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There was a lion in the snow at the White Wolf Mine on 4/1

Truth be told, they’re here all the time. This big tom ended up sleeping under my deck (the morning of April 2nd), where there was no snow. I tracked him in the morning. The tracks were big enough to be a Jaguar, but there were no spots on the trailcam snapshot.  The proximity alerts go off quite a bit between the lions and the elk at night, and I always check in case I need to stand. Complacency kills.

There goes the neighborhood.


Bullet Points:

** There was a time when we had a president who could tell a joke rather than being the joke.

** BRM wants details on the visitors to Epstein’s Island. I fully agree, but I want to know what the fate of the children that people like Bill & Hillary Clinton raped is. Yes, I fear the worst for them. Where is the FBI in all this?

** Sam Bankman-Fried also had a reputation in politics. Initially, he was charged with donating $90 million of FTX deposits to political candidates and political action committees, but those charges were later dropped.

** (Mail) Hate laws in Scotland – “Earlier today it was revealed by Scottish minister Siobhian Brown that people ‘could be investigated’ for misgendering someone online. It means JK Rowling could be arrested for calling a trans person ‘he’ if the police decided to do so.” Somebody should e-mail Siobhian and point her to Virtual Mirage.

** (Western Journal) Shogun – the remade miniseries on FX, draws criticism.

The series, based on a 1975 novel by James Clavell, follows the story of an English explorer in the 1500s who finds himself smack-dab in the middle of an intense political conflict unfolding in the Japanese empire. Though many seem to be enjoying the show, one critic — writer William Spivey  — felt it was failing for one major reason: There is no black representation.

I have no idea why FX didn’t make Shogun with blackwashed casting. The Broadway show, “Jefferson” (not to be confused with the TV series The Jeffersons) got away with it.

** A zero-sum game?

** ZeroHedge – “Minorities don’t need DEI if they’re qualified for the job.”  Woke progressives have spent a considerable amount of time and energy over the past several years trying to hide and deny the existence of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion agenda.  The reasons are obvious – The philosophy removes all merit from society and replaces it with a cult of perceived oppression. (more at the article)

** Has this ever happened to you?

** Mongolian Passport——————>>

** If a businessman makes a mistake, he suffers the consequences. If a politician makes a mistake, you suffer the consequences. – Rand

** Mummy portraits – very interesting.

** Nobody talks of forgiving trade school debt because they learned a useful skill and can pay their own way. Additionally, there is very little brainwashing going on in trade schools unless you count the brain cells killed by beer and pizza after class.

** Feminism – 50% of bricklayers should be women. This lack of gender diversity is intolerable.

** Despite expecting 12.5 million electric cars by 2035, California officials insist that the grid can provide enough electricity. That’s based on multiple assumptions — including building solar and wind at almost five times the pace of the past decade — that may not be realistic.

The simple answer is “no”. They don’t have enough production for current needs at peak periods, and no realistic plans to increase it.

** Discovering the American South. No, every front yard is not a yard sale

** This question is for everyone but primarily for WSF, who has extensive experience in the automotive retail trade. The sign says that he couldn’t. Do you think that he could?

** Is it a problem if you’re not religious?

** Marital advice…What should women do if their husbands are prone to fits of anger?

** Where are MY reparations? Old NFO said that California spent them.

** Everything in the name of climate change (the weather) – The Environmental Protection Agency chose Good Friday to roll out its burdensome electric truck mandate, no doubt so fewer people notice. Biden officials well know the damage they are doing, but the damage in the name of climate change is the point.

EPA’s new emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks will effectively require that electric semi-trucks make up an increasing share of manufacturer sales from 2027 through 2032, similar to its recent rule for passenger cars. The difference is that the truck mandate is even more costly and fanciful.


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A Heartbeat away from the Presidency


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32 thoughts on “There goes the Neighborhood

  1. Where is the FBI in this? Keeping the lid on and collecting markers.
    – Kle.

    1. That’s what they’re famous for trom the days of J. Edgar Hoover to the present. They’re proud of their legacy.

  2. Family Tradition Restaurant…looked like PA. Yup, Harrisville, West side, north of Slippery Rock…rural. Makes sense. And they were being nice.
    Peterson isn’t wrong, on either point. Totally tossed the ball back into the ninny’s court. Tap, tap, tap…me still waiting for a proper answer from the self-righteous shills.
    Truck EV “mandate”- Two comments: 1) Because that’s worked so well for consumer cars and pickups. 2) The EPA has no authority, so “GO POUND SAND you @$$&#—-!” Just.Go.Away. Stop meddling in the market, We The People got this.
    Camping Cheats- No. if we want a bigger room we take the bigger tent. If we really want luxe we take the refurb’d ‘56 Shasta, even has a microwave and Keurig (vintage look of course).

  3. I don’t know about bricklayer, but 50% of grave diggers need to be, wait, they run planned parenthood? Shouldn’t that Mongolian passport have more “pages”?

    1. We had four women apply for apprenticeship in my trade.
      Three quit. Too much work.
      One did well. Of course, she was a lesbian. Professed. Friend of mine actually. She could do the work. And a good looker.
      The other three, not a chance.

    2. Mongolian passport – nope, one side says it all. Kind of like how US passports used to be, because at one time we (the US) were bad mofos.

  4. Lions in the “hood”. Think I’d take the lions rather some neighbor move-in’s from the far north. Our recent move in’s from “just a hairs breadth south of Canada,” have no concept of respecting property lines or barbed wire fences. Trespassing is a major departure from native Texan accepted manners/etiquette. Seems direct approach is the only encouragement that works to keep the “almost Trudeauites” from trespassing.

