Let me put it this way (trying to be kind to the extent that it’s possible). 

You can be a fat, slovenly, oaf with a moderately low IQ and still be able to get laid in North Korea. Then again, you can also be Harvey Weinstein, who is sort of the Kim Jong Un of Hollywood. It gives hope to all the men out there.
And there you have it.
Cat Got Your Tongue?

I didn’t watch the Democrat debate because frankly, I don’t care what they have to say. But I did watch the highlights, and this was what I hoped that Bernie would have said:

I think that Thin Lizzy has shot her bolt and now there’s nothing much left to say about her. She’s going down to defeat to the other communist running for the presidency.


  1. What's the odds that old, sick, senile Bernie gets the tap for nominee? None. The real Democrats calling the shots won't have any of it. Just like last time. Am I the only one that can see this?

    And Pochahontas never had a chance, either, she's just one heap big lying fraud for her entire life, and the wampum is just not heading her way, and never will.

    Who does that leave? A gay guy that has no shot at getting any black votes? He doesn't have a shot, either.

    Time to press Moochelle O. into service. Or Little Mike Bloomberg, who is going to spend around a zillion dollars telling people on TV that their lives suck, and to not look around them and see how well things are going for everybody now. Don't believe your lying eyes, Little Mike will say, using half a zillion dollars in ads.

    I can't say that this kind of spending on half truths and outright lies doesn't work: it worked for Goebbels and Hitler (well, maybe not so much for Ernst Rohm).

  2. What about Hillary?

    Corrupt, senile, old Slow Joe Biden is in the lead at the moment, and that's no malarky.

    Bernie, the broken heart'd commie commands his army of Bernie bro's (a lot like Ernst Rohm did) and those brown shirts have vowed to burn down the convention if he is cheated yet again.

    Little Mike actually reminds me of a rich version of any totalitarian leader, ever. He thinks that he's cooler than Trump because he has more money, and that's all that it takes – moolah – which sounds a lot like Michelle if you have a mouth full of marbles. Will the great black androgynous hope return, with little Barry Soretoro in toe, to save the Party?

    And the Democrats will continue with their never-ending impeachment. Which will backfire if they ever have a president and there is a Republican legislature.

  3. The Dem party is imploding, and oddly they don't seem to realize it or don't care. Newest (on top of all the other try as they might crap) is their preemptive move to change/abolish the Electoral College, because cheating is the only way they can win in November. Nobody likes these people, save for moronic fools and the deranged who, the majority, happen to live in LA, Chicago, NYC, and other urban areas run into the ground by the same people they keep voting into office…wallowing in the self-created quagmire and asking for more quagmire. (Now THAT'S the real meaning of stupid.)

    Pelosi seems to have some sort of brain damage (or is on medication), Sanders is dangerous like any good Socialist, corrupt Biden is mentally lost, and "Cries a River" Warren is just an angry bird (imagine that one giving a press conference…be like a 3rd Grade teacher lecturing children). Northam needs his arrogant seditious head examined. And the rest of them – who shall not be named because they aren't worth the powder to blow them to Hell – need to crawl back into the hole from whence they came. The good citizens are getting tired of the liars and cheats – at all levels.

    We need a serious house cleaning so these snakes cannot do anymore damage to our Constitution.

  4. It's weird, you'd think Satan would raise up a better captain to lead his crew. But maybe Fredd's right and Mitchel will swoop in to save the day?

  5. I'm with Fredd, the "savior" will be Moochelle. If she is smart enough to decline, knowing she will be ripped apart, the insiders will go with someone inoffensive, like the senior Senator from CO, a man who hasn't done anything worth criticizing (other than bankrupting the Denver School system).

  6. I think Hillary's time has come and gone. She's got about as much attraction to Dem voters as Mitt Romney has GOP voters. Which is approx. 0.0000000%, give or take a zillionth of a percent. She had her shot and blew it. As did Mitt.

    Little Mike bought his way onto third base and thinks he hit a triple. He does, however, have more money than God Almighty, and seems prepared to blow every penny of it to defeat somebody who's guts he has hated for eons. God only knows what deal went south with him and Donald, but it is surely based on their history with each other, and not political differences. Both were Dems/Republicans at one time or other in their lives. And both have given huge greasy gobs of money to both parties to grease the skids for this project or that, it's the New York way.

    (no need to mention J. Robinette Biden, he will find a way to blow his bid to smithereens at some point, hard right now to fix a time and place, but he will have his Howard Dean moment, you can take that to the bank.)

  7. Bennet? From a bit of reading, he seems pretty moderate, but considering his term as Super of the Denver school system, he's another (D)moron…..

  8. A brother is an "investment banker". Conflict of interest? Plus, he is an East Coast Ivy League transplant.

  9. What nobody is commenting on is that after Sanders and Warren had their moment, Tom Steyer played fan boy to Sanders!
    Tom Steyers, the capitalist magnate, one of the first for the gulags, giddy at meeting the guy who would put him there.

  10. IDK…

    That dude rebelled against God. Can't be terribly clever if he thought he had a chance against omnipotence/omniscience.

    He was probably just one of the popular kids, who thought he'd always get his own way. Looked at from that direction, he's picking captains just like himself.


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