Well, isn’t that Special?

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Cody Shearer, former Hillary Clinton employee, occasional
journalist and fabricator generates another dossier.

The Fusion GPS dossier wasn’t going to be enough to continue to puff up false FISA Electronic Surveillance Warrants forever so the Clintons paid for a second one. We’ll call that the Cody Shearer dossier – Ooops. We know that CNN (cartoon network) will spin like the Devil’s own handmaidens to try and keep that one from seeing daylight. Too late.

Shearer’s dossier, also based on false and salacious information has footprints to the Clintons, and at some point in time, somebody will put the pieces together that Barack Obama was using that FISA information to ‘unmask’ members of the Trump Campaign as being Russian spies. Of course we know that it was all ‘applesauce’ now, but at the time, it played to the narrative that they tried to use to deny the lawfully elected president to be president.

Once Susan Rice and others in President Obama’s inner circle had unmasked people who were identified in the electronic intercepts, they leaked information to the press, which was only too happy to publish negative (and false) information about President Trump.
Yes it’s a sad day for America, and nobody knows how deep the rabbit hole is — but the bread crumbs lead to Barack Obama.

18 thoughts on “Well, isn’t that Special?

  1. "The end justifies the means" will be the defense of the political scoundrels. More to come, of that we can be sure.

    Down the road, outright theft will come to light. Example, HUD cannot account for $500,000,000+ that flowed through that department. Forensic auditors could be busy for years sorting that mess. My guess? Offshore accounts controlled by the Obama gang.

  2. And even worse, nothing will happen – unless it happens to a peon.
    Thank God for President Trump.

  3. That's usually how it goes, LindaG. A sacrificial goat will be provided to receive all of the vindictive and all of the rage.

  4. Scooter Libby ended up in prison for nothing. The corruption of the dems under the obama administration has surpassed any illegality during the Watergate years. It's Watergate squared. I expect to see not only indictments, but prison terms and I don't mean just for peons.

  5. They needed an insurance policy to remain in office. Treason is at the tip of the iceberg. We'll need at least 8 years to dig to the bottom. Maybe longer.

  6. Comey walks around like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth as does Mueller. HR Clinton, Barack, key players in the DNC – the elite of the Democrat Party all had their fingers in the pie.

  7. I really hope the end of this story will end sooner than later with a solid package of evidence making all the liberals and Democrats ashamed what their heroes like Clinton and Obama did in what they thought was a democratic election. The democrats seem to be doing the Russians job better than they ever could have expected if they had to pay for it.

  8. Thanks for the powerful second sermon. What a gang of corrupt shills, let's hope theor finger in the pie skulduggery continues to unroll.

    Plenty of room in Gitmo, by all accounts.

  9. They're curs, John, and have very very small souls – no sense of shame or remorse, only the desperate grasping of 'things' and 'gold' to enrich themselves and power that allows them to keep what they steel. I don't think that they are capable of remorse. Their sociopathic natures run clear to the backbone.

  10. Indeed. Repeating my comment from another blog–

    Do not be lulled into thinking that if only the good guys can uncover enough slime, those of the deep state will slither away in shame and fear. They will not stop. Ever. Not until they are run to ground like the cockroaches they are and center punched right between the running lights.

  11. They're all over the map. It's tough to tell a lie when you can't get your actors on the same script. Imagine how the testimony before the grand jury will be (they have no right to counsel in a grand jury – charged with getting at the truth)?

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