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I’ve had some disagreements with friends over the NFL players disrespecting the National Anthem and the flag. 
There are remedies to the grievances that the black players have. One of the first would be for the NFL to mandate 100 hours of off-season police ride-alongs for each multimillionaire football player. If you don’t like the police, walk in their shoes.
I can suggest other remedies, but the ride-along thing would vex those fabulously wealthy guys who know how to catch a football or throw a tackle. Many of them would rather be doing something else in their off-season lives (like hanging with hood rats, using illegal narcotics or banging a sweet ho). But their protest has consequences and riding shotgun in a police car is appropriate. After that 100 hours (a mere token), they might approach the problem that vexes them so thoroughly differently.
P.S. The Cowboys are no longer “America’s Team”.

18 thoughts on “Opinion: NFL Protest

  1. I scorn the Cowboys.

    Come to think of it, I scorn multi-millionaire socialists full stop.

    Take the knee? No, LOCK HER UP.

  2. I no longer give a rat's ass about the NFL. I'm sure me not watching television, and not buying themed merchandise, won't register on their radar. Still, I get to vote and I vote with my wallet.

  3. I never cared much for football. Overpaid idiots acting like they're important has no importance to me.

    Now I care for it even less…..

  4. +1 for the ride along idea. My daughter is a patrol officer here in the DFW area (not Dallas, thank God). I have gone on two ride alongs with her so far. For me, none of it was an epiphany. I was an FFL for almost two decades and many of my customers were LEO's. However, it was nice to be reminded (again) of the caliber of folks who do the job and have our backs. I wish more civilians would do the same. And yeah, I got my dad bragging moment–the first day on the range at the academy, one of the instructors asked my daughter "Who taught you how to shoot?".

  5. Oh yeah, the NFL. Like Val Kilmer to Billy-Bob Thornton in 'Tombstone'–"Why Johnny, Iha'm sorry. I forgot you were theaur". They are paid to play a GAME. I say we bring back the Roman coliseum for real. Flip on the tube to check the score. Lions 5, Christians 0. I bet these twits would find the real meaning of taking a knee right quick.

  6. The 100 hours in the police car isn't to teach the multi-millionaire players about how cool the job is and isn't but that police officers are people who make decisions, and they're not villains.

  7. LL,

    These fools, with the multi-million dollar salaries, know they have nothing to lose. Reconsider Tommie Smith and John Carlos from Mexico City 1968. They had a lot to lose and not million dollar salary. They were also still in an era of racist DEMOCRAT politicians still trying their best to put them down and keep them down. These guys today, standing on their tip toes don't reach those two's toe nails.

    Agreeing with Smith and Carlos isn't important, they put it on the line in the biggest show on earth.

  8. They need to change the name of the team. Real cowboys, and I know more than a few, would never take a knee during the national anthem.

  9. Real cowboys are not slaves to convention and are not led around by a ring in their nose by either party.

  10. I don't recall whether or not those first afro-Americans were expressing solidarity with the Panthers or whether they were upset about being black.

    That said, I think that Robert Byrd (D-WV) was still wearing his sheet in 1968, howling about how the nation needed to reinstitute slavery. Today the late Senator Byrd is revered by the Dems. Kabuki Theater at its very best.

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