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Captioned Title: Hylozoism is the philosophical doctrine in which all matter is alive or animated, either in itself or as participating in the action of a superior principle, usually the world soul. The theory holds that matter is unified with life or spiritual activity.


3 Body Problem

(Netflix Series Review)

Context and Precedence: The Three-Body Problem (Chinese: 三体lit. ‘Three-Body’) is a story by Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin, the first novel in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy. The novel has been translated into English and won many awards, prompting Netflix to create the series. The series portrays a fictional past, present, and future wherein Earth encounters an alien civilization from a nearby system of three sun-like stars orbiting one another, a representative example of the three-body problem in orbital mechanics.

Space aliens want Earth, and they would rather that you destroy yourselves before they arrive.

It starts with the Communist Chinese messing around with things best left alone, sending signals into space in their own SETI Program, inviting an invasion.

So far, so good. The scenes in Mao’s China are well done in my opinion. Then you have the production crew applying D.E.I. themes to casting and screenwriting, and the world’s best physicists come across as twenty-something bubble gum Instagram influencers with a semi-correct blend of genders and races. The production sacrifices good storytelling to push an agenda. The screenwriters push lines – but nobody communicates like that, making the characters hollow and difficult to care about. It’s USC Film School Class of 2022 writing. Sometimes, one feels they’re writing satire, but it’s obvious they’re not.

The premise of the story engaged me. I found the plot, as suggested by Liu Cixin, interesting and well worth considering. The story is visually interesting. It’s okay if you suspend reality with the DEI characters. The actors are not bad; they are miscast actors in my opinion. If one wrote the movie for a twenty-year-old audience, it might work better, but I’m well past twenty, as most people view the film.

If you want plot spoilers, you can read about it here. It’s a clever sci-fi plot with interesting science theory embedded in presumptions.

Will there be Seasons 2 and 3?  The book is a trilogy, and Season 1 relates to the first book. Here is a discussion of the situation (Forbes).


Bullet Points:

** Arguing with liberals is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are or what moves you make, the pigeon will knock pieces over, crap on the board, and strut around like it won.

** A Californian (shocked) discovers that a greenhouse isn’t only used to grow marijuana.

** 40% of all the money ever printed in America was printed in the last 12 months.

** Factoid: Poor men act rich to attract women. Rich men act poor to test women.

** Tucker on Assange.

** A recent Harvard University study showed that women carrying a few extra pounds around lived longer than men who mentioned it.

** Actual Statistics: 30% of households in the UK do not have a dining room table. I’m seriously interested in this statistic and, if true, what it represents at a deeper level. (reference Daily Mail Article)

** Since illegal aliens can own firearms (h/t EdB) (more here), why must US citizens submit to background checks conducted by the government?

** Will Ukraine send money to help the US rebuild the FSK Bridge in Baltimore? In our hour of need…

** Backchannel with PaulM – Neither he, DRMRSPAULM, nor I knew what “Gynosexual” meant. He dug around and found this: “One such orientation that is not commonly discussed is gynosexuality. Derived from the Greek word “gynaika,” meaning “woman,” the prefix “gyno” implies that a gynosexual is attracted to anyone who identifies as female, is feminine looking, or exhibits feminine characteristics.” 



An anthology of short stories will be published as Virtual Mirage (currently working title). Acting on the sage advice from Old NFO, whom I respect greatly, they will be removed from the blog before the book (e-book and paperback) goes to press. PART ONE—I have 31 short stories selected from the VM collection, which will not all make the final cut. New stories that were never posted on VM will be added. There will be fiction and non-fiction based on actual events in which names and locations have been changed., annotated as such. PART TWO – How to make money by being a government informant – will include stories of police informers (Not USC Title 50 assets, which are protected by classification). They will be laid out by “Case A to whatever I get to, doubtful to Z,” while true stories will err on humor. Some of these people have passed on their reward, and I can tell the stories, which are decades old, while still being timely.

