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The Democrat majority in Congress passed ObamaCare, Barack’s singular ‘achievement’ in eight miserable years…and now it’s being replaced by the American Health Care Act, which, can be read online at readthebill.gop. It won’t be a secret and it won’t have to be passed at night without anyone reading it. There will be debate, there will be compromise. With any luck at all, it won’t go bankrupt the way that ObamaCare did.

Barack said that those who passed ObamaCare would be on the “right side of history”. That turned out to be one of many unconscionable lies. Are you on the wrong side or the right side of history? Is there even a “wrong side” or a “right side”? What do those terms mean and why do (Marxist) politicians and pundits use them? Nationally syndicated columnist and best-selling author Jonah Goldberg explains:

The elite mainstream media tried to sell ObamaCare to the nation and pulled out all the stops, shilling for it. They put their credibility on the line. 
I am no fan of Judith Miller, a former reporter for the New York Times. She was just another harsh critic of President Trump, and was mystified by his support across the nation. Those of you who have followed this blog understand that I was never mystified…but I get out of the house. That criticism of Miller, notwithstanding, she did a good job with the piece below:
I treat the mainstream press in much the same way that I treat parolees-at-large.  You don’t want them anywhere near you.

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  1. Prayer University is awesome. I try to get the older Bannon boys to watch them, when they do, they get it, they like it. But they do not watch on their own – it has no zombies? I believe there would be a huge market for homeschooled kids for grade school versions of the same.

    On Judith Miller – I have always believed that she is a spy for the Right. She is a conservative spy that acts like mainstream journalist sometimes, sometimes slightly liberal – but her conservative beliefs find their way into her reporting here and there. And now for the sexist remark – she needs to do something with her hair.

  2. Since the first time I ever heard the term "right (or wrong) side of history" I thought it was completely meaningless. History just "is." Much more meaningful is "sh*t happens" IMO.

    As for trusting the press. I must have been a real oddball because I never trusted the press. Over 50 years ago I can remember telling my dad that just because something was printed in a newspaper didn't make it true. He was pretty old school and really believed it must be true if it was in the newspaper.

    I will say I miss Sunday morning with a big honker of a newspaper to wander through over coffee and a big breakfast.

  3. I agree that to appeal to the broad range of boys, zombies need to be included in the Prager U YouTube videos. Maybe you need to bend an arm and put a word in the right ear. Portraying liberals as zombies would also increase the viewership among Trump supporters.

  4. I liked reading the paper over breakfast. I really did. I currently subscribe to the Payson Roundup (twice weekly local paper) that is delivered to my home in SoCal a few days late. EVEN THAT paper has a strong left wing bend to it, but I read it for the latest local news in Rim Country. It's hard to make the small town news into something that it's not because the locals like to see their pictures in the paper from time to time. Likewise the advertisers who pay to keep the paper running don't want people to just line their parrot cages with it.

  5. Likewise I used to like reading the paper over a hot cuppa. Got so sick of reading news articles that I was an actual witness/participant to (crimes, trials, etc.) that were slanted and biased. The worst was when I supplied crime stats to the media and politicians and they were ignored in order to promote their agenda.

  6. Ironic that such a leftist would use the term "right side of history."

    I was attending a semi-mandatory weekly seminar at work (basically an all hands evolution, maybe 50 people in the room). While waiting for the speaker to arrive, several of the senior leadership in the room started loudly bantering with each other (shouting across the room) in the vein of mocking "those ignorant bitter clingers" and "stupid Republicans" and so forth. Finally the director (whose politics I actually don't know, which is appropriate because he keeps his personal opinions out of his professional role) asked the loud people to tone it down. Grudgingly, the woman next to me fired off a final volley (in her best parade ground voice) "Okay, okay. But you know I'm right!" I turned to her and said at nearly the same volume, "No, [Redacted], you're not right. You're left." Not very witty I have to admit, but boy, it suddenly got really quiet in the room.

    The interesting part is that apart from the immediate death glare from Redacted (who admittedly has good intentions and actually puts her money-and-time where her mouth is; just a shame that she's misguided about some fundamental things), there was no fallout from so publicly breaking from good academic lefty-liberal orthodoxy. Known left-wing whacko friends are still friends, no one has tried to cut me out from anything or fired up the auto de fe. Though I don't think Redacted and I will be starting up any new collaborations now.

  7. When I worked for the Orange County (CA) District Attorney's Office, I had an unusually good working relationship with the Orange County Register, LA Times and with the local LA television stations. I knew mostly everyone that counted and since I handled both organized crime and political corruption cases, I ended up interacting with them. But I left that job after 21 years and moved on. So my rant about the press doesn't reach a decade back (into antiquity). It would be unfair of me to beat them up. Likewise Mike Wallace, CBS 60 Minutes did a piece about me in 1988 that was very fair and complimentary.

    Things changed. And now they're hostile. Progressiveness marches on.

  8. Barack was definitely on the left side of history.

    And we know that their programs don't work. I can't recall one that didn't turn out to be vastly expensive, ruinous, full of unintended unpleasant consequences, (or all three).

    President Bush's invasion of Iraq was likewise, a complete bust IMHO. The hedge against Iran was removed and Iraq, while a contemptible place, was not involved in the WTC/Pentagon attack. Neither were there WMD's. Credible reports that there weren't reached the White House but were ignored in the hubris of the moment. So it's not just the left.

  9. >So it's not just the left.
    Absolutely not. Don't get me started on the GOP-e, Conservativism Inc., or any of that. Agree on the invasion of Iraq as well. And, as you noted in a prior post about your (apparent) place on the political spectrum depending on where you are, there are number of things I support that would be considered lefty liberal, but compared to where I live and who I work with, I am a full-on bitter clinger.

    Anyway, one of my major beefs with the left is the sheer hypocrisy. It's one thing to say "My culture is better than yours, suck it!" It may be wrong, but at least it's honest. I object to leftism's "all cultures are morally equivalent, but white Christian culture is evil and you people should all die." My outrage over this may be ironic considering I am neither white nor religious of any persuasion. But anyone with a brain and within rifle-shot range of objectivity who compares various cultures and the societies they create has to conclude there is much good about what Ice People have wrought.

  10. The Cd'A Press is pretty left wing for being in beautiful North Idaho. I honestly don't know how they stay in business.

    The Sedona rag was fun because they kept it very local. I loved the feature stories that the citizens thought were organic. Ummm – no. I paid for every feature story on my salon.

  11. There is an old joke from the Soviet era. A car race had just two contestants, the Premier of the USSR and the President of the USA, who won the race.

    Pravda reported the Premier, facing the fiercest Western competition. finished just seconds behind the winner. The best the President of the USA could do was next to last.

    Is the New York Times any better?

  12. I used to enjoy the WSJ over coffee or tea but then DJT ran and they got it badly wrong, exposing themselves as yet more self-serving establishment elitists. But the NYT is especially heinous.

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