14 thoughts on “A Dating Site?

  1. That's the way that I see it. The mutants that talk on the cable news channels qualify as freaks, misfits, Satan worshipers, sodomites, and fans of the Mohammedans.

  2. When the donkeys start losing big chunks their traditional core like they have been, I think they're doomed.

    Who the hell do they think they're appealing to? The ones that follow them may be loud, but they're not legion…..

  3. From an outsiders view it looks like the Democrats do not have any politic except from rage against Trump. What sounds like politic is more or less pure socialism. Increased bureacracy, more government, less liberty and more tax and restrictions.

  4. They appeal to the people with a grievance or who hope to game the public with "money for nothing". All that the donkeys have left is an appeal to greed.

  5. I think that's right, John. They don't have much going for them except that CNN and MSNBC carries a lot of water for the Donkeys and you can't discount that. It's no small thing. Without that they wouldn't have anything.

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