In other news, Netflix is looking to purchase movie rights to Broken Toys. I’ve been asked to write a series ‘treatment,’ which would include both Broken Toys and elements of Hungry Ghosts. The funding source is pushing the production, so I have some traction. These things move glacially, but they are moving. The funding source wants to sell a bundle of 3-5 projects, and Broken Toys would presumably be one of them. Another project in the bundle would be an Asian Organized Crime series based on a true story, for which I have been asked to be a technical advisor.  I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but it has more traction.

I wrote and sold two screenplays while dabbling in that business many years ago. Neither was made into a movie. I do not know whether these will end up on the screen before I die. I will be paid, and that’s the point. Given that I know the funding source, there is a far better chance of them getting made than in the past. I hate Hollywood, but I’ve learned to work through an agent, and my rich people were at Tom Cruise’s NY Eve party a couple of months ago, etc. They rub elbows because they spend money in Hollywood.


Photo of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from the Surface

It was studied by the Rosetta spacecraft from the European Space Agency (ESA), which landed and took pictures and samples in 2014.



Identify the Tank





Identify the Aircraft and Armament




Parting Shot

You can stay here at VM as long as you’d like.

66 thoughts on “Hylozoist

  1. Seems crazy to let illegals have guns.

    In 2017 I could not shoot at the range in Washington state due to local laws as I was on a tourist visa from Australia. I could in California, New Mexico and Canada.

    Next time I guess I’ll claim refugee status.

    In Australia I can take anyone without criminal record to the range as my guest. Private land no restrictions except the usual safety.

    1. At the range where I’m an RSO here in Kansas I’ve supervised people from every continent on earth, excepting of course, Antarctica. Foreigners are usually there with American friends and are generally having a good time. I enjoy having them.

      1. My range is my back yard. The same rules apply, but the volume of shooters is far smaller. I’m spoiled. However, if I want to go from mild to wild with Tannerite, etc. I have to go to the Rez (with permission). My property abuts the national forest, and the rangers have a dim view of the “wild.” I try to be a good neighbor.

  2. I’m not saying that we should let illegal immigrants stay here, but that guy had a gun for personal defense.
    Are the rights enumerated in the Constitution as bestowed by God restricted to citizens?
    Should we be limiting gun ownership at all in this country?

    1. “God-given” rights are not restricted to citizens, but that idiot Carbajal-Flores needs to enjoy his rights where he belongs, which is not here. (I’m calling him an idiot because what he did with that firearm is irresponsible and stupid, if the linked article is to be believed. It also strongly suggests that his cultural/behavioral norms are NOT compatible with Heritage American behavior. The incompatibility is WHY he needs to go. The firing seven shots at a car, stopping only until his gun apparently malfunctioned, is just a cherry on the shit sundae.)

      I am increasingly of the mind that illegals should be considered outlaws, in the original sense of the word. I.e., not romantic “rebels without a clue” but rather literally outside the *protections* of the law. That’s harsh and opens up the possibility of all kinds of abuses, which I am not in favor of, but how else to persuade them to leave?

      1. The illegal alien is a felon. All illegal aliens have committed felonies by being here. That the US Department of Justice refuses to prosecute them doesn’t change the fact. The dreamer group is in a separate category IMHO. President Trump tried to deal with that and the democrats in Congress shut him down. He can handle that in his next presidency.
        Should an unadjudicated felon, illegally in this country be granted the right to own firearms? No. Once he is here legally, yes. Name one country on the planet where I can go illegally and own a firearm legally.

        1. Q: Name one country on the planet where I can go illegally and own a firearm legally.
          A: The United States Of America judging by that ruling…

        2. X2…gotta start at the root: Here illegally?…then possessing a firearm is thereafter illegal…it’s not the reverse. But I’m not a logic-torturing lawyer who tend to define the world in their terms then argue forever of the meaning of those words – I call a spade a spade.

          As for Constitutional Rights…No. If here you are then afforded a certain ‘treatment deference’ BECAUSE of our Constitution and laws (the actual ones, not those The Reprobate Dem’s trot out). Same with being carted over the border in utero, being born on our soil…does not (ie. never, nada, fugetaboutit) make you an automatic citizen.