        1. Paul, a Texas State Statute indicates you can paint a post, tree trunk, etc. on the property line with a purple line 1″ in width and 8″ in length, every 1000 ft. to reflect “No Trespassing”. I suppose that mark was adopted for the “wet backs” who can’t read. By the way, they’re all “wets” and illegal…not immigrants, undocumented what ever….just “wets” to us natives.


    1. Are they Bellingham (WA) hippies or something? Trying to think of places “just south of Canuckistan” full of people likely prone to trespassing. Or maybe Burlington, VT?

      Beautiful area, BTW, Bellingham.

  5. More Kalifornia. I see SB 1160 has been introduced in the Senate, which would require all gun owners in the state to register all their firearms annually.

    1. Yeah, and SanFran Transit Authority is handing out Cards when someone feels threatened by a criminal element degenerate. We have become a nation of far too many ninny’s and wimps and weaklings (both mental and physical).

        1. Some still are…but those are getting fewer. A major h/t to Mr. Contor, he made Earth a better place and I’m nearly positive he just added to Heaven. RIP.

  6. The people who claim DEI to be hired clearly show why they need Didn’t Earn It.

    Kublai Khan’s diplomatic passport… now there was a government that understood clear, concise communication. It didn’t take a lawyer to understand the message.

    As for the care lot… of course he couldn’t. He’d be expected to know something about those two cars, and to ensure that they worked. That’s a lot riding on each car, man! No, the government would argue he needs 10,000 cars to run a car lot, and we should pay for the setup. Not that anyone expects that it’d be any more profitable than the time the government tried to run a brothel…

  7. A Heartbeat away from the Presidency
    In the book The Attack, by Col Kurt Schlichter, in the aftermath, Biden is incapacitated and the Veep gives a speech.
    Sounds like our friend Elsa Kurt there.

    As for Zero Sum, remember when we only had enough oil reserves to spike the stock of everyone who owned shares?

    1. Even trying to act stupid, Elsa Kurt isn’t capturing the, er, magic that is Kamala Harris.
      I don’t know what to believe any more. Is Harris really that dumb? Was she less dumb in the past? She did after all graduate from Hastings (Law). Sure, Hastings is no Boalt Hall, but still… (yes, Hastings would have had mucho incentive to give preferential treatment to Willie Brown’s moll, but I don’t understand how far patronage can go in the law-school world). Was she enstupided from repeated bouts of hypoxia because Hizzoner liked to pinch her nostrils shut? Is this all an act? If so, why?

      More concerning, while the average VM reader does not have a high opinion of Harris, apparently supposedly serious people do. I mentioned that last month I had a meeting with a couple of medical industry C-level types and they both gushed over Harris and how she was “really smart” and “full of good ideas”. They had met her (separately) at fund raisers. Which just goes to show that Big Pharma/Device and academic medicine are both pozzed.

      1. Harris is a halfwit moron hypocritical grifter without a single original thought. There, fixed it for you and anyone questioning her brilliance, or lack thereof.

        So is Petey Boi BootEdgeEdge, only difference is he has XY chromosomes and a backwards hardhat….you know, how the Boyz in Da Hood wear it to look bada$$, only Petey couldn’t look tough with a fake muscle suit, which is he was most likely to get stuffed in a locker during gym class because he’s…well….him.

  8. My area doesn’t have mountain lions, but there are bobcats, which serve a very useful purpose. In the past, there was a traveling bobcat that would make large rounds in the area where I lived. About once a year, it would clear out all the racoons, possums and stray cats. I saw it a few times; once in my driveway. I didn’t see it the last two years before I left. I have a feeling the influx of neighbors chased it away, or some neighbor without any sense felt it was dangerous and shot it.

  9. The Beginning of the End
    Hey, Ali! I heard you guys bagged a traveller. Did that guy have any good loot?
    No. Except for his horse, that bastard didn’t have anything. Just this weird bronze tea-tray thing he kept waving around. Didn’t keep me from shooting him though.

    Check out the placard for the artifact, BTW. “Kublai Kahn”. Now enny fule kno that Cleopatra was Black. But did y’all know that The Great Yuan was Jewish?

    Also, “Phags-Pa script”. You said “fags”! Hurr hurr hurr.

  10. That has never happened to me.
    But the horse act was a lot better.

    I like that passport!
    The mummy portraits were interesting.
    No varmints with that cat around, I expect.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  11. Ah, California.

    It doesn’t matter how much power production they build. Their grid is overwhelmed, was overwhelmed 20 years ago. They can’t transmit more power, locally, regionally or statewid

    The whole system, from production to grid transmission to local distribution, is woefully outdated and in bad shape. There is no recovery or rebuilding or fixing or strengthening or anything to deal with electricity in California.

    Best thing that could happen, a massive series of earthquakes and fires and storms that drops the whole system and it has to be rebuilt from ground up.

    1. And I’m serious, this was an issue 30 years ago, a known major problem 20 years ago, and nothing has been done to fix it.

      1. Well that’s odd, where’s all the money paid each month by billings? Obviously it hasn’t gone to infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. Always follow the money, especially those vociferously advocating for some pet cause or grievance.

        1. It’s being paid by PG$E to the evil government in Sacramento.

          The same evil government that won’t allow PG$E and other utilities to clear cut the transmission and distribution lines, to upgrade and replace old equipment (partly because it’s too expensive to dispose of old ‘dangerous chemical’ equipment and partly because, well, can’t buy new equipment because of ‘dangerous chemicals.’)

          There’s no winning in California.

  12. I suppose Spivey would like to see Zulu or They Died with Their Boots On remade with the racial identities of the cast reversed.

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