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What’s on your Desktop?

That may be a personal question so don’t take it wrong. I normally don’t keep a loaded firearm on top of my desk. There is a rifle at the side of my desk (no photo), and normally I keep a kukri there, but I also keep little Jenny Wren on the desktop.

The little hatchet is only 11″ long and the head is triangular and razor sharp on all three sides. When I write that it’s sharp, it is VERY sharp.  And when grandkids visit, she is stashed away because they’d likely kill themselves with it by opening an artery. 
Where most tomahawks have the cutting edge and a sharp beard edge, this little beast will slice in any direction with equal enthusiasm.
It’s made by RJM Forge and I have no idea what they cost now. I’ve had this blade for quite a while.

27 thoughts on “Handy Edges

  1. In reply to your question, LL, my desktop is full of computers. One on which I am connected to the web and one on which I play games ( such as Civilization IV ), often while I am also doing things such as this reply. Also, there is a box which contains stuff from our move into this house ( as we have only been here fewer than four years, there are still unpacked boxes about ).

    As far as defensive weapons, I am more into knives than other tools of defense. I also live in a less wild environment that I think you do. Additionally, I am much less trained in combat techniques than, I believe, you are. I was in the Chair Force ( as a Survival Instructor ), then the CalARNG ( but in field artillery ), and next a C-141 crew chief back in the USAF. So while I have some years of service, none of it was on the sharp end.

    No doubt that is much more of an answer than you had hoped for or wanted; nay the less, that's what you got from me.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  2. I don't have a real desk, just a very small, well scarred oak table. No weapons on it beyond a pair of scissors, a mechanical pencil, and a knife or two or three…

  3. That's a serious weapon, reminds me of our now retired local Sheriff showing us his newest hatchet (he was very cool).

    I have a couple of pens on my desk at the moment. Figured if Jason Bourne can fight off a trained assassin with a Bic Pen it'd might be good enough for me in a pinch, assuming the perpetrator gets that close…my Bride is often armed when outside and not afraid of launching a defense. (Yeah, I married well.)

  4. Mostly have radio gear and this PC on my "desk" here.

    My 'hawk, survival knife, and numerous other forms of self-defense are within easy reach, but away from where "little fingers" can find them.

  5. I picked up the little CRKT after the last time we talked. It rides between the seat and console. In the house, it's my carry gun and a G26 within reach.

  6. That will do nicely.

    Yes, and I aways have a handgun on my person even inside the hovel. If Bloomie buys the presidency, he'll make all that illegal, as they replace the Constitution with a "living document" that's more progressive.

  7. Little fingers must be figured into the mix.

    I presume that Pebbles-the-wonder-dog uses her disguise as a regular dog rather than a super dog around the house.

  8. Civ IV is fun.

    There is no rule for keeping edged weapons (other than keeping them safe). It's more art than science.

  9. Let me see. There's something sharp made by Gerber within reach and a long gun ready if need be. A Sig P239 .40, if not on my person, is nearby. I like to be ready.

  10. Useful little desk tool.

    My desk, which is disguised as a kitchen counter, features a razor sharp vintage Sabatier, a drawer concealed Glock 21 and there's a kukri within easy reach.

    The office, some mistakenly call it a "kitchen," often features an AR carbine (handy) or a pump action Mossberg.

    Overkill? Well, you never know when the Sunday roast's going to get out of hand.

  11. I've got this thing:


    Doesn't have the all-sides sharp thing going on, but otherwise similar idea.

    There's also a Czech dagger nearby, and a wrecking bar hanging from a nearby bookcase.

    I deal with the rare little fingers occasion by keeping them in sheaths. Various guns around too, but somewhat less accessible.


  12. I have a pen on my desk.
    I hear it's mightier than the sword.
    But just in case, there's the Security Six.

  13. The pen is only mightier than the sword only if the other guy doesn't have a sword handy, or a Security Six, or a Super Redhawk Alaskan in .454 Cassul.

  14. I've been to your counter and to your gunshop upstairs and to your truck and am confident that you can push back the zombie hoard single handed.

  15. Went on a shopping trip with the missus – an all morning event.
    Was looking at a rescue hawk that RMJ tactical created, but couldn't save up enough to get one and I don't see them on their site anymore.
    The handle extended up past the blade so it could be used as a pry bar, and the lower handle was wrapped with cord that could have been used for securing various emergency med treatments. If a fire dept couldn't afford a jaws of life, this one would have been handy.

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