          1. Yes, US Constitutional rights only apply to US citizens. For example, Constitutional rights
            are restricted for minors, as they are not yet citizens. The “God Given” part of the idea is
            philosophical, not legal. The US often extends the protections of the Constitution to
            LEGAL GUESTS WHILE VISITING, as a courtesy.
            If the US Constitution applied to all people, as the Will of God, then we should be always
            embarked upon on a universal war of liberation, for everywhere but here (and quite often
            here) our peoples’ Rights are being oppressed by all governments and organizations.
            This guy, he was armed in the commission of a crime. He should have been shot in the
            head, and his corpse deported. YMMV.
            – Kle.

          2. Take no prisoners. Good call. Set a few gater’s in the Rio, landmines here and there…a couple lose their asylum seek-age and that’ll be the end of it. Gal got accosted here at CSU quite a few moons back, campus was “gun free”. Took them to court and got it so gals could conceal carry on campus. He argument that won the judge, “Because a potential perpetrator will never know which gal has a firearm or not, so they’ll maybe think twice before attacking.” Yup.

        3. The illegal alien used a gun to shoot a trans illegal alien.

          So, counting felons, an, at least, two-timing felon (three or four if you toss in fed civil rights violations against the illegal and the tranny (whom are both the same person) shot and killed another felon.

          Too bad, so sad… Anyways…

          But. Well. Illegals. Should not have any rights at all here.

  3. Working Title: Oh, boy! Wonderful news. I’m hoping Christmas comes early this year. And, good luck with the other projects.

    1. The Virtual Mirage short story collection (with the How to Make Money by being a Government Informant annex) is essentially finished. There’s enough material there to go to press now. The editorial process is underway on that. There will be a follow-on Volume 2 (working title Fuzzy Logic), and I’m about halfway there with the content. Maybe a little over halfway. I have chatted back channel with Old NFO about word count since he has been involved with at least a dozen of these short story anthologies. The goal is to try and make the blog pay for itself by selling shorts. I want new content in both volumes rather than a rehash of old VM shorts. The other problem is that they are mostly very short because the VM shorts were written for the blog. Depending on how much time I have to devote to the editing process, the first volume could be finished within a month or so. Editing is a real grind. And I’ll have to go hat in hand to Jules and ask her to work on covers. I haven’t broached that subject with her yet.

  4. Gynosexual. Well, yeah. Gyno as in of or pertaining to women. But here’s a couple things to be careful of. If writing by hand, make sure the G has its little horizontal piece, otherwise it might look like Cynosexual, which would be “sexually attracted to dogs”. And for the dog-f… er, lovers, be sure to proofread if you use voice-to-text because “cynosexual” is a homonym of “Sinosexual” which is being hot for Chinamen.

    Apropos of nothing, Chinese dogs do not say woof or ruff. They say “wong4-wong4” where the “4” indicates the rising (4th) pitch envelope.

    1. Language in the present day is a slippery slope sexually. Maybe it has something to do with “lube.” I don’t want to go there.

      1. Hahahah…”Sinosexual”…hahah. You two certainly made my morning, luckily did a preemptive risk move by not taking a swig of good coffee, saved the keyboard and screen of hilarity spew-age let alone losing the caffe, which would be tragic.

        1. Ahem. And what’s so funny about “Sinosexual”? Are you implying that the Yellow Man cannot be a sexual tyrannosaurus? Think about it. The king of the carnivores. The dominant gaze, the fearsome teeth. And the stumpy little vestigial, comically small …
          Er. I don’t like where this conversation is going.

          1. Being a man of limited experience, I can’t speak to the topic with any degree of expertise. It’s a family blog. There’s that too. However when one refers to historical records, there are multiple accounts of Asiatic ladies who could be referred to as “sexual tyranosaurs”. Why even the Hollywood film, “Volunteers” featured a young lady named Lucille who was most ardent in her pursuit of Tom Hanks. In the feature film “Full Metal Jacket”, the young entertainer found that she could accommodate Alabama Black Snake successfully. 8-Ball later died in the movie, but that followed successful joining.

