get fired – and blackballed – for committing an Islamophobic Hate Crime by pointing out it’s a health hazard.
      AW: Exactly.

      The Gatorade community douche bottle theory was later verified by a Pashtun (female) friend. Who also found it disgusting.

  3. “Things in America are not getting worse. They are, however, getting more obvious.”

    This of course is why they’ve spent decades training us into believing that NOTICING is Hate Crime. And it’s largely worked. Half the country will not let itself even notice the malfeasance of certain stupid, impulsively violent people. Another half refuses to notice the malfeasance and/or hypocrisy of certain smart people. These halves are not mutually exclusive. There is overlap, so that some people notice everything, while others notice nothing.

  4. Ah, a de-luxe squat toilet. Entirely agree with Larry’s comment regarding the smell. It doesn’t matter how clean (clean being a relative word) they are, they stink. I well remember more spartan types of these. A raised concrete base with a hole in the middle, with foot prints on either side, or the even more spartan ones, which were just a hole, with depressions on each side for your feet. When one was young, and the knees more flexible, and the stomach flatter, they were easier to use. Not so now, when the knees are stiffer, and the stomach gets in the way.

    I remember some of the very cheap hotels (have not used these since I discovered 5 star ones) had diagrams on the door, inside the toilet cubicle, of the European style toilet, with feet on the rim and a big red X superimposed over the top. Obviously for the benefit of the country cousins in town for a visit.

      1. The first time I went to the Middle East, our remote accomdations had the “keyhole” squatter in the floor. They immediately moved me to a building that had been “Americanized”, with a modern flush toilet, and rolls of paper.

        I’d kept wondering what the braided hose with a nozzle connected to the water line was for, and then found out it was to wash yourslef afterwards.

  5. I, for some odd reason, cannot help but read Nietzsche’s observation as “What does not kill you makes you stranger”.

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