Meanwhile, in Yemen

The three years of (marginally effective) bombing have destroyed what infrastructure Yemen had. Admittedly not much. A wholly predictable side effect of the war has been the breakdown of the public health system, the world’s worst cholera epidemic and half the population – about 14 million people – suffering from famine. Without the war there were about the same number of starving people (a statistic that the UN and other aid organizations never bother to disclose.
Another push by the Saudis to liberate Hodeidah from Iranian proxies (Houthis) is imminent. A Yemeni official said the Saudi-led military coalition sent more than 10,000 new troops towards Hodeidah in preparation for a new assault. The new offensive is supposed to begin within days.
A contingent of forces from Sudan recently arrived to secure areas already liberated and free up more experienced forces for use in another offensive. The last coalition push to capture the port was in mid-September. It made limited progress.
Coalition forces have been trying to liberate Hodeidah for nearly a year. Last January, Virtual Mirage reported Emirati forces advancing on the port. Since then, the coalition has captured most of the coast between Aden and Hodeidah and the southern suburbs of the port. But the Houthis still hold the port.
The US provides extensive assistance to the Saudi and UAE air forces (who write checks to pay for it), which fly sorties agains this or that target. It’s said that the US could stop the bombing by refusing to send weapons, ammunition and spare parts to the Middle East, but “war is a racket” (GEN Smedley D. Butler) and by providing support to the Saudis and UAE, we fight a proxy war against Iran that petro-dollars pays for.
When will it end? It started in 632 AD when Mohammed died and a family scuffle broke out over who got what spoils.
We will stop suppling arms and military supplies when the Saudis and UAE run out of oil money…


  1. Other than Jordan, are there any competent Arab armies? Not saying they can't fight, but bravery lacking competency seldom wins the day.

  2. As long as they are paying, and we are not losing American military, I don't care how long they fight.

    If we stopped supplying them, might Russia or China get the money???
    I mean, I doubt they would just stop fighting.

  3. Kevin will consume his enemies or will stomp them to death. For now, he is identifying his allies in the coming fight.

  4. Muslims are going to kill. It's a feature of their pseudoreligion….and as long as the people being killed are
    other Muslims it's really really difficult to give damn. If we are being paid real money to help them kill each other than in my book
    that's a win-win.

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