          2. Not at all…we all can look into the mirror and see what we want to see then act accordingly. Heck, apparently (see my follow up below) anyone can self-identify as anything these days, according to certain “more enlightened types”, chromosomes are merely natures guidelines. Come to think of it, it would be easier if we weren’t “assigned” whatever at birth, sure would grease the skids later on in life.

      1. As I remember it, some aliens wanted a nice planet that was infested by humans. They initiated a genetic change in humans that caused men to go into a murderous rage any time they felt attracted to…whatever turns them on. At the end of the story a gal hiding in the woods sees something really strange and thinks she is seeing an alien real estate agent surveying some property.

    1. The thing that You Are Bugs reminded me of was that I’m not Bugs, I’m more like Sylvester. Maybe. Not Yosemite Sam. Not Daffy Duck or Elmer Fudd… Everyone’s a loser compared to Bugs Bunny, it’s just a matter of which loser you are.
      As for 30% of households in the UK not having a dining room table, I wonder if it’s at least partly their government over-regulation. I read somewhere that they have room taxes, so a room dedicated to a single purpose was too expensive. That article was explaining why an armoire or wardrobe (furniture-wise) existed; a closet got the room tax but the furniture was a substitute.
      Add that cost to the alternative lifestyle of living closer to the idiot box that seems to be all of Western (so-called) Civilization and maybe that’s the explanation.

      1. Older houses also weren’t built with closets, being a relatively new thing. So wardrobes.

        Also, it’s easier to do a thorough cleaning, which was and is a necessity in old-style houses.

        And easier to keep the clothes clean in a wardrobe and clothes chest than in a closet.

  5. Since FTX went belly up the ability to launder money back from Ukraine is somewhat limited. Perhaps Hunter should do a few more paint by numbers masterpieces?

      1. FTX was one of SEVERAL mechanisms to return Ukraine funding to democrat politicians. I am personally aware of others. The place is a rat’s nest and it’s why Hunter felt so at home there.

        1. Any thoughts on the relative magnitude (dollars laundered) of FTX vs these others?

          I’m going to assume that FTX did indeed accomplish what it was supposed to (launder money), but was it also a disinformation op? Specifically:
          1) Sacrificial, as in we’ll give them this one, and they won’t bother hunting for the others
          2) Was it mockery, as in “let’s see how far we can push this”? Go on, we DARE you to notice. Gods above, it was like having a negro named “Dontavious McRapey-Crump” dressed like Superfly, waving around a leg of fried chicken and shouting “Ware dem whyte wimminz at?” I mean, come on (man!), how many negative stereotypes can you pack into a single scenario? Why not have a Chinaman called “Wang Hung-lo” wearing black pajamas and a coolie hat brandishing chopsticks and drooling as he chases a cat down the street?

          In FTX news, I hear that Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years. His “but it was muh autism” defense apparently was not successful. The judge is a man called Kaplan, so there goes another obvious line of counterattack. I humbly suggest that this is the time for young SB-F to discover that he is in fact a transwoman trapped in a nebbish’s body. His new battle cry should be: It’s Bankma’am-Fried. It’s BankMA’AM!

          1. I don’t think that the demise of FTX was in any way sacrificial. It was a successful laundering operation, diverting humanitarian aid from the widows and orphans in Ukraine to the pockets of America democrat politicians. FTX and the cryptocurrency trading firm Alameda Research, misappropriated billions of dollars of customer funds deposited with FTX, defrauded investors in FTX of more than $1.7 billion, and defrauded lenders to Alameda of more than $1.3 billion. The laundering operation was an adjunct to that fraud to the tune of a couple hundred million detected. There were other Sam Bankman types who were very much like a Chinaman called “Wang Hung-lo” wearing black pajamas and a coolie hat brandishing chopsticks and drooling as he chases a cat down the street. A lot of the money was diverted in the form of arms that never made it to the front. Much of it transited Albania to end up in hands unknown but to the CIA and God. The profits were divided up and well over 10% returned to “Big Guys” in the USA.

  6. Let us know when your book is available, I’m a fan of your stories!

    Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is around 2 miles in size, I wondered after looking at the photo.

  7. Gynosexual- As said to LL, the “banner” came up on her corporate login screen (those HR DEI hires are really focusing on the good stuff now…only a couple of they/thems could come up with this idiocy). — So I get the “Hon, what does that mean?”, like I was supposed to know because I’m male and we males apparently know all things weird (okay, that’s partly true). Told her, “How the heck would I know, they lost me at “sex-positive and 2-Spirit”, and besides, you’re the doctor, not me (and by all accounts, feminine). Looked it up…yeah…that was a mistake. Told LL “Just shoot me now.”

    Here ya go, if you are really brave and wish to expand your tighty-whitey-ness into the weirdo nebula that wants to overrun thousands of years of societal norms: https://www.glam.com/1266710/gynosexual-explained/ (WARNING: The article header picture alone will require eye-bleach.)
    Sidebar: The so-called “Trans” thing is the next tier in the LGTBQRSTWhatEverTheHeck movement that seeks to normalize mental disorders. Time to bring back mental institutions, yank any medical doctor’s license performing sex-change operations, and fire all the teachers and admin’s indoctrinating our children with this demented baloney, and get back to norms. You wanna cross-dress, do it at home, don’t make me call you “Brittany” when you’re really “Fred”. I suppose next they’ll say a double-fudge chocolate cake with “whipped” frosting is racist.

    1. Ok, hilarious followup…MrsPaulM (poking the dog as it were) got off the horn with some corporate gal who “knows these things”. MrsPaulM asked her about this ‘gynosexual” term followed by, “But I’m female but also a bit of tomboy/cowgirl…what would be I be if I don’t qualify to be ‘gynosexual”. Got a call back…according to this gal tossed out a new term for MrsPaulM…who is…wait for it…”Gender Creative”. Scary part is the she/her was SERIOUS!…said it with a straight face. Weirder yet, MrsPaulM is continuing to get messages from the gal because she so concerned MrsPaulM doesn’t have a proper descriptor for her cowgirl-ish nature. Your tax dollars at work.

      Again, just shoot me now.

      1. I did that whole gender creative thing when I came out as AMMOsexual. I know a lot of men who feel that rush when the machine gun is on full rock and you’re tearing shit up. A mini-gun is the personification of an ammosexual person (who can identify as any gender or race). It’s the ultimate form of liberation.

        1. Hahahah…about spit out my lunch. That’s really hilarious…but TRUE!

          SISU MAGA(tm)…and screw ’em if they can’t take a joke.

        2. I’m identifying as Gender Dyslexic. That means I can’t read gender. Because of my crippling disability I cannot be held responsible for “misgendering” someone. This means that if I state that Rachel Crandall Crocker (inventor of “Trans Day of Visibility”) is a homely, balding, fat man, that’s not me being hateful. It’s me being tragically unable to identify a being’s gender. In fact, I can’t identify species either. RCC might be a swine, for all I know. If I call him a disheveled pig, that’s part of my disability. I’m The Real Victim here. Remember that.

          This being LL’s place, I will not ask for Krugerrands as recompense for my suffering. But I will gladly take Canadian Maple Leafs regardless of size (1/10 oz is acceptable) and composition (palladium is fine by me). I am not proud.

          1. I weep at your suffering over being misgendered all the time. They sometimes ask me, “Male Lesbian – you are what you eat?” I correct them and say “Ammosexual – you are what you shoot.” The oppression is palpable and I don’t know how much more I can take before I walk out to my deck (doubles as a range) and express my anxiety with a barrage.

      2. Oh my. I hope she’s not poking Personnel, I mean “Human Resources”.

        At my old place they decided I needed a new title (for pay/grade purposes). So HR calls me and says all perky and sunshine and puppies “Your new title is Scientific Manager.”
        I say thanks. HR asks if I’m happy with the title. Yes, I’m happy. I appreciate it. No! Are you REALLY happy? [sigh] Yes, I’m really really happy. Are you sure about that? Because we want people to like their titles, and you don’t sound happy. Gah! We are now minutes into a conversation that didn’t need to happen at all. So I say, “Well, now that you mention it, I’ve always wanted the word Supreme in my title.” What? “You know, like how one of the North Korean Kims was the Supreme Leader? That’s what I want.” North Korean? “Yeah, Kim Jong Un, I think, or maybe the guy running Iran. The point is that I don’t care about the rest of the title; I just want the word supreme. You could call me a Bottle Washer, but I want to be Supreme Bottle Washer.” Suddenly no sunshine and definitely no puppies. It’s storm clouds and rabid hyenas: “We take titles very seriously here.”

        It turned out that I was baiting a “Senior VP of HR”. But ultimately it worked out okay, because although she was a Senior Vice President, she was NOT a Supreme Vice President.

        1. You will recall that gender neutral pronouns can be either “fucker,” “breeder,” or both. I’m just reminding you that there are serious options out there. If you add “Supreme” to either of those perfectly acceptable pronouns, you come up with a winning title. I’m only trying to be part of the solution for you at work. Additionally, if somebody would like to buy carbon credits, I’m still selling them here at the White Wolf Mine and I’ll split the take with you to both assuage your anguish in being persecuted because of your gender and to buy ammo to feed my ammosexual needs. Currently I’d like to stock up on Raufoss Mk 211 — .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO) multi-purpose anti-materiel high-explosive incendiary/armor-piercing ammunition projectile. Projectile rhymes with “erectile” if anyone wants to make fun of me because of my gender. I’m accustomed to the oppression, which is why you can cover your guilt with the purchase.

          1. I’m crying over here laughing so hard…that’s hilarious. MrsPaulM wasn’t helping, adding her own color commentary.

            No Mike, she was speaking to “one who knows” that isn’t within Personnel but volunteered for this highly Gender Critical position in order to make sure everyone’s feelings have been met…while working remote…without actual direct interaction with anyone except VOIP. So you see, this was reaching the “help me” critical mass brought on by the login screen newest Woke floaty box that is required reading before you can do any actual work (sorta like meetings, only worse). My guess is she’ll get a call from the Diversity Manager, or minimally one of those post purchase Home Depot rate us surveys (the star” ones) to make sure her question was satisfactorily answered and she doesn’t need further feelings counseling. With that I have a new not quite legal Trademark: JSMN ™ (Just Shoot Me Now).

          1. What. The. Frack.
            Is that for real? Holy (pronounced “hoe-leee!”)
            You, sir, have expanded my world.

  8. Tanks:
    1 Open top German panzerfaust fighting vehicle that was probably uncomfortable in the rain.
    2 Small destroyer with good looking road wheels but probably should have had a better barrel.
    3. Something the British came up with to brag about.

    1. He 177 with Fritz X radio controlled rocket boosted glide bomb that the US should have used in Korea to destroy the Yalu River bridges instead of having a good portion of B-29s shot down by MiG 15s and in Vietnam for the Paul Doumer bridge instead of wasting F-105s.
    2. Bf 110-G4 with what looks like Matratze radar and 30mm cannons

    As a note, Most Secret War, British Scientific Intelligence 1939-1945 by RV Jones details the electronic and scientific battle of WW II from a British scientist’s perspective and is worth the purchase price for guys who like history or who like boffins and their work. The real Qs.
    The National Air and Space Museum used to have both a Fritz and an Hs- 293 on display. I haven’t been back or paid attention on line for decades so they may be off display. The He-219 Owl is still being restored as are several of the German wonder weapons captured at the end of the war. It will probably be a century or so before they are fixed up for public viewing.

    1. Concur with airplanes above.

      Tanks look like:
      (1) Panzerjager Bren 731(e).
      (2) Flammpanzer 38… although the weapon is on the wrong side. Maybe a reversed photo-image?
      (3) Panzer II L.

      – Kle.

        1. How can you not like a tank called a Flammpanzer 38…I might just need one for homestead fortifications.

          1. Now Ed, we don’t say “gay” anymore, we say “Joyfulsexual”…which is the feeling you get driving your vintage FlamingPants Tank on your back 40 doing Ammosexual target shooting at dead trees. You are what you drive and what you do while driving (that is, under the new and improved LL/Mike_C creative rules for deplorables).

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